Jupiter in Sagittarius: The Greater Benefic Comes Home


The good-luck planet enters his favorite sign today (Thu Nov 23). What better astrological feat to give our thanks for?

Of course, I'm simplifying matters. How many times have I told you that nothing in astrology is strictly good or bad? (A better to question to ask: Why, in the midst of a recently-rather-rough spot, must I mitigate the good news with such sensible reminders?)

Still, if such a thing as 'good luck' could be contained and stored inside a planet for our preferred use, then that planet would surely be Jupiter, traditionally known as the greater benefic. And he's at his absolute happiest when in his ruling-sign Sagittarius, where he comes to stay for the next 13 months.

At its most basic, the astrological Jupiter makes things bigger. That's why it's usually thought of as a lucky influence—don't we often equate bigger with better? It certainly functions that way when it comes to our position at work, our capacity to love, our bank balance, or the chunk of the world we consider ours.

(Jupiter's less-lucky effect, however, rears its ugly head when it expands our waistline, bloats our ego, attracts more lovers or work duties than we can manage, or sends us looking far and wide for what's been right in front of us all along.)

Thanks to Jupiter, we're able to transcend prior boundaries and grow into new territory… where we may gain additional experiences to integrate into our governing life-view. Jupiter inspires us to aim larger and think bigger than we have before. Wherever Jupiter sits in our natal chart indicates an area in which it's easier than usual to find such growth opportunities. It's also a clue to where we're apt to get lazy, since opportunities will probably show up even if we lollygag… though we may opt not to make much of them.

Jupiter's return to Sagittarius after many years—it was last there from Dec 1994 to Jan 1996—is a wonderful indication of big, new, exciting things to come over the next year or so. Sagittarius as a sign is direct, upbeat, freedom-loving, adventurous and philosophically thoughtful … if not occasionally pompous, impatient or too blunt for its own good. It's exactly where we'd want our good-luck guy to be positioned: in a zodiac zone that fosters bold exploits, optimistic ideas, and far-ranging motion.

What should we expect from Jupiter's passage through Sagittarius, now through Dec 07? Alas, Jupiter isn't the only astro-player on the scene, so we mustn't plan for pure good-fortune and unbridled opportunity—though a fair share of it will exist. But no matter if we consider its ultimate manifestation as 'good' or 'bad' luck, one thing's for sure: It will make things bigger, bolder, faster and wilder. Stuff indeed will happen.

As with anything Jupiter-related, though, it's up to us to take the auspicious occasion and run with it. Among other things, Jupiter rules foreign travel, higher education, and systems of religious or ethical thinking. Therefore, if you've been holding onto an unrealized hope of journeying to a faraway destination, returning to school, or otherwise expanding your mind by exploring some topic of unusual interest… 2007 is the year to do it.

(Jupiter's unflattering side will chime in, meanwhile, if you'd really love to do such a thing but simply cannot make it happen. In that case, don't be surprised if a pesky restlessness, and its consequent scrambling of focus on 'practical matters', crops up.)

Jupiter in Sagittarius is particularly good news, obviously, for Sagittarians (or other folks with prominent natal placements in Sagittarius). Because of Pluto's long-term transit through their sign, Sagittarians haven't been quite as buoyantly upbeat in recent years as the astro-books would suggest. 2007 should help. Leos, too, will get a pick-me-up to help even out the sobering influence of Saturn (who stays in Leo through Sep 07). Virgos and Pisceans, meanwhile, better stay on their toes—dynamic activity at home, at work, or in both places should keep things interesting. For Geminis, it's all about relationships: starting, expanding, ending or juggling them.

The first huge gulp of what's ahead makes itself known in December, when we face a rare buildup of planets in Sagittarius… not unlike what we recently experienced with Scorpio in late-October and early-November. From Dec 8 to 10, we'll have six planets in Sagittarius (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto). And it happens again from Dec 18 to 20, when the Moon moves in. (Venus will have already shifted into Capricorn on Dec 10.) If you have any questions about what Sagittarian energy feels like, you'll get your answer next month.