astrobarry goes FAMOUS!


You've got one happy Barry here, an enthusiastic witness to that old adage: Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. In this instance, that wish appears to be working to my advantage.

I'm proud to report, dear readers, you can now find my horoscopes every week in print—in the brand-spankin'-new FAMOUS Magazine, which launches this week at newsstands across Australia and New Zealand.

astrobarry and 'famous'… the words alone make a good match, eh?

For those of you in the lands of Oz and Kiwiville, you'll want to hurry up and grab the latest copy of FAMOUS… and every issue after that. FAMOUS is an innovative take on the celebrity weekly, written for a sharp-and-savvy readership. (Why else would they want someone like me?) The magazine combines all those guilty-pleasure lifestyle staples like gossip and shopping tips, with a quirky twist to distinguish itself from the pack with daring positivity.

My involvement with FAMOUS has been months in the making, and thank goodness for my astro-awareness or I would've gone totally bonkers with anticipation and excitement. Even before an official launch date was set, I was rather confident it'd all (finally!) come together by mid-February… once Mars was done having its plodding, perturbing way with us and moved onto to something else.

Sure enough, the timing of the launch was perfect—mid-February, like I said all along—an astro-fact which, from my privileged (or biased) point-of-view, bodes extremely well for the future success of FAMOUS.

In addition to the print publication, FAMOUS also operates an awesome website at, which will feature an additional weekly tip from yours truly. To find astrobarry at FAMOUS Online, click on the 'SPA' button, then follow the link to 'Horoscopes'. (For this week at least, clicking here should get you there.)

I celebrate this exciting professional opportunity with you, my community… for without your support, there's no conceivable way I'd have made it here. Just last April, on the eve of a solar eclipse in Aries, I put out a list of what I wanted to the universe. Number two on the list: 'I want at least one regular column-writing gig with a major publication.' Well, folks, we can check that one off the list.

Lucky for all of us, another solar eclipse in Aries is fast approaching—on Mar 29 06. Start thinking about what you want now, so you'll be all ready to set the intention when the magical eclipse window opens wide. If you need inspiration to believe, use me as your example. It's true: All you really need is a hearty combination of faith, effort and perseverance. The rest will happen as it should.

And incidentally, need I remind you how much editors of new magazines love to hear from their readers… especially with regards to how much you absolutely adore the guy who writes their horoscopes? If, due to some divine cosmic stimulation, you feel moved to let the kind darlings at FAMOUS that you're a big fan of the magazine—and of astrobarry—then perhaps you'll want to email them at A little support goes a long way.

Thanks again for the online love… right back at'cha, m'lovelies.