You Want It, I Post It…


… and the universal love we share makes it happen. That's the equation we're all counting on this eclipse season, as we hurl our wants into outer space and press our palms together in thanks for everything we've gotten so far.

Yes, folks, a good way to start off our statements of desire is by acknowledging how many blessings we all already enjoy. I, for one, am feeling profoundly touched by an angel, the hand of God, my own private interdimensional being, and/or every last dead ancestor watching me from up in the room with the kick-ass view. (Or else I've got quite a vivid imagination… which is just as tantalizingly uplifting.)

I've gotten so many wonderful responses from y'all, my spirited astro-enthusiasts. My apologies for not being able to reprint every last word I received—just because it's not on my website, that doesn't mean it's any less likely to manifest. The contract is between you and the cosmos. I'm just a meddling middleman. It's not too late to specify your wants, people… but you've got to put 'em in writing, so they become material.

Thanks for playing along, everyone. Here's what you want:

I manifest an image overhaul: I project and promote positivity, self-respect, peer-respect, health; focused, skilled, inspiring and unique creativity of an international standard; and wholly professional attitudes toward my career undertakings… I manifest an increase in love and genuine relationships in my life, and a strengthening and deepening of those relationships that already exist… I manifest that the people who surround me and work with me have my best interests closest to heart… I manifest better quality sleep, and more of it.
-Jackie, Australia

I want to be a better journalist for those publications I am writing for. I want to travel a bit more this year. I want to reach the 'platinum' tier in my mileage program. I want to have my tax situation sorted. I want to move into a nicer but still totally affordable apartment.

I want a meaningful, long term, loving relationship with a man who embodies all of the qualities I value in a mate… I want to spend more time with my children and become more involved in their school lives. I want them to be secure in the knowledge that they are loved and special in the world… I want to buy a house in the suburb where I'm currently living. I want to help make this suburb a cultural and artistic hub, with a focus on alternative and eco-friendly lifestyle options… I want to be more optimistic and see the joy that can be gleaned from life on a daily basis.
-Nicole, South Australia

I've recently become involved with someone I feel very connected to. I want to have a very serious, long-term love relationship with this man, which will eventually lead to marriage. I want to get back on track in regards to my health and weight.

I want to earn more money for my services rendered… I want a man in my life who will care for, love, and respect me in the way that I will him… I want to expand my relationships with new and existing clients… I want my client who is in the hospital with cancer to get better and spend time with his family… I want to build new friendships and renew existing ones… I want to have a more stress-free lifestyle… I want everyone in my family to have good health, myself included.
-Corey, Raleigh, NC

I want to not fear the unknown; I want to live life passionately and not from the sidelines anymore. I want to be bold in my pursuits for self-actualization… I want to be happy, content, and experience joy fully, to my very core, and not the surface joy I have felt all my life… I want to not experience jealousy or envy of another person for their station in life, but to appreciate and learn from them… I want to not feel like I am racing against time, age, and youth.
-Rita, San Francisco

I want to work in an environment that is pleasant to be in, working aside people who I respect and like. I want to be creating design that aligns itself with my beliefs… I want to feel like I belong in my skin… I want to not inject my limitations and negativity into my relationship. I would like to let go of the issues that get in the way. I want our connection to deepen and expand. I want to explore my sexuality… I want to come more into myself.
-Charis, New Zealand

I want to keep learning and being inspiredly amazed and expanding in prosperity, productivity, friendships, love, generosity and health… I want a regular, well-paid, esoteric column I can be proud of in a national or international magazine or newspaper lift-out.
-Louisa, Melbourne

I want my children to fulfill and exceed their dreams… I want to live and work in Paris—with an adequate income to support my family… I want to contribute more to making a difference in our world… I want to learn to speak French and German… I want to learn how to do a somersault in the air and how to do a cartwheel.
-Debra, Australia

Ongoing good health, and an end to my constant giving up smoking, in that I actually finally succeed in doing so… success for my three daughters in their endeavors, especially my eldest as she prepares for her final year exams… an intelligent and respectful relationship based on honesty, respect and equality… a good friendship with the last person I had a relationship with… happiness, health and good fortune to all my friends and family.

