Extra-Super-Duper Scorpio


Watch your back. Check for hidden motivations. The swift change in astro-climate kicks off with a "pow!"—and Scorpio means fuckin' business.

No casual. No shallow. No playing nice for the kids' sake. Here comes our lustiest lusts… our most passionate passions and nastiest nasties. We don't just feel something—we feel it all, all the way down to the pit of our guts. And if you're not careful, it'll rise up from there in ugly chunks, soiling your shoes (or somebody else's).

Don't say I didn't warn you (as in here) about the sudden onslaught of all that Scorpio, all at once. It starts with the Sun moving into Scorpio on Monday (Oct 23), followed closely by Mars a few hours later and then Venus the next day. Dare you have forgotten Mercury's already been in Scorpio for a few weeks (and will stay there through early December)? Even the Moon gets involved for a couple days there (basically on Sun Oct 22 and Mon Oct 23, in the US).

For a short time, then, we'll have six planets (and luminaries) in Scorpio all at once. Talk about a friggin' imbalance!

A great occasion for: wild sex and dirty talk, complicated conversations, purges of all sorts, letting go of shit (including, yes, on the colonic level, according to Ms. Medusa!), depth therapy, laying it on the line, poking people where it hurts (for good, of course), confronting unresolved pain, disclosing secret knowledge (or digging around for it), and entering the dark abyss of the storm, to come out the other end a changed person.

Watch out for: jealous or jilted lovers, revenge, cruelty, diarrhea (of the bowels or the mouth), the brutal truth, exposed shame, a surprising burst of anger or upset, skeletons in the closet (or monsters under the bed), and so much intensity that it might start throbbing.

Whenever Mars and Venus come together in conjunction, as they do on late Tue/early Wed (Oct 24/25), we experience a unified concentration of our active and receptive energies. That's a very good thing in terms of the ability it grants us to push full steam ahead toward a desired object or goal… without as many mixed motives or contradictory attitudes scrambling our behavior.

A Venus-Mars conjunction also means, however, we're strongly swayed by one way of looking at situations—without the typical contrast between these planetary influences to temper our single-mindedness. Throw in the Sun, Mercury and year-long resident Jupiter (as well as, for that brief moment, the Moon), and there's virtually no outside perspective. While this is perfect for pursuing courses of action without compromise, punching through obstacles and refusing to quit… it also lead us toward ruthlessness, manipulation or other such unkind approaches.

Scorpio rules the psychic depths of our passions, which, when unleashed, rarely obey the polite rules of decorum. We yearn for our best friend's beau, and shamelessly try to get his attention. We envy our co-worker's job, and sneakily sabotage her success. But we mustn't forget: We're not the only ones thinking along such lines. Karma's a real shit when our aims harm others in the process.

Because Scorpio's brilliant at holding its cards close to the chest, we may not know what hit us until it's too late—whether its force comes at us from some impassioned soul, or bubbles up like hot sulfurous gas from our own shadow-self.

Hyper-vigilance is our best weapon against the emergence of powerful urges and uncontainable temptations. Keeping your motivations out in the open, especially in business matters or dealings with people we want something from, will prevent folks from getting suspicious of you—and consequently acting to your detriment or dismay.

In relationships, of course, the hyped-up passion can have a very invigorating effect… reintroducing the sparks, stirring our loins, making us pant with desire and lust. This is the week (particularly early on in it) for a hot date night!

Stingers can, and do, sting… that's for damn sure. At least until Venus moves into Sagittarius on Nov 17, there's no escaping the scorpion's dominance. Come armed, ready, and without your fear of the dark.