Sagittarian Addendum: Still Lean and Mean


The drivers have been cutting each other off. The frantic holiday shoppers will literally walk right in front of you and stop, if there's something that's caught their eye. They must see it right now.

Other people (you know, all those 'clueless morons' and 'self-absorbed fucktards') are moving around too quickly, declaring themselves too arrogantly, or otherwise behaving in ways other than how we'd like them to. Who's got the damned patience for it?

That's the quintuple dosage of Sagittarius still hangin' in the air. To remind: The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Sagittarius. In unison, these five fiery planets insist that we take our stand. Any stand, really. Try it out. Doesn't work? Try another, and leave the last one behind. No pausing to whine, wonder or wish for things to be different. Wager a new stance, and go for it. Piss people off, if you have to—but if you do, be prepared to let it go and move right on.

At brunch a few mornings ago, a woman at the next table was talking to her friend so loudly (and, I might add, in such an abrasive regional accent), virtually everyone else in the restaurant couldn't peel their bulging eyes (and achy ears) off her. I kept thinking, 'Oh, my gosh! I'd be so embarrassed to be that loud-talker who's annoying everyone else in the restaurant!'

Until, that is, I remembered (and my partner concurred): Indeed I have been that person. More than once. I'm no quiet, blushing flower who hides undiscovered in the corner. My voice carries, too. At least I hope I'm a slightly more becoming version of 'loud-talker'.

It's all in one's perspective, though.

The row of Sagittarian planets are actually playing along quite well with Saturn in Leo, to which they each in turn form a trine. Saturn's passage through Leo (Jul 05-Sep 07) symbolizes the challenge to represent yourself authentically, neither shrinking from true self-expression nor exaggerating your self-importance with ego-bloat. This super-Sagittarius moment gives us chances to test this out, in bolder and blunter strokes of expressive activity. Whether or not they end up 'working', we're learning by doing.

Along their way, though, these planets in Sagittarius have also squared off against Uranus in Pisces, the grand shit-disturber of the solar system who loves an erratic, rebellious turn of events. Thanks to the tense Uranus aspects, perhaps we mouth off before we've heard the whole story… ready, at the slightest provocation, to toss our dirty dishes in the junkheap and set off for greener pastures. 'Screw off!' we yell behind us, as the door slams shut, loud and jarring. Chances are, someone is bearing witness to the ruckus we've made.

So if maybe we're being a little bit rash, let's also be thankful for the instigating act or affront. If we hadn't heard the whole story before, then isn't this our chance now? You've already had your stomping-and-storming fit. (And it felt damn good, didn't it?) There's nothing left to lose. Might as well listen to their side, tell 'em everything you've been holding back… and let the cards fall wherever they may. But not without a good purge.

With Pluto holding court in the final degrees of Sagittarius, one last year ('07) left in its 12-year transit through the sign, every other Sagittarian body must pass through a Pluto conjunction on its way out. That means our loose-lipped, fast-talking bursts of Sagittarian freedom also hold a deeper purpose—to push the whole ugly truth to the surface. Sometimes it takes an impulsive expulsion of impatience (angst-ridden or otherwise) to raise a topic that our previous, more polite attempts at tackling haven't quite gotten at.

These weeks of Sagittarian oomph are our big, brash introduction to the year ahead, as Jupiter remains in its home-sign throughout 2007. Jupiter won't make its conjunction to Pluto for another 12 months, but the whole year will be building toward it. The themes currently ripe in your life at this time should give you a taste of what to work on during '07. That way, at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Dec 07, you'll blast off to the stars with single-minded clarity, exuberance and success—rather than blowing up from single-minded fury, disenchantment or disgust.

We have one more especially potent blast of Sagittarius early next week, once the Moon enters on Mon Dec 18 to temporarily restore the Sag-planet tally to six. For a couple days there, the pace will pick back up to almost-unmanageable levels, as folks run around like chickens missing their heads, trying to cope with last-minute holiday details and tie up loose ends at work before taking a few days off.

It peaks at the New Moon early Wednesday morning (Dec 20)—a conjunction of both the Sun and Moon with Pluto, and thus a particularly punchy moment to set intentions for the forthcoming lunar cycle. By that point, I'm quite sure we'll all have had more than enough of whatever's been monopolizing our attentions as of late. At this Pluto-powered New Moon, we can finally put a good chunk of it to bed… and lay plans for things to be much different in the new year.

Please be safe. Wear a helmet or a seat belt, and don't forget to breathe before deciding to give it to someone good. They're just as eager, by the way, to give it right back to you.