In Between Days


Hang steady, my loves… this whirlwind isn't over yet!

We're still only midway through the current eclipse season… the month-or-so period of dramatic twists and turns, rapid-fire evolution, and a flipping-of-pages from one chapter of our lives to the next.

Last week's lunar eclipse in Pisces (a 'super' full Moon) was all about emotional release. Many of us were shaken up (or are still shaking), bombarded with floating bits of anxiety (real causes obscured?) and split-second epiphanies that led us to take radical stands.

And next week brings a solar eclipse in Virgo (a 'super' New Moon), a profound opportunity to step out from old patterns and establish new ones—healthier for us, hopefully, than what we're leaving behind.

Throughout this 'in between' week, the effects of both eclipses are well within range. (So please don't mistake 'in between' for 'nothing much happening'!) In fact, we'll witness planetary aspects that suggestively mirror the dynamics of each eclipse. This is the planets' way of informing us: This entire three-week period is one long thematic sprawl.

The theme? (1) Radical emotional separation from what no longer serves us, feeding into (2) a conscious, practically-minded transformation of our work and health regimes.

In the meantime, this week also features a Mercury-Mars conjunction (on Fri Sep 15) in Libra, the sign of considerate cooperation, inspiring us to weigh both sides of any issue. With the planets of both our mental and communicative faculties (Mercury) and our physical impetuses (Mars) working in unison, we'll feel less of a mind/body split than usual.

I must be honest with you, though. Mars isn't his happiest in Libra, the sign of his detriment (that is, opposite its ruling sign, Aries). Mars represents the manner in which we assert ourselves in the world, so that we move towards grabbing what we personally want. In that way, Mars is essentially self-serving. Libra, of course, is all about cool consideration of both sides of the story, so that the sanctity of the union between both parties is upheld—often at the expense of either's more self-centered desires.

The concern with Mars in Libra? That we'll pursue our own course of action toward selfish ends… but do it in such a fashion that makes it appear we're acting more selflessly than we are.

Toss in the conjunction to Mercury, and our words line up perfectly with our actions—only they may sound too perfect, as if they're exquisitely engineered to give the other person exactly what they want to hear. And because we're playing so astutely to our audience, we expect them to give us exactly what we want as a result. Those of us who play this Libran game the best may even manage to convince the other person it was their idea… while, all along, we're the one pulling the strings.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the Libra approach—which is usually charmingly indirect, politely political, and ultra-'appropriate'. Problems only arise when we're being less than forthright about what we're really after. It is possible to put your side all out on the table, and still hold an even keel and a genuinely accommodating intent.

To use this influence productively, do your diligence in consulting with each key friend or associate before taking actions that'll affect you both. But don't hide your agenda. When in doubt, calmly exchange ideas… with the goal of including the varying outlooks into a compromise solution.

At their best, Mercury and Mars together in Libra will help you fiddle and finesse yourself through the eclipse madness and to the middle ground. No need to go in with preconceived notions of where you want it to end up, though. Too many underhanded maneuvers or purely 'people-pleasing' practices will instead bring out their worst.