I want to find a job where I will earn a living in a healthy environment, doing satisfying work, respected and appreciated by my employers; a living that is adequate to support my further wish: to live with the person I love in a home we love, in a place we love.
-Clara, Boulder, CO

I want and aim, not just loosely hope, to achieve: substantial acting roles in TV or film productions… writing success through full exploration and completion of ideas… less procrastination, more action… great leaps forward in self-belief… new and enriching friendships that I'll value and nourish… openness to the new and thus, for me, the terrifying… a sense of security within myself no matter how my finances are going… continued respect for and experience with the wonderful natural world.
-Michelle, Brisbane

I choose to have boundaries and to be more loving towards myself so that I am in a stronger position to help those around me… I choose to be a channel for divine healing energy for the Earth. I choose for all her inhabitants to realize that our bodies come from her—we are a part of her, and she a part of us—and for that, she deserves to be respected and honored… I choose to trust in the innate goodness of people. I choose to surround myself with loving people who I can connect with, learn from, and grow with… I choose to honor and love myself, humanity, and the entire universe, as we exist as One.
-Nicki, off with the Fairies somewhere in Australia

I want a new career that will fulfill my creative side and allow me to be more of who I am, while providing flexibility in working hours… I want to meet an attractive woman who will become my mate/partner and be someone who is supportive, loving, caring and kind… I want to relocate to a place that will provide me with a calmer, slower pace of life, and I want to relocate with my new life partner… I want to continue to attract to me people who help me to evolve and grow as a spiritual person.

I want to be radiantly healthy. I also want my cat to be healthy… I want to be able to help things grow and thrive… I want the people I care about to be able resolve their differences with each other and be able to understand and respect each other… I want to be able to understand the voice of the Wind again… I want to receive signs and messages from the Universe constantly… I want to dance a lot… I want to drum… I want to learn many languages… I want to travel to many places, including Buryatia, New Zealand, Spain, and the sacred sites of Britain… I want to taste camel's milk.
-Molly, Oakland, CA

I want: more body consciousness and overall health, reflective of my release of toxic habits… significant progress in putting my apartment together, including organizing and new furniture… revelation regarding how to evolve my career path and whether that includes school, and if so a plan to move forward… sex-positive experiences that will help me to better define my desires… continued healing and reconciliation of my past… attraction of my long-term partner.

I want someone to look at me and say, 'Where the HELL have you been all my life?! I've been looking for you for so long! Thank GOD you're finally here!' and I want to feel the same way about him.
-The Seagull, Montreal

I want to finally stop pining for my ex-boyfriend, and understand that I can still feel strong love for him without having to 'need' him. I want to feel eternally happy and lucky to have learnt so much from our time together… I want to banish my fear that in 60 years time I will have become a lonely and bitter old woman who is still pining for that one she fell in love with and couldn't let go of… I want to be able to get outside of my own head/thoughts/worries and start to be amazed by the everyday moments of my life that should never be disregarded and should instead be recognized and delighted in.
-K. Aries, Brisbane

I want to be a healthy, loving, committed, happy intimate partner… Giving and receiving are one. Give, whatever it is, that you want to receive. The truth is always simple.

I want to be both mentally and physically healthy… I want to be comfortable with who I am… I want to get my debts in order… I want to move into a new apartment… I want to surround myself with positivity and eliminate any drama in my life… I want to make more friends…I want to be less judgmental, jealous, and work on controlling my anger… I want to find love.
-Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA

I want things, events to hold the meaning they used to. I want the fact that I still love him not to go unnoticed, and that one day when the time is right and we both have our shit together we can get back to what we started, and if that's not what is to happen, I want to be able to move on with the dignity and grace that we both deserve… I want love to start to mean something to me and to others again.

Be beautiful, inside and out, and wear my best clothes a lot more… create a beautiful environment for myself and my children to live in… really make a difference in the world and finally feel that I'm doing what I'm best at, what is right for me… really fall in love, be for him what I can be, and be satisfied with that… clear all debt.
-Danae, South Australia

Find secure, full-time, well-paid, enjoyable employment… get a suitable place to live… create a better attitude to money, and start to embrace it, not throw it away… embark on a learning course… find better ways to respond, rather than react.
-Simone, Brisbane

I want to be a better mother…I want to give more from my true heart rather from the guilt that I was raised with… I want that man that has been making me crazy for the last year and a half to open his heart to me… I want to feel that I am worthy of being loved… I want to take better care of myself… I want to increase my self-esteem without becoming self-absorbed.

