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Equinox Eclipse Reflections on the Final Uranus-Pluto Square


The world's been crazy, hanging on a thread, spinning on its side for so long now, it's as if we've forgotten how to look at life from any other angle than this perpetually screwed-up one.

Uranus and Pluto, our two ultra-potent transpersonal-planet juggernauts, have been in continuous square (or tense 90-degree angle) to one another for three long years. The 2010s will go down in histories, both collective and personal, as the bumpy instigation-marker of massive transitions… though, still in it as we are, we cannot yet understand their full extent.

It's almost hard to believe, then, we're welcoming the seventh and final exact Uranus-Pluto square tomorrow (Mon Mar 16).



Uranian Fire


Multiple times over the past week, I've intended to sit down and write you a summary of this blazin'-hot period of ultra-dynamism, but not a single day has unfolded as I'd expected.

Life's twists have been coming at us, one after another… fast enough so we must stay in active motion if we hope to effectively roll with 'em, leaving little time to catch our breath or compose a comprehensive plan. Instinct, desire, and 'I guess we'll just see what happens' are our only clear tools for success.

March features the most crazy-active astrology of any month in 2015. Even I type away to you now, dear reader, I feel antsy, fevered, hurried in my creative process.



The Saturn-in-Sagittarius SUV


Recently, on my annual road trip to the desert, I had an unexpected experiential encounter with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Every year, I procure the largest SUV the rental-car place has, drive it down to the epic Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona, fill it up with rocks and jewelry to stock my shop (The Sacred Well), and drive it back to the Bay.

This year's rental was a brand-new 2015 model, complete with all the technological bells-and-whistles that are at once titillating and, to an old 20th-century type like myself, somewhat intimidating.



Mars and Venus Say 'Go!'


The time is now. Now is all we have. If not now, when?

There's really nothing more to think through. If the desire's been acknowledged, what else is there to think about? Act on it. Get it. Go!

This is the sort of lucid simplicity which drives the mindset of the Aries archetype. Maybe 'mindset' is the wrong word: The raw, straightforward Aries knowing is immediate and embodied, short-circuiting the need for mental mitigation.



Wandering Around the New Year


A month into a new year, where we currently hover, is usually about the time when the 'new year' ceases to be new.

If we are to legitimately claim our new year is indeed different than its predecessor, we should be able to point to illustrative examples of this change—or at least sense a palpable energetic shift—by now.

Any such instances, whether concretely observed or inwardly sensed, should be all the more noticeable this year, given that the annual calendar-flip coincided with Saturn's first sign-change since late 2012.