Horoscopes | Week of October 12-18, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Please keep working at a decent clip, Aries… cleaning up all the disarrayed remnants from tasks you'd hurried to complete a few weeks or months (or years!) ago, sorting through the piles of undifferentiated assignments so you can organize them in order of present urgency, filling in the blanks of missing information, and/or doing away with any psychically-disconcerting detritus from past incarnations-gone-by. If there's no clear relation between this continuing call-to-industriousness and the current demands of your professional situation, this advice applies just as resoundingly to the other duties you're charged with (such as household de-cluttering or other support-chores)… and especially so with regards to any bodily-health initiatives or commitments (e.g., nutritional overhauls, fitness programs, habit resets) which warrant your rededicated attention. Because all such demands are relatively plain (in terms of how much essential instruction is called for) and merely require straightforward effort, very little interpersonal negotiation or discussion is needed (other than updating involved players on what you're up to). This provides you a chance to practice cutting conversations short, with just enough explanation so nobody takes your efficiency-minded focus personally… and without coming off irritable.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Be a lover, Taurus, with every ounce of your adoring being. Love what you're doing, and who you're doing it with. Love your body, with all of its marvelous distinguishing marks. Love this place, that plate of food, these words I've lovingly written to you as a reflection of my unique self… and return my favor to the universe, our sacred well of heartfelt expression, by sharing your own loving words as paeans to everyone and anything you adore. This is more than your standard practice of conveying gratitude as a self-serving means to a better mood, but a representation of what is right and proper in the world, a profoundly impactful belief-system it's hard for anybody to argue against. Please don't, however, become so intoxicated with impudently trumpeting an All-is-One message of universal love that you actually offend someone (the exact opposite effect of what you'd presumably be intending to inspire) by accidentally erasing the specificity of their experience, glossing over the nuanced ways in which your heartfelt gesture doesn't speak for them, and/or disregarding the inconvenient reason why they might be upset. Offset that possibility by forthrightly situating yourself in the center of your lovefest, rather than infringing on others' rights to not feel so damned loving right about now… or insinuating they should feel any other way than how they in fact do.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Nobody would fault you, Gemini, if you opted to stay home more than your usual social-butterfly self generally prefers. Perhaps there's something going on there—a televisual binge-watch compulsion, a domestic project you're really into, enhanced appreciation for the comfortable furnishings, an engaging houseguest, renewed connectedness with housemates or family-members, a simple need for more rest—which calls your attention. Or maybe it's your inflamed spirit which would rather not bear so much exposure to the chancy variables other people bring with them, knowing you're in the midst of some emotionally irrational (though not without its purpose or meaning) moment, leaving you likely to behave in a reactive manner not directly about whoever else is present but nonetheless liable to ruffle their feathers anyway. It's true that, under this prominent 4th-house emphasis, your responses are more prone to be both highly subjective in nature and exaggerated in scope. But we don't necessarily want you to suppress whatever emotionality gushes forth, since its emanation will tell you a lot about which unprocessed issues still beg to be detangled and dealt with. That's why it serves you to sequester yourself somewhere safe, snug, and supportive… so you can feel however you feel, indulge your private pleasures, and enjoy a stretch of being left alone. (Just make sure to apprise anyone who needs to know your whereabouts, rather than disappearing on 'em.)


CANCER (June 21-July 22): 'Making peace' need not mean you've attained a mutually lucid agreement regarding the issues or ideals which disrupted the peace to begin with, Cancer. Sometimes, what's demanded is simply an appreciation of the diversity of human experiences and attitudes… and a sincere readiness to grant all individuals their fair space to follow decisions which may obey a logic coherent to them (and, then again, may not) but doesn't exactly sensibly compute according to your calculations. I encourage you to consider ways you might instigate a coming-back-together by proactively taking a step that reestablishes or reaffirms contact, but without necessarily picking back up in the middle of the originally-inciting conversation. In fact, you shouldn't feel obliged to mention the specifics of any prior friction at all—unless the other person insists upon bringing it up first, and especially if they allege your initiated reaching-out represents some sort of implicit admission on your part that they were right (and, naturally, you were wrong). It doesn't have to go there unless they take it there… in which case, you then must reassert your truth (as concisely and consistent-with-prior-versions as possible) enough so they can't get away with misrepresenting it, but still with the intention that this one disagreement needn't spawn a lasting divide, though they might feel differently.