I have but one desire and that is to be rid of all of my self-limiting beliefs.
-Susan, Melbourne

I want to be 100% free (emotionally and mentally) of previous romantic attachments… I want to see some kind of message from the Universe that I am making the right decisions about the men in my life… I want to bask in the glow of healthy self-acceptance… I want quality work to be done on all repairs in my condominium… I want to build my savings account up… I want to feel ready, excited and open to making a 'love' connection.
-Lynne, Denver, CO

I want to be a happily married stay-at-home wife… I want to have a creatively inspired home business with great income… I want to be active in yoga and hiking and get that great yoga body… I want a beautifully designed home, preferably with an ocean view… I want to be surrounded by supportive and caring friends… I want to publish a good novel… I want to feel emotionally and financially secure… I want my family to have good relationships, peace & good health… I want to win a ridiculously large amount of money in the lottery. (Can't hurt to ask right?!)

My own Federation house surrounded by garden… council permits to conduct a small home business from within that property, a portion of which can be renovated into design studio, office and gallery area and workshop, and area for loading and unloading of vehicles… my own small business with at least 2 clients by July.
-Jackie, Melbourne

I just want to leave behind stale old stuff and start the day reborn, without negative attachments to the past… I want to be me, me, me… I want to love being me, me, me… I want to be kinder to myself and others… I want to move to the country… I want to take up something artistic.
-Jo, Armidale, NSW

I want for my husband and I to be happy and healthy as well as our children… I want us to become pregnant, carrying full term with no complications, and have a healthy child soon… I want all of the members in my family, my close friends to be happy, and know that I am here if they need me… I want to be able to help them without causing myself trouble… I want to know in my heart that my husband is being faithful to me and that I can trust him—also I want to know he loves me all the time.

I want to purchase my ideal apartment at an affordable price near the park with water views and/or a leafy outlook in a very quiet street with quiet neighbors, within the next two months. I want the whole process—from the moment I find the place I want to the moment I move in—to be hassle-free… I want to become more intuitive and receive spiritual guidance through my dreams… I want to continue to be positive, loving, inspiring and kind to others and have patience and compassion for people who are different to me.
-Jade, Sydney

I want to start all over again with my friend K, see more of her and hang out with her… I want everyone I invite to show up at my birthday dinner… I want to graduate in June… I want A to call me since I lost her number… I want to take flying lessons… I want to go camping all summer long with congenial companions… I want to publish things that I've written.

I am asking for my house to sell at optimum price which I tried last year and to no avail. I need to relocate to a more energetically attuned environment for the ongoing growing soul that I am becoming… I am asking for ongoing success with my silk painting business so that I can become financially more stable… I am asking for continued guidance in maintaining optimum health so that I can be of assistance to humanity in my new location… I am asking for further spiritual teachers to appear on my path.
-Anjelika, South Australia

I want a healthy, safe, successful pregnancy… I want a beautiful garden that provides me and my household with food and medicinal herbs, where I can safely give birth to my first child… I want to continue to build a financially viable and emotionally supportive collective with my housemates… I want to work through and overcome all the obstacles that are inhibiting my relationship with my true love, to move into a time of abundance, mutual support and bliss for the two of us.
-Ceilidh, San Leandro, CA

I would like to ask that the father of my baby and I are able to work things out so that we may still have the chance to be a family.

I want a lover who has humor, depth, beauty, integrity, honesty, imagination, willingness to look at stuff, willingness to confront me, is fed by music, the outdoors, moving his/her body, is passionate, playful, adventurous, healthy, intensely attractive to me, wants to be with me, honors the range of play and sacredness in sexuality, lives close by or is wealthy enough to travel to me often, is available, is already living a full life with friends, family and spirit… I want my body to continue in its gorgeous evolution as a listening wand and expressor of the universal music… I ask for peace to blossom on this planet, for war and strife to dissolve rapidly and for soldiering to become obsolete.

