If You Want It, Say You Want It


Last year around this time, I appealed to you to ask for what you want.

The occasion that spurred this appeal was a solar eclipse in Aries—a super-powered New Moon, under the rousing effect of the zodiac's first sign, arguably the best 'me first' instigating force in astrology. Not only did I post my desires on this site, but I also posted those from some of my most engaged readers… all with the intention that releasing what we want over this worldwide web of communications lines us up for likelier manifestation.

Next Wed Mar 29 is another Aries solar eclipse… and another fantastically magical window for putting out our greatest desires into the universe. As such, I will once again encourage you to formulate the clearest statements-of-want possible, for your own highest benefit.

Aries is all about assertion of crude individualistic force. This eclipse can help us guide the manner in which assert ourselves, so that we're acting in support of our goals—rather than merely reacting to whatever others throw at us. But if we can't articulate what we want, it's like we're punching aimlessly into the air, in hopes we'll actually connect with some target that'll make us happy.

Pulling the thoughts of what you want out of your head, and then putting them on paper (or a computer screen), turns them more real. Once they're expressed in material form, your desires are that much closer to being fulfilled. On paper, they become a contract with the cosmos—I'll do the work to specify the direction I intend my life to go, and you provide for me. Believe it or not, the cosmos answers… in one way or another.

For those who aren't yet ready to take that leap of belief, I say: What have you got to lose? If you go through the process of streamlining your renegade brain signals into a few clear-cut statements of purpose and will, it certainly won't hurt you, eh?

I submit to you my own experiences with putting out what one wants, as evidence that there's something to it. I too have had my doubts. Yet, last April, I suspended my disbelief and expressed my aspirations right here on this website. Among those: 'I want at least one regular column-writing gig with a major publication.' Now, a year later, I've achieved that desire—with my weekly horoscopes being published in FAMOUS, an Australian celebrity weekly. And believe me, back when I wrote that, I had no clue how this gig would materialize. FAMOUS didn't even exist yet.

In addition to that, I also said I wanted to increase my website traffic at least tenfold (as of now, it's about three times what it was then); I wanted to earn enough money through writing and astrology to not worry about other income streams (well, I'm making more than I was); I wanted to travel to several different specific destinations over the next several years (I'm heading to Japan, one of the places I specified, in May); I wanted to continue to grow physically healthier and stronger (check); and I wanted more plants in my home (check). Others haven't yet come true, or aren't the type of thing I can easily verify.

It's important to revisit what we said we want, after a significant chunk of time has passed, to affirm that our intentions are indeed manifesting… or to further examine why they aren't. (That's why putting them in writing is so crucial.) I strongly encourage those of you who participated in last year's exercise to check in and see how well it's going.

Sometimes, we need to rephrase our wants over time, to better suit what we've learned about ourselves. Sometimes, we just need to reiterate ourselves more insistently, to prove we're serious about it.

Reevaluation is good, particularly as we prepare for another round of stating what we want. Maybe what we wanted came all right, but with unforeseen side-effects. Sure, I wanted more plants… and I got 'em. But recently I've had to deal with the reality that I have so many plants, it's hard for me to adequately care for all of them. As new ones flourish, a few of my old favorites have turned sick-looking or died. And I'm sadder about that than I would've expected. If the Mar 14 Pluto-scented lunar eclipse has taught us—and continues to teach us—anything, it's that we must let go of the past, in order to welcome the future with open arms. Things die, so other things may be born.

We also have to be realistic about those lofty fantasies we pin atop our wants… as if, once we actually get the hot job, the supportive spouse, or the million-dollar jackpot, then we'll finally be happy. It often doesn't work out that way. I, for one, am boundlessly thankful for my long-desired magazine-writing gig. But I still question myself and my abilities, just like I did when I scribbled crazy ideas in my notebook for no one's eyes but mine. No single desire fulfilled will solve all our problems. We may not even know what we really want until after we get what we said we want… and still aren't satisfied.

Wednesday's eclipse excitement is supported by a flowing trine to Saturn, helping ease the challenges inherent in turning ideas into material reality. (This is a lovely contrast to last year's Aries eclipse, which squared Saturn.) In addition, the other aspects at play—a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius trining Mars in Gemini, and a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Pisces trining Jupiter in Scorpio—make an incredible mix of visionary thought, behavioral versatility, and magical connectedness. If wishes ever come true, now's the ideal time to toss a few out to the stars.

Just as I did last year, I invite you to release your clearly-and-concisely-worded wants into the world's vastness through the vehicle of my website. Email them to me (barry@astrobarry.com), and I'll post them here. (Please include your name and geographic location. If you'd prefer I post yours anonymously, indicate that… but I still need to know who you are.) I'll also be posting mine.

You can also feel free to email me and let me know not to post what you've written. It'll be between you and me and the universe. The act of release will still be intensely meaningful.

So tell me, yet again or for the first time… what do you want?