Horoscopes | Weeks of January 19-25, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19): For your own highest benefit, Aries, please keep your nose out of places it doesn't belong. You're under no pressure to pick a side, present your opinion, call anyone out, or otherwise draw much attention to yourself as an individual distinct from those you already associate or affiliate with, trust, cherish, and/or know relatively well. Bear witness, stand alongside, join a chorus, and/or play nicely with the group instead. Should somebody say something that doesn't sound right, take note… but stop short of dialoguing, debating, or (god forbid) destroying their argument. Despite your sincere intentions, the whole effort could come out all mangling and messy, thanks to Mercury's retrograde through your 11th. But even more threatening than the obvious above-board tensions you might needlessly create, you could also inadvertently be fomenting a less-obvious antagonism among those who might smile and nod and let your comments slide by unremarked-upon, while secretly deciding you're suspect and maybe even worth trying to subvert or undermine. Why sign on for all that? With Mars in particularly slippery, shady and sneaky condition at the moment, there's no good self-serving reason to risk attracting an unwanted secret-adversary—and likely due to their projections and misperceptions, no less!—just because you felt like behaving in too conspicuous a manner. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): With Mercury turning retrograde in your career/public-world house (the 10th) this week while Venus is still up there too, you're liable to foster a favorable impression for yourself, Taurus, based on how adeptly you handle potential misunderstandings or miscalculations. You're less likely to be judged for your inherent fallibility (because, after all, you are as imperfect a being as the rest of us) than for attempting to pass the buck or pretend like no goof occurred. Whatever it is which might come out wrong, go awry, or fall flat, please be willing to publicly hold yourself accountable for it if it was your doing… and even, perhaps, if it was due to the actions of someone else on your team. A good leader never throws one of their comrades to the wolves; they stand alongside those they've entrusted with their comradeship, putting on a unified front to the world (even if some corrective discussion needs to happen behind the scenes) and facing the consequences together. Should you reflexively point the finger at a peer or colleague in the heat of reactivity, you'll unfortunately reveal a side of your personality that is sure to alarm other members of the group. Can they trust you to have their back when times get tough? Alas, the damage to your social credibility may not be immediately apparent. If you didn't notice what bad form it was to assign blame rather than assume responsibility, then you also aren't likely to notice the winds of public opinion shifting direction. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This is your week to correct any ethical glitches, philosophic inconsistencies, or out-of-alignment enthusiasms which might've lately emerged in spirited conversations with a central character or partner-in-crime, Gemini… and/or to append any formerly short-sighted beliefs on your own part which are only now revealing the dangerous room-for-error they indirectly create. Your innate adaptability to others' interests, opinions, and attitudes—which, incidentally, is a trait that serves you quite well in many instances—is presently something of a threat to keeping your personally-determined 'big picture' front and center in your consciousness. If any recent in-the-moment desire to ride a wave of shared excitement with a certain someone caused you to overreach, with a commitment to some premise or ideal that's more important to them than to yourself, and thus lose sight of your guiding priorities, then please revisit that discussion with better interpersonal boundaries in place. At this point, it's better to cause some discomfort or friction with those whose train you hopped aboard too quickly and may need to hop back off of (for a bit or forever) than to squander your increasingly ripe chance to get somewhere that's a more meaningful destination to you, more distinctly of your own accord. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): It's strongly to your benefit, financially and/or in terms of power-dynamic footing, to continue actively negotiating about those most awkward or challenging angles to the situation, Cancer. Don't let your reluctance to rile the other party with what they might characterize as needless worries, petty concerns, or ill-timed second thoughts convince you to keep your mouth shut. What's on your mind now is just as relevant to your well-being as whatever was previously discussed and/or agreed upon… and the foolishly idealistic notion that these details will somehow 'iron themselves out' (as if details don't require people to do their ironing), that you should quit raining on the good-vibes parade and just keep going forward on faith, is a recipe for lost opportunities and diminished self-advantage. In fact, it's not merely the terms of the commitment which may require additional dialogue. The very dialogue itself—how the other party responds to your questions, with openness or as if they're being inconvenienced, and whether they're able to listen to and genuinely consider your feedback—will show you a lot about what to expect, should you continue going down this road together. Yes, I said it: There's a possibility that your desire to continue actively negotiating about awkward or challenging topics actually sours the whole association. And if that's going to be the case, trust me, you'll want to discover that as soon as possible. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