I would like what matters most to me in my heart and what I spend the majority of my days working on, to line up. I'm not going to spend any more of my life working on somebody else's dreams.
-Scott, Los Angeles

I want to be very successful with my move to a new city… I want my son to succeed with everything he does in life… I want to be in a position to help people whenever possible… I want to attract and establish a very loving relationship with the man of my dreams. Whoever that may be… I want great health and wealth for every member of my family and also for myself… I want to have the will power to be able to lose 10lbs off my weight.

I'd like to redirect energy lost in attachment to those matters into the maintenance of physical and spiritual energy… I'd like to direct that physical and spiritual energy to the best of my ability, and really use my gifts in a way that supports me and gives back to the world… I'd like to be able to stay in touch with an unresolved matter of the heart in a way that doesn't compromise my spirit, or hurt anyone, if that's possible… I would like to develop a lighter way of dealing with it that isn't so bound up with heartbreak, and is open to change of circumstance in the future.
-Virginia, New Jersey

Sell this house ASAP.
-P. Price

I want to finish recording our band's original music (about 20 tracks) by July… I want to nurture the current relationships between our band members so as to promote a high level of communication, camaraderie, creativity, and commitment… I want to begin gigging live. I want people to hear our music and say, 'Whoa… they're incredible!!' and tell all their friends and family to check us out… I want to release the song I wrote the day after the London bombings last year, and for that song to stand testament that you can be against the war but it does not mean you will bow down to terror. I want to release that song as a statement against any person, organization, government or regime that would manipulate by fear and aggression.

I want colors, laughter, music, fresh foods, plants, animals, people, sunlight, moonlight, joy, abundance and warmth all around me.
-Bec, Down Under

I will achieve good health with abounding energy… My partner will agree to having a child with me… My business is successful, prosperous and debt-free… My relationship is filled with love, happiness and mutual respect… I have the financial means to travel overseas for a holiday at least once a year… I put more time into cultivating relationships with my mother, sisters, brother and nieces.

I have exchanged procrastination with concise direct complete actions. It feels great again. I claimed my new start. A great new time in my life. My uniqueness found an auspicious place and the feeling of clear voice. Life connected to spirit. I am in the place I fit best… with good people. Doing what I do best. Love affectionately, feel alive, enliven others… We smiled before, but we smile much more now. And so we both bloom in a secure, peaceful, harmonious and equitable relationship. There are no more reasons to remember any others anymore. We both have a great trust in each other… When my eyes are closed, I keep my mouth closed as well. And more importantly, when my eyes are open, my voice is too. Appropriately so.

I speak up without fear or favor when I perceive injustice or unkindness… I live in my 'present', release the past, genuinely forgive others for perceived hurts and seek their forgiveness for hurts inflicted, intentionally or otherwise… I am well paid for interesting and stimulating professional work in which my skills and expertise are highly valued. This work contributes to ethical, productive and peaceful outcomes for organizations, communities and individuals, including the benefits of life balance. I make a difference to the way the government of this country works for the highest good of people and the planet.
-A regular Aussie reader

I want better compensation and more outlets for my photography… I want a romantic partner with whom I can share both tender love and enjoyable sex… I want a healthier, stronger, more beautiful body and better physical stewardship of this body… I want to discard the baggage that has prevented me from the above… I want to finish an album with my band… I want to make a new series of paintings… I want to feel loved and appreciated at my job.

I want to improve my score on the GMAT exam in May… I want to do the best I can on my MBA applications… I want to move forward with my current career, by way of increased responsibility or a promotion… I want to rendezvous with Loren in some random city… I want to continue volunteering in my free time… I want to find/create one more picture/painting for my wall… I want to become closer with my cousin Allison & help her out whenever I can… I want to be a bit smarter with my money… I still want the war & all has come as a result of it to end.
-Danielle, New York

I want my amazing relationship to continue to grow and thrive in love, support, and passion to both of our mutual benefit as time goes on; I want to make more than enough money to meet all of my needs and many of my wants by being entirely self-employed in my tarot-herbal-education-witchy business; I want health and happiness for my family and friends and those I love; I want to launch my new website successfully, to have it grow to a point of sustaining itself, and to help bring Goddess and Earth awareness ever to the front of peoples' minds; I want a satisfying book deal for my women's witchy herbal writings; I want to create a sense of security financially in terms of my future.
-Rabbit, Berkeley, CA