Horoscopes | Week of May 29-June 4, 2017

ARIES (March 21-April 19): By the time this week's in the can, you'll no longer have Venus batting expressly for your team, Aries. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be so newsworthy, but because this year Venus has been all up in your kool-aid (through all of February and March, and again since late April), you've maybe grown somewhat accustomed to possessing that certain panache which this benefic blessing-giver provides. With the astro-tides now a-turnin', your focus should probably start to correspondingly swing away from expecting to spark up outward opportunities and interpersonal advantages… and toward restabilizing your footing (so as to integrate recent advances back into the existing fabric of sustainability), as well as confronting any sharp emotional responses you might be experiencing as a result of everything that's happened since February or so. But before any of that transpires, you'll host this week's Venus-Uranus conjunction in your 1st—the perfect call for any latter-day plunges, departures, or gambles you haven't yet pulled the cord on. Since you've still got Venus in your sign this one last week, your self-assertions have a better chance of being agreeably (if not also startlingly) received.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In a very exciting turn-of-events for you, Taurus, your ruling benefit-bestower Venus is headed back to your sign early next week. After Venus has taunted you with maybes, could've-beens, and other 12th-house uncertainties for a good chunk of '17 so far, I expect the return to its earthiest happy-place will be a significant aid in your finally being able to reap tangible fruits from the seeds you've sown earlier this year… as well as to attract new opportunities, fresh social inputs, and a renewed spring in your step. But before that begins, you must still make it through this week, which includes Venus's still-in-your-12th conjunction with wild-card Uranus. The 'granting everyone else huge latitudes of freedom' clause should remain in effect, especially because your first perception of others' unexpected, irrational-seeming, and/or just-plain-nutty actions might miss an angle that's oddly and/or indirectly favorable to your interests… though you could muck that up by hastily responding as if it's all an unqualified disaster. On the upside, by staying out of the excitement (except to shield yourself from exposure), you may find that holding the observer's perspective yields you an 'aha!' moment.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Don't overthink it, Gemini. Who exactly you'd most like to presently align yourself or collaborate with, to join forces on common interests and/or revel in one another's company, should be pretty obvious to you by now… not even necessarily because you've had to make an outright decision about it (though, if certain folks' behaviors have turned you off, it'd make sense to deliberately veer away from them), but simply due to how recent months' developments have naturally shaken out. Move towards this new social reality, without regrets or attachments. You needn't second-guess the evidence, nor wallow in guilt about it. This is the logical result of how you've all most recently evolved… and though you must accept that's how it is now, there's no telling what future chapters might bring. That last part is reason enough not to torch every last inch of ground, even when a 'clean break' is probably warranted. As an aside, I wouldn't start discussing allegiance shifts or bust-ups until next week. Even then, you might still need a few moments to thoroughly feel and appreciate the benefits of moving on.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): With the ongoing activity in your career zone (and/or on the public stage) now at a certain climax—in a way that may ultimately benefit you, Cancer, more than is immediately apparent—your principal order of business is to not prematurely react in response to any major development's initial impact. The astrology's changing in a big way between this week and next... perhaps most notably for you, with the departure of Mars from a dubious 12th-house spot and its corresponding arrival to your 1st on Sunday (Jun 4), a move which ought to thankfully restore your ability to make adroit assertions-of-personal-will. This kicks off a six-week period in which it's finally your turn to take firmer control over the course of events affecting you, expose your personal desires, and/or push back against anyone who's sought to overpower you. (Mars-in-your-1st will also add a certain edge to your outward personality, which could ruffle others' feathers if you're not careful.) Therefore, it would really make no sense to push forward any deed, mark, or retaliation this week—no matter what's happening around you. Timing's so critical at moments like this, as one scene gives way to another.


LEO (July 23-August 22): This is a good time to let everyone know what to expect from you in the weeks ahead, Leo. For some, the news will be surprising or even upsetting, if they somehow have a much different impression of what you (ahem) 'should' be doing. For others, it'll provide an excellent opportunity to reaffirm your mutual affinity and/or swap notes or stories about your experiences and hopes. And for all parties whose lives overlap with yours, this should serve as a preparatory warning that you may be less available to them (or perhaps altogether absent) for the coming while, as you pursue your next leg of the journey… based radically on whatever's most strongly compelling to you, though it might temporarily (or more extensively) pull you away from others. While I'm making this advice sound like a simple matter of informing folks as to your intentions, please realize that maintaining fairly firm interpersonal boundaries may prove essential to your not getting sucked into others' weird trips, panicky cautions, or attention-seeking manipulations. What's right for you isn't up for negotiation or debate, though. You already know where you're headed; you're just getting ready to set off.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): To be blunt, you'll find it remarkably different to continue along with your driving passion, purpose, or calling, Virgo… unless you crack wide open any confining relational condition or self-imposed servitude to another party's pressures or rules, which would otherwise restrict your freedom to pursue what's yours with as much gusto as it demands. But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. You've been grappling with this for months already. Only, now, your excuses have run out. The new road is opening up as we speak, providing you a restorative blend of shrewd goal-minded ingenuity, attention-grabbing social confidence, and vision-affirming positivity that'll support your efforts over the weeks to come. If anything's standing in your way, it's likely directly related to your emotion-laden refusal to prioritize an embrace of this self-driven agenda over and above your deference to such a restrictive involvement. The built-up tensions must be broken, if they haven't been already. After that, any number of novel possibilities—with or without that 'other party', for better or for worse—could come to pass. Until then, though, 'what comes next' is merely an increasingly bumpier version of that same familiar road.