Lean, Mean Sagittarius Supreme


astrobarry: initiating transmission. Direct, fast and on the spot.

This is your week ahead, readers: Sagittarius galore = When you know the truth, why waste time on logic, discussion or debate?

Remember the 'Extra-Super-Duper Scorpio' of October and November? Sure, you do. There's hardly a way to forget the simmering intensity of five planets in Scorpio, leaving us to braise in the soupy glut of complications, contradictions, mixed feelings and overstuffed baggage.

Welcome its successor: the 'Lean, Mean Sagittarius Supreme' of December. It's 'lean' in terms of pushing us to save the extra effort, with need-to-say-it, short-and-sweet disclosures and now's-as-good-a-time-as-any, don't-beat-around-the-bush inevitabilities. (Not as lean, alas, when it comes to our waistlines, post-holiday-partying.) And it only turns 'mean' when we don't listen to—and respect—each other's fundamental points, or mistake a harmless conversation for another chance to win them over to our side, forcibly if need be.

The 'supreme' part? Try up to six planets in Sagittarius for a couple days this week: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto.

Important bits and features, to consider and confront…

1. What is the energy of Sagittarius? Boundless in hope and possibility, which makes it seem far less appealing to bide our fleeting life-moments, twiddle our thumbs, and wait for someone or something else to grant our freedom. Screw that. We take it ourselves by taking off. We break the ice by changing the topic, putting our foot down or dropping the bomb. There's too much else, worldly and woolly and wild, to drain our enthusiasms in meaningless detail. Board the craft. Hop the train. Ride the horse to the far end of the pasture. See a fence? Jump it.

2. The wacky week begins by testing our patience on Monday (Dec 5), with a Full Moon in Gemini and a square to Saturn from Mercury, still finishing up its marathon mud-trudge through Scorpio. Our minds simply cannot take any more obstructions to its creative firings. The grin-and-bear-it stoicism hits its full-moon-lunacy apex… fueling the rest of the week's prompt, patience-free release.

3. Thursday (Dec 7) brings a Venus-Pluto conjunction (in Sagittarius, of course), increasing our cravings for deep passionate bonding in relationships. What is that strangely powerful attraction, drawing you two to each other for no logical reason? Who cares what it is, as long as it gets your skin tingling and your heart all a-flutter? Life is too short to pass up those crazy connections. If you've been flirting with illicit infidelities or forbidden 'friendships' (ahem), don't be surprised if the flicker flares to a flame.

4. By Thursday's end, both Mars and Mercury will have made it into Sagittarian domain… and begin to approach a triple conjunction with Jupiter, in full effect from Saturday to Monday (Dec 9-11). This is a truly commanding astro-configuration, putting immense strength behind our thoughts and words. Bodies and minds work in unison, toward common goals—hard to get distance, but even harder to lose your train of intention.

Be warned: Everything we say may sound louder, brasher or more forceful than we meant. Arguments break out easily, without either side setting out to argue. This week, there's a very thin line between (1) sincerely expressing a heartfelt belief and (2) preaching arrogantly to lukewarm ears.

And yet, there's no better time to make your point clear, if a certain individual has previously been unable to grasp how you're feeling. By now, it's pointless to mince your words. This concentration of Sagittarian energies will help send your message, plain and clear. You may well get just what you've asked for, too—though you may have to give something else up, in order to get it. But if the other person doesn't like what you've declared, someone somewhere else will, right?

5. Venus's move into Capricorn on Sunday (Dec 10) could well feel like a grounding godsend. All week, until the Moon moves into Virgo a few hours earlier, we'll have been operating with no planets in earth. No wonder, it'll seem retrospectively, we were both (1) off our rockers and (2) magically able to move mountains. 'No earth' is a perfect excuse to be intuitively, rather than practically, driven… to act upon our sudden impulsive truths, instead of talking ourselves out of what's unambiguously right.

When you know the truth, why waste time on logic, discussion or debate?