Horoscopes | Week of November 21-27, 2016

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Whether you're aware of it or not, Aries, you're presently sitting on an uncommon measure of power to spread your message far, to influence the opinions of important figures and/or the public-at-large… and, in the process, to establish a commendable impression of yourself in the eyes of those able to either assist your rise or, if they so choose, keep you under their thumb. Please treat this powerful status with the sober-minded intent it warrants, and go the extra length to make sure you understand precisely what you're saying—and all the moral implications which logically ripple out from it—before letting the words leave your mouth and impact your reputation forevermore. Considering the reception you'd likely get from those who might not see the situation quite as you do, but who nonetheless will be impacted by whatever response you and the other players agree upon, will help you convey your thoughts in a fairer, more disarming tone. Don't, however, go so far as to actively kowtow to them if it'll water down the substance which informs your stand. Tell it as you see it, without wavering on the value-position you're taking… but do it with awareness of your responsibility to hold space for all involved parties, dialing down any self-righteous impulses accordingly.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Acknowledge the now-escalated tension, Taurus, between (1) staunchly holding to your driving ethics and (2) compromising on certain details in order to effectively perform some job relevant to the greater mission. Not everyone you must work with to meet this duty will agree with you on all principle-points of your overall vision, naturally… not because they are stuck in their thinking or don't know any better or are somehow 'bad' people, but simply due to their vastly-different lived histories. That is how most folks develop their worldviews: A series of direct experiences (including, for pretty much all of us, traumas) leads to us drawing conclusions about 'how life works', which continue to be proven right as long as we then use those very self-fulfilling conclusions to bestow meaning onto our ongoing experience. That's where your ethics come from, and that's how those who seem 'not to get it' developed theirs. I'm not telling you to curb your passionate devotion to your ethical framework (though it's always useful to delve deeply into what personal feelings inform it), for we need individuals willing to positively stand for something. But to get this particular task accomplished, you may have to broker a difficult reconciliation with a person or entity unlikely to ever share your particular stake in this matter.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If it's complicated, confusing, and/or just a little bit scary (not 'dark-and-ominous scary', but 'stretching-my-comfort-zone scary'), then you're probably doing it right, Gemini. Conversely, if you feel you can barely tolerate the uncertainty or discomfort, and are thus seeking to alleviate it as quickly as possible with some swift flick-of-the-wrist, you may want to think twice about what's motivating you to cut off your appropriate consideration of these continuing complexities. This is not the time to back away from what needs to be said, whether you're the one who absolutely has to say it or the one who'd damn well better listen. In fact, being completely frank about the truth of your experience—but not padding it with superfluous amounts of qualification or justification, which would only blunt the impact of what's really important—is presently the critical task on your plate, if you're indeed serious about meeting your ongoing interpersonal work (courtesy of Saturn in your 7th) head-on. All the rewards of deepening intimacy are sitting right there, waiting for you to claim them by simply being in this complicated, confusing, and/or just-a-little-bit-scary place along with this other character (who's likely hosting their own panoply of uncomfortable emotions, totally distinct from yours)… regardless of where it all eventually ends up.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): As far as your work tasks and/or other vital duties are concerned, Cancer, certain firm-and-decisive answers must be reached in order to move things along. Waffling on the approach or refusing to commit to at least some plan-of-attack (even if you have to alter it somewhere down the line) will only incrementally damage your attitude toward the matter-at-hand (which must stay 'can-do' if you wish to, ahem, be capable of effective 'doing'). On the interpersonal level—which would apply to both work-oriented collaborations and more personal one-on-one pairings—you have an auspicious invitation to reinforce the potency of your connection, further empowering yourself within the relational dynamics, through radical disclosure of your motives, fears, and/or desires. Contrary to what you might've told yourself, pointedly sharing psychological vulnerabilities won't make you appear weak. It's liable to have the opposite effect, actually… provided, that is, you take accountability for how your particular complexes (and we've all got 'em) are operating in your life, without performing victimhood or adding other self-indulgent hyperbole to your story. The clearer idea you can give another person about everything you're nursing inside of you when you show up to your encounter with them, the more fully they'll be able to meet you where you are.