LEO (July 23-August 22): What wrong with a little (or more-than-a-little) case of crossed signals, mixed messages, or changed minds among people who care deeply for one another, Leo? As we said last week, you're in sensitive territory these days… which means that you shouldn't expect relational exchanges to be simple, straightforward, or steady. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Since no single human being is that easy to figure out, nor always especially forthright about what's really going on with them, and certainly not uniformly consistent in attitude or behavior, then why wouldn't a relationship between two (or more) of these complicated, obscure, and fickle creatures be anything less? If we're getting to know each other on a genuinely intimate level, in fact, it seems unavoidable that we'd bump up against one another's lurking contradictions, contrarieties, and convolutions. I urge you, then, not to sidestep the facets of this dynamic which elude reason… and instead to head into those confusing questions which remain unanswered, not in hopes of resolving them once and for all but to reap additional psychological insight on their multiple incongruous strains of feeling. In the short term, if your intention is to affirm or uphold the value of a given relationship in your life (whether new or longtime), you should walk toward the unknown rather than away from it—and plan to be more confused first, before eventually gaining surer clarity. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Though there's a good chance you could find yourself thrown off and/or on edge, due to Mercury's 6th-house retrograde causing reversals, delays, or unforeseen glitches which affect your capacity to get the job done smoothly and quickly, it's surely nothing you can't handle, Virgo… provided you stay calm and don't make any hasty overcorrections that'll only worsen the situation. Perhaps the bigger threat is that this additional expense of careful attention to your responsibilities will exhaust your energies, leaving you with a shorter temper—which you then aim, overtly or in your own mind, at your partner or another key character. Therefore, beware of forming unfair comparisons between the duties and obligations piled up on your plate and what this other person is handling (or not handling, as the case may be). To be frank, one thing has nothing to do with the other. You're liable to fall either into outward conflict with and/or internal resentment of someone else, if you don't properly differentiate between their life-role and yours. It is no accident that you've been charged with handling this work; you are well-suited for it. As for the other person? It's not for you to figure out what they ought to be doing. In fact, you'll be happier if you just focus on your tasks-at-hand, keeping your eyes on your own paper instead of feverishly checking on theirs. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Because your current day-to-day work life is some odd combination of demanding, daunting, disheartening, and utterly befuddling, Libra, it's that much more important you grant yourself free-and-total permission to do whatever you're liable to enjoy the most when you're not working. And if, perhaps, what you really wanted to do a week or two prior is no longer what you'd like to do now? Please don't hesitate to outwardly change your mind about how you're spending your free time—and with whom you wish to spend it. As Mercury flips retrograde in your 5th, your rendition of 'speaking your desires straight from your heart' could veer somewhat from the version you sang just a short while ago, whether in smaller and subtler ways that characterize a shifting-of-style… or in a more significant manner of, once again, changing the rules of interpersonal engagement with a certain someone, to better address a preference or proclivity which wasn't properly communicated about the last time you tried to discuss it. Again, I repeat, this is a good time for you to go for what you really want, though it may well ring like a reversal of previous positions and/or could confuse or trigger other bystanders amongst your friend-circle who don't 'get' where you're coming from. P.S. Starting next week, your day-to-day work life ought to feel noticeably more unintimidating or pleasant, though likely still as busy and pressing. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): This is no time for nailing things down, resolving inconsistencies, or adopting no-nonsense pragmatism, Scorpio. It's far more propitious to intentionally dwell in the realm of mixed emotions, indistinct hankerings, and sentimental gestures—both as a soul-nourishing acknowledgment of your inner complexity and because you find such effusiveness kind of fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with living certain segments of your life like poetry... as long as you're aware, of course, that part of poetry's power comes from its cryptic ambiguity and impenetrable (il)logic. In other words, the meanings you're conveying are likelier-than-usual to be strongly subjective and, as such, hard for others to firmly grip with confident understanding. That doesn't mean they won't get anything from what you share with them. On the contrary, your poetic life-acts will be quite appealing—enchanting, even—to those who are drawn to the 'deep feeler' archetype you so adeptly express. But please don't think you're actually communicating any clear points or identifying details about yourself; you're merely evoking. Much of your perspective on your current circumstances remains internal, as yet still unformed into comprehensible content. Meanwhile, your fans remain intrigued by their sense of all those mysteries lurking inside you… though who knows what they'll think if and when you let 'em in a bit more. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Don't be surprised—and don't be pointlessly impatient, Sagittarius—if you find you must go back to the drawing-board with certain dealings or discussions which apparently need another round or two or three. Rather than lose your shit over the perceived time-suck, please see this as a chance for a sprinkling-and-spattering of more useful information to emerge. You're unlikely to even notice that what's being batted around may contain additional insight for you, however, if you insist on characterizing these interactions as mere 'repetitions' of conversations already had. These are not the same, whether they vary in content, in tone, and/or in who's doing the talking. And even if the words and attitudes and players-in-question were totally identical, the fact that it's a different week under different influences (astrological and otherwise) would still create a significant distinction in the overall impact of the exchange. A vital part of any ongoing process is the revisiting of earlier moments from the wiser vantage-point of a later moment, allowing you to integrate your evolving consciousness back into your primordial intentions. In this case, since the process I've been describing involves other people, I can almost guarantee that developments have occurred in their lives (as well as in yours, by the way) which deem this revisiting necessary, constructive, and fruitful. Unless, that is, your inability to contain your frustration ends up taking over the whole scene. But that, of course, would only give you all more to talk through. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Remember how I mentioned two weeks ago that you could benefit from a closer and more diligent examination of your money situation, Capricorn? It would be even wiser to devote some more attention there now, with Mercury turning retrograde in your personal-finances house (2nd) and potentially spawning a glitch or two in your income-generating, bill-paying, budget-planning realm. With a simultaneous Venus-Jupiter opposition across your 2nd/8th, the astrology suggests there's actually plenty to go around, but too unstudied or free-flowing a diversion of funds from one source or line-item to another could cause unnecessary waste. This possibility is especially likely if you're financially 'in bed' with somebody else (whether a business partner, spouse, family-member, investment opportunity, or lending institution) and not keeping a clear head about where your individual interests diverge from the joint premise. On behalf of your own economic advantage, you might even need to redefine the bounds of your involvement… which could result in a conversation that leaves you sounding painfully self-serving, at least to their ears. There may be no way to avoid a certain amount of this self-serving tone (since, after all, you're trying to serve your self-interests). Don't, however, come at anyone with guns a-blazin'—not just because it'll make any renegotiations more difficult, but because it's likely to take the conversation down a different path which distractingly diverts you from the critical topic-at-hand. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Your sign is at the center of this week's shift into Mercury-retrograde territory, Aquarius, which could make you especially susceptible to missteps, mishaps, malfunctions, and, perhaps likeliest of all, a sudden case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. All the typical Mercury-retrograde warnings, therefore, apply doubly during this go-around: Slow down, triple-check the important details, think before you speak, and don't overreact to momentary stalls or glitches. But for the week ahead, with Venus finishing its final strides through your sign, you may be able to slide by on charm… at least in those situations where perhaps you can't take back what you said, but could instead make up for your carelessness with an extra dose of warm interpersonal goodwill. Even if you do shoot yourself in the foot as we discussed last week, you presently hold the capacity to sweet-talk your way out of it. However (and it's a big warning here), don't try to overcompensate for a lapse in judgment by falling into another one—namely, agreeing to some considerate gesture which, if you're being totally honest with yourself, you actually don't really want to carry out. The same premise, by the way, applies in those other Merc-retro situations (such as mechanical trials, data errors, or transportation detours), too. If you attempt to 'save' yourself by unduly relying on someone else's advice or expertise, it could end up backfiring on you relationally. Don't, therefore, drag others into your relatively minor problems; their involvement might actually make more problems than if you just sputtered, stumbled, and tripped through it yourself. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Don't do a lot of talking, Pisces, especially if it's not essential to moving yourself forward in the specific direction of your choosing. Instead, please do gobs of listening, watching, and paying close attention as everyone else unintentionally reveals deep glimpses of their own unconscious attitudes and motivations. Each individual who bears any relevance to your present purposes will have their uniquely personal feelings, opinions, and psychological responses to you adopting a more pronouncedly willful approach to pursuing said purposes… and without you even having to directly engage them about their angle, but merely by proceeding onward as you're now moved to do, they will wear these reactions on their sleeve. Mind you, all this information will reach you in a coded form, as if written in invisible ink only you can detect and decipher. No need to externally or interactively acknowledge the hints you're picking up. (In fact, they're liable to strongly deny your claims, putting you in a suddenly disadvantageous position due to the probable perception that you're 'picking a fight'.) By all outward appearances, you ought to simply continue with whatever you're working on. Yet, if you're being socially wise and astute, you're meanwhile filing away these scraps of intuitively-gleaned interpersonal data… to be deployed, to your distinct advantage, soon enough. Next week, Venus lands in your sign—and you can begin winning everyone over by using what you learn this week about their current psychic-state. And what about the rest of your year? ASTROBARRY'S 2015 has you covered, with detailed forecasts for all twelve signs. Get it now, love.