Horoscopes | Week of June 9-15, 2008

ARIES (March 21-April 19): There appears to be a subtle tension between your recent experiences as 'the fun guy/girl' or 'the one who's at the center of the action'… and the possibility that wonderful opportunities in your career (or other outer-community-oriented projects) are yours for the picking, if you don't neglect to notice them because you're too busy out having fun or whirligigging at the center of the action. Don't get me wrong, Aries: At any and every leisure event or activity, the gathering crowd (and doesn't there always seem to be one?) will surely be charmed by your every word. Indeed, once you get going, it's hard to stop. But as you're rightfully basking in the attention you deserve, you must also stay conscious of what's not happening when your energy's focused purely on frivolity. When the flow of energy is largely gushing outwardly forth from you, you can't exactly be too receptive to subtle chances, suggestions or openings that might now be arising, with the promise of helping you grow your public personhood to the next level. Furthermore, if a certain someone who may hold a key to one of these openings is present for your entertaining monologues, they might think twice about offering you an in… if, for instance, they catch you revealing secrets, compromising trusts, or otherwise talking shit. To summarize, you shouldn't feel compelled to cut all the fun short, especially when the planets clearly want it for you—but if all you do is cackle and cavort, you're apt to miss out on something else you probably want a crack at.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Your innate ingenuity will serve you well, so long as you continually return your attention to 'the bottom line'… which, in this case, can relate either to (1) your personal financial situation and/or (2) your practical sense of how you should go about carrying out that which is important to you. The problems only come in when you allow the so-called 'larger concerns' determined by others to leak into your vision, clouding the sightline with an opaque goo that'll mask your ability to see what you're trying to look at. You don't have to indignantly ignore anybody, with fingers plugging your ears and loud nonsense repeated to yourself to drown out the sounds of their voices. (In fact, it's better practice for you to actually listen to what they're saying… before deciding whether it can be entertained alongside your pre-established priorities or should be left by the wayside.) But, Taurus, be very suspicious when anybody starts talking about 'the big picture' or 'what's good for everyone'—right before they ask you to make an unmanageable personal sacrifice on their behalf. If you're not just being stubborn and actually resist this request on legitimate pragmatic grounds, then hold firm on what you need and protect your own interest… even if they respond by implying (or just saying to your face) you're being selfish.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This buildup of active planetary hoopla continues to poke-and-prod you, tickle the bottoms of your feet, and otherwise goose you with plenty of exuberance, adrenaline, and social hyperactivity. (In essence, you've just become an exaggerated version of your usual self, right?) And your overflowing energy levels are exactly what certain of your pals are desperately craving as a positive influence to get 'em out of their boring ruts. So whatever scraps of spare time or flashes of riveting conversation you can throw their way, Gemini, all the power to you. It will be mutual enjoyment of each other's company all the way around. However (and this is a notable one), this same mix of mad extroversion may simply be too much for certain others, whether friends who ordinarily appreciate you or strangers who don't know you from Adam, to handle. Such whirling-dervish-ness could tweak with their need for environmental calm. Or they're just suffering a passing case of much-reduced patience. Whatever the case, you mustn't take it personally. None of us are everybody's cup-o'-tea all of the time. Personal preference, momentary or lasting, is part of human nature. Your challenge is take note of who's groovin' off you—and who's not—and to follow the social cues accordingly. Do that, and you can maximize your social efforts on those who'd gladly (thankfully, even) receive them… and expend very little of yourself on those who you'd just bug the crap out of.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Without a doubt, the biggest challenges of your week revolve around what happens when your intuition doesn't line up with what's expected of you. Will you be brave enough to 'cause a stink' (as a self-judging voice might characterize a basic act of assertion), in a gesture that honors your sense of inner knowing even when it's inconvenient? What your gut's telling you to do may not be your easiest option… particularly if it goes against what You-Know-Who wants you to do. And to add insult to injury, you may find yourself hard-pressed to clearly explain your feelings. (In other words, you may know—but not know why.) Well, anyone who hopes to have a meaningful relationship of any kind with a Cancerian should probably learn to value this inexplicable (though no less real) mode of emotional awareness that is part-and-parcel of what makes you Cancers so special. So, at some point, if they want to connect with the 'real' you, they're going to have to accept that you sometimes (or often) receive your truths in this 'other' manner. On the same token, if you want to value that 'real' you, you're going to have to follow the direction your gut tells you is the right one. Otherwise, if you don't, you're basically informing your intuition that it's good for nothing, some vestigial sense no longer relevant to your oh-so-modern life. (And if that's the case, don't be surprised if the intuitions either taper away or transform into physical irritants.)