LEO (July 23-August 22): You've presently got a real promising chance to advantageously overhaul your approach to everyday work and/or health routines, Leo. The first step is to overcome any kneejerk tendencies to demonize the experience of facing up to what has to get done… and, rather than bowing to dread before you've even earnestly invested much effort in at least trying to do your best, greeting the slate of to-dos with an expectation that you might actually enjoy the sensation of being productive. This feeds right into the second step, which entails responsibly expressing your intentions to and/or asking for feedback from other concerned participants… but limiting the amount of discussion to only what's pertinent to the task-at-hand, and not mistaking talk for action. Under this astrology, there is an amplified risk of squandering your productive promise on lots of chitchat that makes everyone feel good (perhaps you most of all) but ultimately accomplishes relatively little. Even chatting too much about the future direction of this very work could be too abstract—and thus too far removed from what's immediately in front of you—to prove productive. Try out your methodological ideas now, in the workshop of mundane real-life, instead of just pondering them as theoreticals.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): The true answer to whatever question currently weighs on your mind will not be found by reworking the data, conducting further analysis from another angle, or seeking more input, Virgo. This truth resides in your heart—and, if you truly look at what's contained therein, you'll recognize it's rather unambiguously straightforward and, as such, not particularly vulnerable to corrective logic. So, if you don't like and/or are struggling to accept that truth, are you intending to use your rational mind to attempt to convince your heart to change its answer? Or perhaps a better follow-up question: Why would you argue with yourself over what your heart wants? Who taught you that so-called 'practical' concerns must necessarily override emotional well-being? If we flip around the priority-ranking of these life-considerations, we could argue that actively seeking to gratify the heart's desires will ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and happiness… which then puts us in a more secure position to capably meet our life's practical demands, since we'll have both our heart and our mind to draw from for inspiration and comfort. Perhaps this is the same balance you've already been striving to attain, only the order of the terms is reversed…?


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Don't say any more than you need to say to convey your point, get the business accomplished, and/or express your requisite tidings of sincere goodwill, Libra… all of which should take up the bulk of any conversation, thus alleviating any temptation to overstep the bounds of the particular context, share more about yourself than whoever's in front of you really needs to know, or spread gossip (talk shit?) about other people or situations when you probably shouldn't be. If you're mindful about following this advice, you ought to be able to succeed at it just fine considering everything I told you last week remains in effect. On the other hand, you mustn't avoid conversations you'd really rather not have, if another person is depending on you to dutifully play your part, so they may receive the feedback, answer, and/or pep-talk from you they need to continue with what they're doing. Besides suiting this week's Mercury-Saturn conjunction, these suggestions are meant to support you in seeking your own inner calm away from both the demands and temptations associated with incessant interpersonal interaction. You'll be happier if you meet your actual social obligations like a champ (no ducking out), but reserve all the rest of your energy for your own private purposes.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): You're certainly artful enough to 'sell' someone on the virtues of together addressing that awkward-but-crucial topic, Scorpio, without baldly announcing your intention to 'sell' anyone on anything. This most-effective artfulness is centered in your innate insight into the human condition, which affords you an unparalleled capacity to tap into others' motivating fears and desires… and to speak to them in a manner that seeks an underlying connection with their psychic core first, rather than coolly shocking them with a headfirst dive into uncomfortable territory. In other words, though you may have fairly practical aims in what you'd hope to accomplish from closing this 'sale', the tactic essential for success will be relational in its approach, person to person, each respecting one another's life-defining motives, feeling into each other's words, sharing a zone of full interactive presence. You are uniquely well-equipped to carry out this mode of deeply present interaction. But is this the most efficient way to communicate over pressing matters? Obviously not, which thus presents your greatest risk: cutting too quickly to the functional chase, dispensing with the time-consuming interpersonal investment because you're trying to 'keep things moving', and allowing this impatience to unsettle or upset the folks whose support you genuinely need.