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): It would be simply unreasonable to spend any more time pussyfooting around any staid, stale, or self-limiting relational dynamics which have loomed in an unformed, still-up-for-debate, or apparently irresolvable state since your year began, Libra. This week's astrology—which features the 7th-house conjunction to Uranus that Venus has been threatening to make for a few months now—clearly bespeaks of moving ahead, whether together with that certain someone or on your own. Looking forward, your best advantages will come from either really getting further into this partnership (based on a clear-cut decision that, yes, you're willing to risk a predictable semblance of security to see what else is possible for you) or starting to deal with the hairier consequences of not continuing down this road (because, rather than straddling this fence indefinitely, you know you must carry on with your own life). 'In-between' solutions, on the other hand, are unlikely to solve anything. Besides, come next week, you'll greet an essential energetic pivot requiring you to concentrate more intently on career- and/or public-world-related activities… and less on going around and around (and around?) about this same interpersonal ambivalence, anxiety, or angst.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): A cresting of 'what's next?' energy is on its way, Scorpio… to hopefully lift you out from any quicksand-like holding-patterns, mud-puddle mess-meddlings, and/or other up-close-and-personal entanglements that have so stubbornly dominated your recent attention. For functionality's sake, you'll just have to come up with some breakthrough solution or improvised fix that'll put it to bed (if not permanently, then through this next chapter or two) so you can ride the approaching wave of inspiration without this psychic drag hanging over your shoulder. Don't worry so much about evening the score with certain strong-personality characters, trying to stake your claim, or getting to the bottom of a dynamic between you which hasn't been working (to your liking, at least). Get the logistical situation moving first. Then, you can loop back around to address the lingering interpersonal issues next week and beyond, once Venus is in your 7th to grease the relational gears for a smoother flow—if, that is, you're still interested in doing so. Once the 'what's next?' swell hits, you might not give nearly as much of a fuck about whatever's felt so damn important… because you'll be enthusiastically into something else.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): It's a prime moment for a romantic leap-of-faith, a creative renaissance, or a childlike reconnection with some simple life-pleasure, Sagittarius… and it's on you to pull your desired companion(s) along for the ride. Presuming you've selected company who suits your preferences, you should expect the other person to thoroughly enjoy the freshening fun you've shown them—and to accordingly express their thanks for your having taken the initiative. Soon enough, in fact, their appreciative interest may intensify, so please ready yourself for that (and if it's not what you're wanting, you might wish to reconsider just how strongly to come on and/or whether your intentions are sufficiently clear). If, however, a certain someone feels more like you're trying to drag them somewhere they'd rather not go, you could receive an unpleasant or antagonistic attitude (based, perhaps, in distaste for the devil-may-care presumptuousness they perceive in you?) that'll only be exacerbated by any attempt to defend yourself. At least it should be obvious that they're not into what you're offering. But will you attempt to win them back over? Heart-to-heart conversations would be better reserved for next week.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Spend one more week diligently toiling away, Capricorn, to gain yourself one more major leap of progress on that collection of little to-do items while Mars is still in your 6th. And as you're whistling while you work like a champ, continue to maintain relative independence… not only from others' interjections and intrusions, but also from any expectation of receiving recognition or approval for your efforts from them. This isn't meant to imply they aren't appreciative (or, for that matter, that they are), merely that you mustn't be looking for your sense of affirmation from anyone other than your inner protector-figure. Let's remember part of your ongoing (ahem) metaphysical work is to establish better boundaries with past versions of you, so you aren't mindlessly rerunning that tired script in which you seek to please a finicky authoritarian who's rarely impressed with your impressive deeds. On Sunday (Jun 4), Mars moves into your 7th—the one-on-one relationship house—ushering in a broader shift in astro-temperature that won't allow this level of autonomy to persist, whether because you have to deal with a certain someone or you just can't help yourself.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Just enjoy people for who they are, Aquarius. You'll be able to pull that off much more successfully, by the way, if you're not counting on getting anything in particular from any certain person. Every conversational turn, casual aside, and interjection of a stranger's voice becomes a happy surprise. Even those sentiments which offend your sensibilities could be considered a 'happy surprise', in terms of providing you some new glimpse (if only as a cautionary tale) into the varieties of human nature… and even better if you spy a complicating hint of sympathetic vulnerability behind their repellent behavior, for being able to recognize the humanity in everybody (no exceptions) is central to positively touching the lives of those distinctly different from us. But so we're clear, I'm not suggesting your drop all your reservations and warmly embrace all who you come across, as if boundaries aren't necessary interpersonal tools for self-protection. The flip-side of keenly knowing that not all people are 'our people' (by affinity, community, or tribe) is treating all the rest with enough respectful interest so we come to better understand their place in the world… albeit from an arm's-length distance.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Just so we're clear, Pisces, you're worth what you say you're worth… not merely what those who'd judge you on absurd projections, misguided assumptions, or some out-of-date idea of who you used to be might posit. But it's also your job to correct any erroneous conceptions and calculations, by presenting as someone far more daringly capable than they'd probably consider you to be if you didn't put yourself in front of their face, beaming both readiness and interest. Align yourself with what I'm telling you prior to attempting to convince anyone else of anything. You should probably spend this week burning through whatever hidden resentments, envies, or aggravations have recently been stirred up, rather than diving into a reinvigorated sales-pitch… giving yourself a chance to reestablish a bit more inner peace (if not with the feelings themselves, then at least with the wisdom that these specific emotional fluctuations need not be used as an excuse to shoot down your confidence across all other areas of life). With the astrological transitions now in progress, you'll soon experience a lifting of this recent behind-closed-doors angst, along with a new mental framework for making better sense of it.