LEO (July 23-August 22): The last thing I'd waste effort trying to do, Leo, is convince you to calm down, chill out and attend to all that totally unexciting and way-too-detail-oriented work you've temporarily set aside. Nothing productive is likely to come from urging you to 'be productive'. Mischief is undeniably on your mind, so I'm not betting on you to win any 'Most Diligent Employee' or 'Healthiest Habit Keeper' awards this week. Besides, you'll be too busy gabbing about whatever latest bit of upbeat news or adventure on the horizon has got you all amped up. And you know what? That's just fine. You will not find cautions or criticisms riddling this horoscope with buzzkill weightiness. Do what you're going to do. Cause some trouble, if you must. You can even attempt to convince your more 'responsible' friends to join you in playing hooky or squeezing off-topic fun into an otherwise boring workday. Some of 'em may actually take the bait. But don't be surprised if others are instead annoyed with what they see as your disruptive behavior, which is only made worse by their perception that you're dangling it in their face (because, let's be honest, who wouldn't rather be goofing off than shuffling paperwork?). I can't say they don't have a point—but I also can't say you should 'do' this or that in response. That's your call. (Would you consider my pointing out that it is possible to go overboard with a good thing and create unpleasant side-effects from your excesses a 'caution' that I've squeezed into this horoscope after I said I wouldn't? Thought not.)


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): In this strange horoscope I'm about to write for you, Virgo, I'll be essentially advocating two opposite approaches… and the right one for you is based purely on how deeply your ego is involved in the issue at hand. For starters, let me be clear that in no way is a strong ego-investment in something a bad thing. We of the supposedly 'evolved' set may drone on about how getting our egos out of the way is an important part of becoming ever more spiritually enlightened—which isn't exactly untrue, yet doesn't take into account the actual reality of the vast majority of us who aren't living in monasteries and swearing off materialism entirely. (In fact, our egos help us learn more about ourselves.) But there's a palpable difference between a big discussion of some pressing substance in which (1) you have opinions to offer because you care about what's being discussed, but ultimately have no personal stake in how it ends up getting decided, and (2) you are so integrally wrapped up that, whether you like it or not, your expertise or level of achievement or pride seem to hang in the balance. If you're pretty certain that (1) is the description that best matches you, then please speak out. Your 'complicating' remarks will create a useful tension that pushes all parties to 'up their game'—and eventually work their now-incomplete ideas into a tighter plan. But if there's a chance that (2) fits the bill, you might want to save those thoughts for later (or never). While such passion proves your deep engagement, it can also be a little scary to those 'levelheaded' (or downright clinical) folks at the top. Based on where you are in all this, whatever you say will likely impress—or just as likely threaten—one or more major players in the game. How well do you know your present emotional position on it?


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You mustn't keep saying no to their invites or intimations, no matter how politely you do it. I'll even be so daring as to suggest that, if you imagine you'd be happier staying at home, you're actually fooling yourself. (Yeah, yeah… how the hell would I know? I don't. It was a 'suggestion'. Remember?) Well, Libra, in my best-case scenario, you'd be irked enough to prove me wrong… and fight every safe-and-cozy urge to spend another night curled up on the couch with a TV show you don't even like very much, telling yourself this is exactly what you want to do when, actually, it's merely the easiest default. I'm so confident that you're supposed to be out and about (not in and in-hiding), I'm willing to risk your good feelings toward me, just to needle you 'til you can't take it anymore. Trust me on this one, Libra: Any outside activity that'd expose you to new people, places, or potential pastimes has the capacity to change your life. The unpredictability of others' energies is enough of a wild-card to make anything possible. In the other corner, of course, we have more of the same… which is, by sheer mathematical odds, far less likely to produce anything close to a 'life-changer'. There are obviously exceptions to all sides of what I've outlined. Still, isn't it worth upping your chances? Getting off your butt is only tough the first few minutes. Once you're on a roll, you'll be glad you left the house. After all, you'll always be able to come home when you're done…


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): If you take a certain matter seriously enough, then you probably shouldn't permit others to casually brush it under the rug. (And if I know you, Scorpio, you probably won't.) But the flipside of that, of course, is that you must extend the same courtesy to those 'others' when they see substantive value in a particular idea or approach that you'd rather dismiss outright. You don't get to have it one way without also having it the other, too. After all, you are not the divinely selected arbiter of which issues are important and which buffoonish. If you expect them to pay respectful attention to your airing of your concerns, then plan on paying them the same respectful attention when it's their turn to explain where they're coming from. Naturally, if you don't think you have the time or wherewithal to withstand such a protracted conversation in which all sides have equal say on the terms of what's being discussed, you can opt out altogether. (To clarify, that would mean holding your tongue.) You need not go one inch outside your comfort zone, if you don't want to. That's perfectly all right with me. Yet, you will get just what you give. You don't lend them a generous ear and an open heart—they aren't likely to lend either of 'em to you either. One person's root concern may be another's trivial trifling. Who's to say who's got it right and who's misguided? (Hint: The answer isn't you.)