LEO (July 23-August 22): As you progress through this 'prove you're serious' moment, Leo, you mustn't be reluctant to pursue the practical compensation (monetary as well as other more nuanced rewards) you deserve. There ought to be a direct equivalence between how intently-and-intelligently you work and how much material security you receive for these earnest efforts. If the present balance is off, you can work more intently-and-intelligently (hopefully within the sightlines of those who sign the checks), and/or you can make your already-commensurate efforts more noticeable and obviously-of-worth. In terms of the relevant communications, be conversational rather than demanding: Nonchalantly describe the various productive goings-on of your given workday, emphasizing your confident grasp over the duties which fall on your lap, coming off tirelessly busy but not overwhelmed or bitter. Where you might be apt to go wrong, however, is in neglecting to considerately factor in the emotional circumstances of any other party involved in such negotiations. While, to your thinking, this may be a piece of plain business, you must address it jointly with this other individual… who, despite their role in relation to you, is still just a living-and-breathing human being, with all the psychological fluctuations and quirks that come with it.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Please keep riding this epic wave of unapologetic self-interest, Virgo, as it carries your efforts farther and wider on its astrological momentum than they'd otherwise travel. You may not even be fully alert to just how robust and forceful your influence presently is, as if one modest fingertip's touch of the control-panel can cause stunning fireworks to burst off or a whole building to implode. For somebody who's typically more humbly nondescript in presentation and more fastidious with your external deeds, you're wielding a more conspicuous and commanding power-tool than you're accustomed to handling…. and you'll want to be sure you know where you're aiming it, as well as what amplified magnitude-of-impact to expect. Should you underestimate your potentially intimidating strength and/or overwhelm a situation with greater brunt than it warrants, you might not become immediately wise to what's transpired. That's because of this week's Venus-Neptune opposition, an aspect which often smoothes over relational disharmony to the point of overidealized agreeability—potentially at the expense of a realistic take on the actual dynamics. That is, should you overpower someone else (consciously or not) with what you want, they're liable to just let you have it your way… even if they're displeased with the outcome, and/or with you personally.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Your most-favored activity for the week ahead, Libra, would probably be referred to as anticipating… supplemented, for those of you who want a little something more to sink your teeth into, with a side-dish of unforced planning (the type likelier to inspire curiosities or daydreams than anxieties or insecurities). With both Venus and Mars still in the holding-tank of your solar 12th another few weeks, you're not quite at the stage where you can reliably manifest your intentions into tangible form—though that doesn't mean you're totally without the capacity to do anything to support your goals. For the time being, though, 'doing something' is best practiced on the level of consciousness rather than the earthly plane. You'll want to connect your mental machinations to the powerful energy-generator which is your heart, actively fostering belief in the fledgling-though-still-formless existence of what's next… seeds which will only start shooting sprouts at their rightful moment, and only if consistently tended to with sacred encouragement. Corny though this all might sound, such an alignment really is presently the shrewdest way to direct your energy. Meanwhile, deploy your communicative charm to keep everyone else at arm's-length from this holy incubation chamber, guarding those tender egg-babies with distancing pleasantries.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Fix your sight on what's popular, Scorpio… not because anyone would ever accuse you of blindly following the crowd or pretending to be somebody you're not just to fit in, but because it strongly behooves you to be aware of all the current trends circulating amongst those who do what you do. It's crucial you really understand how your distinguishing style either dovetails or diverges with what your most successful colleagues (or are they competitors?) are bringing forth, so you can smartly foreground what makes you unique and, at the same time, what qualifies you as rightfully competent in comparison to the others. One consideration you mustn't leave out, however, is the matter of how you want your distinctive imprint to be. You could analyze the marketplace or the community's need, identify the most glaring opportunities to exploit an underdeveloped niche, and/or eyeball who is likeliest to be a great supporter or a formidable opponent… but none of the positioning data matters if it orients you in a direction not ultimately grounded in personal desire. For now, you remain in no position to outwardly express any defining rhetoric which might prematurely misrepresent you, unwittingly invite the ire of threatened peers, and/or set you off on unsure footing. Keep collecting data on what everyone else is up to, intermixing it with your personal creative visions, and holding off on any big public announcements for a bit longer.