Triple Delights: A Grand Water Trine


What do you get when you combine Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in a deliciously wet blend of force, grandiosity and rebelliousness?

A grand trine—or three planets making 120-degree trines to each other, to form a shapely equilateral triangle in the sky. And a golden window for making magic, which applies toward exactitude all week, with the Mars-lighting peaks on Sunday (May 7).

Not to mention a special shot of synergistic astro-magnetism, with its mammoth yank to pull your fanciest dreams into fuller being—if only you take that first daring step. (The first one's always the scariest, I swear.)

Playing along with a grand trine is like a pushing an enormous rock down a hill. The boulder would probably be way too hefty to lift even an inch off the ground without the proper equipment. But barely a gentle shove and, bless that steep slope of assistance, it'll travel far far past where you currently stand.

Thank the grand trine like you would thank gravity—without it, how could we expect to move large objects great distances while spinning around the Sun and still stay standing?

Generally, when three planets trine each other in this fashion, they're all occupying signs of the same element. In this week's case, we're talking water… which I already hyped up a few weeks back, on the occasion of Mars entering Cancer. We've been floating along, treading in, swimming through, and hopefully not sinking under a rather watery world since then, as Mars has been joined by Venus in Pisces for an all-over aqueous sensation. (Venus moves into Aries on Wednesday, May 3.)

Water demands engagement with the irrational, immaterial, instinctive, and often inconclusive innerspace of direct emotional experience. There are no guidelines for managing its misty meanderings and gushing torrents. There is no logic to riding its currents and waves. All we can do is meet it as it is, while it comes, and where it takes us. Our feelings are the only clues we get as to yes or no, this way or that, painfully wrong or oh-so-delectably right.

Life is a tactile testing-ground. We only learn what works for us by how it feels. Such earned emotional wisdom cannot be taught—though it is at the heart of creating miracles with this grand water trine.

For those who rely too heavily on intellect, practical materiality or impulsive action, the secret ingredient of innate sensitivity goes lost. These folks could walk right past the cauldron of every heart's desires and miss it completely… in a rush to get 'there' (where?), trapped inside a brain crammed with lightweight details, obsessing over what tasks need to get done.

To intuitively know answers and truths by how they feel requires enough calm, quiet openness to notice the signs… the faith to believe they're meaningful… and ample humility so, if intuition goes against what the ego wants, you're willing to hand intuition the steering-wheel, sit back, and enjoy the trip.

Mars in Cancer is the ideal intuitive chauffeur, speeding up and slowing down and altering course based on the subtlest unspoken shifts in tide and perspective. He may be moody, but that's just the flipside of responsive. Mars forms his trines to both Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces, the two mighty lords of expansion and innovation who goad him on to take the wilder ride, off the beaten track, into the far pastures, with the higher risks, and the much greater rewards.

Jupiter and Uranus have been involved in a longer-term trine, which first picked up steam back in Nov 05 and continues through Sep 06. This rabble-rouser combination amplifies our crazy desires to clear our own alternate paths through the bushes, rather than following the heavier-trafficked roads paved by official government agencies. It yells 'timber!' at the top of its lungs, then chops down that tree of tradition worshipped by narrow-minded snivelers everywhere. Together, Jupiter and Uranus want so badly to see us soar to new heights—at the expense of stifling safety, peer approval and dogmatic limitation.

At the first peak of the Jupiter-Uranus trine in November, we weren't in the best position to heed its call… remember how that grand cross, which pitted Mars-forever-in-Taurus against Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune in crunching squares, held us trapped in place? That is so over now. Everything we wished we could've accomplished back then is ours for the taking now, thanks to Mars completing the triangle and propelling it along.

Whatever it is… if it feels right, please do it this week. Your results will feed off themselves, into a heightened flow of blossoming fruition, with absolutely no limits. No one will force you to take advantage of this magic moment. If you let it pass, it'll pass without a peep.

The only danger with this grand water trine, alas, is allowing your feelings to run away with themselves, lapsing over the border between 'sensitive' and 'hysterical'. Yes, it's definitely possible to invite too much water—taking on others' shit, refusing to 'get real' with your responsibilities, and fixating a moment's caution into an outright attack of paranoia. The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus mix can detach you from others, if you lose yourself in a hermetically sealed bubble of self-referential emotion. When in doubt, get out of isolation and connect with someone you trust—preferably someone on a different, more grounded wavelength.

Other than that, the week's astrology is a dream come true. First, we've got to have the dream. Then, we've got to act toward making it true. After that, the trining planets will fill in the blanks.