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Your 'relationship life' (or whatever you want to call it) keeps on dealing you lots of potential complications to make sure you're not sleeping on the job… though none of these need actually be considered proper problems, if you're willing to legitimately extend plenty of understanding to the other party in all one-on-one matters. Despite all the good things going for this or that pairing you're involved in, you may face one or more of the following issues: (1) a restless emotional need for lots of freedom, to the point that you might prefer to disconnect over sitting through their gripe-filled confessions; (2) the 'phantom' romanticizing of all those other options you have, which certainly look like greener grass from where you're currently standing but which could prove to be nothing more than glittery oases that disintegrate into the sand once you actually show up to claim them; (3) such an ingrained ability to meet your own needs so well that you've almost forgotten how a good give-and-take should function; and (4) with Pluto making a brief retrograde trip back through your sign, starting this week and lasting until late November, you have a last bit of self-evaluation still to do with regards to power issues (and whether you'd prefer to hold an intimidating aura, just so you may stay 'in control'). The funny thing about all of these possibilities, Sagittarius, is you might quickly alleviate their corresponding anxieties, simply by handing the microphone over to the other person and staying mostly quiet. In fact, a major assumption you've made about them is quite untrue. And you'll discover the real truth (which could make some of your worries immediately moot), if you stop jumping to conclusions… and hear your other half out.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): As tempting as it may be to give 'em your walking papers and simply depart the scene, it's certainly not the best approach to getting the actual job done. (Rather, it definitely qualifies under the unlikable heading of 'Taking the Easy Way Out'.) If you can look beyond the interpersonal headaches, you'll see that, from the 'impersonal' perspective (whatever that is), your participation in this very important task or project is essential. Or if 'essential' sounds too constricting, let's just say the final product will most definitely be of lower quality, if you were to bow out. Besides all that, from the 'personal' perspective (it's a lot clearer what that is), you'll feel much freer and less fettered if you can see your responsibility through to its total completion. While it might momentarily feel gleeful to just bail, we both know you better than that, Capricorn—you're liable to experience guilt, doubt, or other unresolved residue once the dust settles. However, if you can muster the patience to continue pushing through this frustrating 'problem-solving' stage, you will be so proud of yourself later. Plus, when you're done, you will be totally and unquestionably done. When you finally do walk away, you'll do so cleanly. But leave the karmic tendrils dangling, alas, and you'll probably be able to get out of this particular situation promptly… while the dynamics of what you didn't deal with now will merely follow you to the next setting, putting you through all the same paces until you eventually do get it right.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): You're in a very good spot interpersonally, Aquarius, so long as you can leave it up in the air (whatever that 'it' is supposed to be) and trust your on-the-spot actions. If you're catching reminiscent whiffs of last week's horoscope, you're on the right scent. It's still most important to appreciate a moment with someone you care for, rather than pinning into place (perhaps the wrong place?) with too much analysis, interpretation or forward projection. And once you can put all that need-to-know garbage aside, you'll be in an even better position to make a move (whatever 'move' you're considering) and let that special person know you're into him or her. That's because the (sorry for the indelicacy of this word) desperation which comes with the 'clinging' model of relationships (that is, 'when I find the one I like, I should grab onto him/her and never let go!') will disappear… leaving a wider berth for the free extemporaneity of interrelating to carry the two of you wherever it will, expectations be damned. Don't worry if you aren't sure exactly what you're looking for or how to go about it—all the better, in my humble opinion. In the vast matrix of possibilities that arise when you take that need to know off the table, you just might stumble into a very pleasant surprise you never could've or would've come up with on your own.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): In an astro-environment where social and/or societal pressures could lure you down a slippery slope of 'just going along with' whatever (in obvious conflict with what'd be the healthier option for you), you might struggle to find the courage to do the responsible thing. Mind you, what's 'responsible' should not be measured on a pseudo-objective scale. (That sort of thinking, which encourages comparisons with what other people are doing or not doing, already reeks of the very pressure you'd hope to avoid.) Only you will know for sure what that means in the context of your life. But don't be surprised when, if you're being totally honest about what's right for you, you discover you're actually not so different from your family as you might like to believe. In other words, your most 'responsible' action could be one that's eerily similar to what a family member might do… which could hit you weird, if you've worked hard to define yourself in opposition to where you came from. Yet, you can still be that unique individual, Pisces, while simultaneously acknowledging all the good traits you picked up from your upbringing. To resist that awareness is to be totally rebellious, just to prove you can. Your surest strategy for resisting the influence of peers who think they know what's best for you (when, in fact, they don't) is to draw strength, respect and wisdom from your roots. To that extent, you could even consider talking to your dead relatives, if you feel you need the extra guidance. They are watching, you know…