Links to Other Sites

It's true— isn't the only website in my life.

I like to visit other sites, too. And so I've created this resource page, to share with you my suggestions for other Internet destinations you might enjoy exploring.

If it's on this short list, you know I love it…

FAMOUS Magazine
An exciting new celebrity weekly, giving readers in Australia and New Zealand a feast of gossip, shopping and lifestyle must-haves… and home to my famous horoscopes. Check me out in the 'Spa' section of FAMOUS Online, for an additional weekly astro-tip.

The Sacred Well
Welcome to the enchanted world of Jessica Rabbit—wisewoman, healer, and tarot goddess extraordinaire. Her work combines intellect and intuition, mixes it with a dash of wit and a heaping tablespoon of laughter, and serves it up sizzling for your spiritual nourishment. Simply put, she's amazing. And you'll find me at her sacred space in the Oakland/Berkeley area every Friday, for consultations and other astrological good times. Come over and visit!

Mystic Medusa
The myth… the magic… the Mystic mama herself! Australia's favorite astrological ambassador, and a truly one-of-a-kind personality. I'm forever grateful for her support, and am happy to return the favor. Check out her inventive daily scopes and her endlessly engaging 'Mediatrix' astro-blog. Astrology for the 21st Century
A mecca for serious inquiry into the union of astrology and cultural analysis, full of essays and forecasts from brainy astrologer Bill Streett. His comprehensive introduction to depth-oriented astrology (in the 'Learn Astrology' section) will inspire anyone to think more deeply, novices and experts alike.

Astrodienst (
Not only an excellent international resource for learning more about astrology, including lots of good stuff from world-renowned astrologer Liz Greene… but also the best place on the Web for free natal charts.
A great place to hone your astrological prowess in the most hands-on manner—by looking at charts, and reading others' analyses of them. Every other week, posts the chart and biography of a current newsworthy headline-maker. Then, astrologers from around the world write in to comment on the chart. On alternate weeks, the site features research studies.
When you want to learn more about the astronomical side of things, click over here. This site also includes a storehouse of amazing photos of phenomena that are truly out of this world.