astrobarry as Neptune


I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. I'm still here.

I'm just caught in the very busy and exciting moment of all that Scorpio hitting my 5th house ('creative self-expression', et al) and trining both my Cancer rising and my Pisces midheaven. I've been doing a lot of writing, in order to hit a major deadline coming up this week, in addition to lots of other non-astrobarry-related business matters.

Plus, it's been a particularly gnarly Mercury retrograde on this end. Light bulbs in my house keep burning out. My internet connection comes in and out. And has anybody noticed that the other drivers on the road right now are especially mean? It's been enough to actually slow me down, in reaction to the unstable driving patterns I'm witnessing in everyone else.

In terms of the current astro-scene, I redirect you to my last posting, which, by and large, continues to be an accurate description. We've still got the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury is still retrograde (through Nov 17). And the final Jupiter-Saturn square is still making its mark on the social consciousness, via (for instance) Tuesday's elections in the US and the sentencing of Saddam Hussein to death by hanging. Remember: It's a progress report—what's happened since 2000, and what needs to happen now?

Today's (Sun Nov 5) full moon in Taurus brought the past two weeks' Scorpio intensity to a head… and I, for one, hope that also means a slightly-less-intense version can be enjoyed over the coming two weeks. Full moons, after all, are supposed to represent a peak in the month's emotions and activities. Following a full moon, the only direction to head is waning.

A Moon in Taurus likes to know where she stands. If she's had so much complexity and complications that it's apt to cause a headache, she digs in her feet or plops her ass down on the ground and refuses to move. 'Can we just deal with the basic matter first, and then we'll unpack all the extra bits that don't fit?' she might insist. Well, with all this recent Scorpio stimulation, all the extra bits have already been unpacked. Thanks to the full Moon, though, hopefully it's easier to prioritize what's of immediate practical importance—and what's just a bunch of steam and sizzle (no less 'important', by the way), which can be revisited, bit by bit, in a less potent concentration.

Don't get me wrong, though. We've still got those five Scorpio planets until Nov 17, when Venus is the first to head into the Sagittarian pastures, where it's perfectly appropriate to gallop off into the hills and leave the tedious details behind in some gulch on the farm. Wait, Nov 17, huh? The same day Mercury goes direct. Guess we're stuck with this same basic set-up 'til then.

My disappearing act probably isn't over either, as I've got another full week of hyper-jam-packed workload. (And then I'm stealing a few days' vacation—sshh! don't tell anyone!) After glancing at the upcoming week's astrology, though, it's clear I can just blame Neptune again. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all square off against Neptune in Aquarius… lending a sense of something that feels incomplete, confusing or not quite there.

Since I'm an Aquarian, let's consider the 'not quite there' thing me, and leave it at that. Don't you forget about me… I still love ya!