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): This week is something of a test, Sagittarius, demonstrating how impeccably you can put forth your point. Can you come out with an unqualified statement of your core understanding or approach without pandering to what's popular, knowing that inordinate efforts made to win the consensus favor could otherwise cost you a certain self-securing foothold? Can you present an operative distillation of your thoughts (rather than freeflowing with any-and-every sentiment that happens to cross your brain that moment), strategically intended to further a particular aim or offer a decisive opinion... and effectively resist the impulse to veer off-message, no matter what diversion is tossed out at you? If you're able to carefully navigate yourself within that channel between politically-diluted feelgood rhetoric and excessive self-indulgent pontification, you will effectively prove your communicative prowess—and the world (or the relevant sector of it) will know exactly what you believe on this given matter, which then enables them to respond to your beliefs on their own merit. Stray outside that channel in either direction, and they'll likelier be responding to whichever of your distractions-of-personality overshadowed the message itself.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): The key to 'cashing in'—however that may apply in your case, Capricorn, and not necessarily economically speaking—is to take the long view, as opposed to jumping in with a fiery response that's more about immediate emotional release than a judicious, self-serving endgame. Meanwhile, your now-expanding success is partly dependent upon you modeling a tempered, conciliatory posture on the public stage… but don't go overboard with these efforts to make a harmonious impression if, in a moment of sympathetic sociability, you bargain away your quiet right to self-determination. Your capacity to hold a graceful-and-gracious reservedness, both in what you say and how you say it, will place you in the winning position. Please note, however, this 'winning position' will not appear too obvious, particularly in light of the more flagrant or spectacular shows of action being carried out all around you, by those who aren't adopting (and/or aren't capable of adopting) such carefully-calculated reserve. Looking to others' showily bombastic tactics as inspiring examples for your own, therefore, would be ill-advised.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Take strength in your private rituals, practices, and beliefs, Aquarius, rather than expecting to find enough encouragement or affirmation out in the world to thoroughly feed your spirit. This counsel isn't meant to suggest the outside world is totally devoid of all tokens-of-support… but because so much bold action continues to be demanded of you right now (i.e., you've still got four more weeks of hosting Mars in your sign), you must draw upon your own hidden reserves of persistence, faith, and higher calling in order to maximize this potential to achieve major strides-in-progress. Though it'd be helpful to your self-determination to contextualize this moment within some consciously articulated perspective-model of evolutionary purpose, please simultaneously accept there are certain limits to how comprehensively you can understand anything that's currently going on. You may hold generalized directional convictions, but you don't—you can't—actually know 'what it all means'. Remember that, then, in advance of speaking aloud about what you're up to (if you must 'speak aloud' about it at all). Even as your present efforts require unflinching courage and boldness, you should probably describe them only in fairly prudent, discreet, unremarkable terms… at least for now.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Huddle close to those who are proven friends, allies, or like-minded comrades in your cause, Pisces, relying on this solidarity as an inconspicuous-but-potent beacon which illuminates your authentic 'place in the world'. In order to take full advantage of the promising evolutionary potentials now available to you, you'll have to bravely wade into contestable territory… meaning you mustn't assume the individuals and/or entities whose participation alongside you is an essential piece to what's most 'promising' necessarily have a mindset or worldview similar to yours, or that they even have your best interests at heart. Sometimes, to secure a coveted foothold or collect on a profitable benefit, we've got to collaborate with folks who aren't 'our people'. But to do so wisely (and self-protectively) is to be aware that their tactics or motives could involve undue levels of persuasion, playing to your psychological soft-spots, and/or deploying intimate knowledge of you to tug at your heartstrings. Remembering who your proven friends, allies, and comrades are—and not falling under anyone else's persuasive spell—is critical to understanding the position which best serves you. Don't offer statements or agree to anything you wouldn't be proud to have your trustiest peeps witness and sign off on.