The Second Magic Water Triangle


This week is made of magic—at least for us heartfelt devotees of the graciously unexplainable—on account of the grand water trine that unfurls itself between Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.

For the flatly and uncompromisingly rational bunch of adamant non-believers out there… well, I'm surprised you're even reading this site at all, though I sincerely welcome all kinds. And I wouldn't expect you to notice anything unusual about your week at all—except perhaps a bit of moody incoherence, inciting you to consider alternatives to the 'plain old usuals'.

If you believe in nothing interesting, then nothing interesting is likely to happen.

Grand trines (or elegant equilateral triangles formed by three planets) are the astro-configurations most ballyhooed as 'extraordinarily lucky'… at the same time, they will not make lucky events occur. Rather, they set a super-slick stage for us to bound onto, where we can strut our stuff and strum our strings and send our soon-to-be-successes into speedier swing. These aspects aren't dynamic in themselves, though. They require us to grab the ball and run with it.

All we've got to do is begin the dash—then, it's as if our feet are enfolded in fancy jet-propelled shoes, with so much extra thrust assisting the push from a mystical source, we couldn't revert to a standstill if we tried. Of course, if we do nothing, the grand trine merely makes more nothing of it.

Water is an element that refuses to organize itself according to our rules of understanding. It wants you to awe at its elusive aptitude for seeping into every crevice, undetected… to believe in its mysterious power to unify seemingly disparate aspects of your life by hinting at surprise connections, and by leading you, for no reasonable reason at all, to take one instinctive serendipitous turn that changes everything.

But will you hear the knock when they come to deliver your sweepstakes winnings, or will the noise in your head drown out the sound of good fortune pounding at your door?

If you don't stay attuned to your surroundings, feeling your way across the landscape, you'll miss that unmarked turn off the main highway. And if you resist making a choice that builds meaning into the uncanny coincidences and odd energetic yanks, then they'll all be meaningless. (At least you can't lose anything you've chosen not to find.)

Thankfully, though, no one's requiring you to actually qualify or explain the meaning you garner. You aren't likely to possess a logical argument for doing what you feel you must. No matter. All the better, to set logic aside and play by different rules. To finesse the breaks, we needn't worry about gaining a grip on their overarching significance—just recognize our gut reactions in the moment, and act accordingly. At first, rewards may only make themselves known in the satisfaction we feel in having honored our intuition. Only later will we discover how widely the ripples from this week's choices have spread their influence.

We had another one of these grand-water-trine puppies just recently—early in May, when Mars filled the same swing slot in Cancer currently occupied by Venus. I penned a piece on this similar configuration back then… and much of what I wrote holds true in this instance, too. It's worth checking out for a more fleshed-out evocation of the grand-water-trine mood.

The main difference between May's Mars involvement in the trine and this week's presence of Venus is one of physical blatancy. Even in Cancer, Mars is far more obviously active than Venus… and far likelier to inspire actual self-initiated goings-on. Venus in Cancer would rather we call the luck to us passively, with unspoken psychic invitations and emotional entrancements. Its combination with Jupiter and Uranus aims our arresting allure toward bigger, riskier, and way weirder targets—but if we convince ourselves out of following these untraditional yearnings, no luring will occur. Mars is like a hand that grabs at what it wants; Venus is simply an open palm, waiting to be given.

Because of watery parallels with the first week in May, we may witness similar themes reiterating themselves in this week's happenings. Think back a couple months, and recall what courses of action you set into motion around that time. Anecdotal developments or results in the process of hatching are likely to make themselves more self-evident. Here's your chance to spin 'em into even wilder whirls and twirls.