Venus Retrograde Across the Aries Point


Venus turns retrograde next Saturday (Mar 4), for the first time since mid-2015… flipping temporarily on its ear our perspective on Venus-ruled matters such as relationship investments, financial priorities, and aesthetic preferences.

Because of the relative rarity of Venus's retrogrades and its usual speedy pace being slowed, this six-week-long celestial event is one of the distinguishing astrological features of the year—a fact made more distinctive by its occurring along the Pisces-Aries cusp, the zodiac-cycle's ending-and-starting-point and thus a notoriously momentous spot on the wheel.



A Fiery February


A burst of raw fast-paced activity—and the corresponding collisions of our self-involved campaigns—will punctuate this very astrologically energizing February.

In fact, the events of this month will set into motion a string of introductions, engagements, explorations, and alliance-redraws that'll continue to unfold, evolve, mutate, or crest for the few months following.

The backdrop against which such fire-starting acts will commence is the latest pair of story-shifting eclipses…



The First Day


The first day of a never-before-lived existence can be disconcerting in its lack of precedent.

Unsure what to do, having never done this before, we nervously twitch, standing on one foot and then the other, looking around at how others are acting, afraid of seeming clueless.

We have few expectations on ourselves, other than giving this our best shot. We know we will be clumsy, artless, unenlightened.



2017: Responding to the Unexpected


We already got a good taste of what 2017 has in store, during the last couple months of '16… and it clearly seems we should expect the unexpected.

That's because wild-card destabilizer-operative Uranus continues to be prominently emphasized throughout the coming year, forming significant aspects to three of the four other slower-moving outer planets.

Perhaps the biggest astrological headline of 2017 is the T-square configuration (i.e., two planets in opposition both squaring a third) now underway between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.



Saturn-Uranus Trine: Sustainably Directing the Disruption


I've given planetary shit-stirrer Uranus a lot of press recently, in light of Jupiter-in-Libra's having moved into an opposition with Uranus and simultaneously reactivating its square to Pluto.

As a result of its energies being magnified by this Jupiter opposition (and Pluto square), Uranus has lately played many a wild-card in our lives-including, but not limited to, an utterly Uranian figure ascending to the US presidency-leaving plenty of shock, disruption, and volatility for us to contend with. And this trend is far from over.

But Uranus isn't merely an agent of destruction, though, yes, it often must first rattle, rupture, or rip apart a stale circumstance or entrenched institution in order to liberate us from its restrictive grip.



Uranus Won


Uranus won, it seems. The wild card was played. The presumed rules-of-convention have been disrupted. All bets are off.

'What's going to happen' is anyone's guess, as we are seeing from one day's latest twist to the next. Expectations are uncertain, feelings volatile. Anything could happen.

Some people are very upset by this surprising turn of events, disappointed and angry and scared.



Jupiter Revives the Uranus-Pluto Square


So, you thought the Uranus-Pluto revolution of the 2010s was over after those planets' final exact square during the first quarter of last year? Guess you're rethinking that premature conclusion now.

Ever since it entered Libra back in September, Jupiter has been progressing into a T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, with all three now positioned in cardinal signs. A T-square consists of two planets opposing one another, with each simultaneously squaring a third planet.

Jupiter in Libra is now moving into an opposition with Uranus in Aries, forming its first exact hit on Dec 26.