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): In your currently-in-progress ascent to that coveted external-world benchmark, Sagittarius, you must take care not to overshoot your target. Such a tactical misstep might involve overvaluing the importance of a certain step taken (i.e., expecting it to work miracles when it merely addresses one modest facet), inadvertently dishonoring the appropriate chain of command (even if innocently due to your unreserved enthusiasm), applying overkill methods to items which require a more delicate touch, and/or neglecting to realize just how loudly and boisterously your actions speak for themselves. All these symptoms of potential excess (and other like them) are indicative of this week's Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your 10th, an exaggeratory influence on all your professional and/or public-zone moves, causing them to hit the audience (and, perhaps, a particularly important figure) with greater ado than perhaps you intend or, conversely, to seem more impressive to you than others would likely affirm. Though this remains a generally favorable moment in career/outside-world matters, the astrological goading could create some perceptual distortions. Your best countermeasure: staying in regular communication with your network of trusted peers, those you can ask for honest (maybe even corrective) feedback and who'll give it, without envy-driven takedowns or blandly unhelpful pandering.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Just because you're ready to turn the page to the next chapter, Capricorn, to move on to some new destination or fresh purpose that'll leave you feeling like you're making the most of this opportunity to learn and grow, that doesn't necessarily mean your fellow participants are as soundly convinced… nor that they even understand what's ending or beginning, what you're moving toward or leaving behind, and/or what premise is guiding your distinction between past and future. Though you may be prepared to lead—and they, perhaps, to follow, as soon as they better comprehend your foundational thinking—you must first build a bit more conversational trust, so anyone who'd seek inspiration or explanation can rely on your willingness to walk 'em through the grand plan, step by step, all presumptions dissected and demystified. If you find yourself stuck on some haughty judgment of another player (because, damn, why can't you presume them to know a fair amount of what you now must spell out? and why can't they figure anything out for themselves?), please remove personalities from the equation… and, instead, realize your leadership success rests on how clearly and comprehensively you relay information, a prudent practice which will save you future snares and muddles you can't even conceive of at this stage.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Just so we're clear, Aquarius, the situation you now find yourself in isn't supposed to be crystal-clear, cut-and-dry, or casual. If you're having a challenging go at trying to reconcile all the moving pieces—and the opinionated player(s) who continue to move these pieces this, that, and the other way—then, yes, you're probably appropriately engaged in this process. Without a doubt, there's a gamble involved: You're wagering a relatively secure self-containment for something more… and though it remains uncertain exactly what you'd be giving up and what you can expect to gain, you have the guiding sense you'll end up with a richer (if not more complicated) existence by proceeding further this direction. Considering all those unknowns, then, it makes sense to feel vexed or disconcerted by how many details are undeniably out of your control (or at least your full control)… though, I must add, this unsettled sensation also provides you an opportunity to build interpersonal intimacy with those sharing this experience with you, if you're open to disclosing the ins and outs of your psychological responses. Be very suspicious of yourself, however, should you suddenly decide you've answered all the questions and resolved all the dilemmas and are ready to proceed onward, full steam ahead. At this juncture, alleged certainty merely serves as a cover for underlying panic.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): With a continued emphasis on your relationship patterns now being further punctuated by this week's Venus-Neptune opposition across your 7th/1st, Pisces, you're either (1) in your best spot yet for receiving heartening responses to any active attempts made toward getting more of what you want from a partner or close associate or (2) under an exacerbated threat of just dropping the issue (even as it may still indeed matter to you), simply because there's been a slight easing-up of tensions (due merely to the passage of time rather than any hardcore interpersonal processing). I am not obstinately harping on these contrasting relational options for no reason, but because (let's say it again) you're in an exceedingly impactful astrological moment in terms of either perpetuating any dissatisfactory interpersonal dynamics (as it's always easier and supposedly 'safer' to leave the status-quo to its desensitizing predictability) or choosing to assert more particularity in your expectations of those you share life with (because you're permitted the right to have preferences)… and there's a direct connection between your willingness to advocate on your practical behalf in personal contexts and your ability to rise in competent esteem in your professional/public-world role. It's all 'business' at the end of the day: If you don't take care of yours, you tacitly become a servant to someone else's.