Fired Up by Jupiter and Uranus (and Mars, Too!)


Catch as catch can, I'm going to have to write this piece one snap at a time. Sit, type. Something else beckons. Get up, come back to it.

This fire accelerates itself, burning up attention-spans and plans, consuming the traces of everything else with the totality of this very moment. Nothing beyond this exists, so who could possibly prepare? This move will leads to the next, then another, then one more, and we'll figure it out as we go. Won't we? What choice do we have?

You may not like what I've chosen to do here, writing in a markedly quirky way, indulging my creative whims even if it's harder for you to read, cryptic in places even. I'm aware enough of the critiques I get from those who don't fancy my style: too many adverbs, too many cliches, big words that need looking up, passive constructions, a tangent, a trill, no tweeter's-digest version. I'm happy to provide you my service, but do you think that's all I'm here to do? I've got my motives, too. I aim to delight myself.

No, you didn't just absorb a wandering-off into irrelevant self-defensive territory: This is the astrology we're living right now. This week, we welcome the first hit of a flowing trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries (exact on Thu Sep 25)… a fire-feeding-the-fire synergy between the grand benefic (Jupiter) who encourages, exaggerates, and eggs on, and the rabble-rousing shit-stirrer (Uranus) who drives us to express every wildest bit of our individuality, anybody liking it or not be damned.

Ever heard the one about the Leo and the Aries who forgot about their own needs for a minute and made everything about everybody else instead? Didn't think so. These are our two most famously 'self-centered' signs. Whether that stereotype is meant to be flattering or insulting (and whether it's not always altogether valid), let's not decide. We will remind ourselves, though, that Leo is a warm and generous energy which merely wishes to be received and recognized as such (and, when it is, we all win)… and that Aries has masterful instincts, with no real need to fall back on excessively thinking things through, as long as the occasional stepping-on-toes is taken responsibility for and everyone keeps moving. I do me, and you do you, boo. You don't like it? Please, fuck you.

A Jupiter-Uranus trine both hypes up our urge to gamble safety-and-security for the unruly rewards of liberation and increases the chances that desirable results will emerge from these gambles… though, if we're too seduced by our own egoic magnificence, we might behave in purposely flashy or contrary ways, just to show off that we can.

Add the influence of the fire element, and the aspect's rhythm moves faster, grows to greater magnitude before we can even realize it or effectively stop its spread should we want to, activated by spark or itch or throb. In these two self-focused signs, the catalyst is nothing more sophisticated than 'what I want'. And If I've lately sacrificed, surrendered, or self-effaced too much (or even if it just feel that way? I'm pretty fucking ready to put that shit to bed. Yeah, I cussed again. Don't like it? Oh, well, see you later. It's a big Internet, room enough for all of us to do our own damn thing. Catch that drift?

I don't want to sit here writing one more moment, sorry to say. My engines are roaring for a walk in the park, a traipse through the list full of errands, a loll on the couch to make up for my weekend of partying. Lest I try to set a firm agenda for the day, I've already screwing myself up: With all this fire blitzing through the ethers, I keep finding my time more easily hijacked by others' extemporaneous attention-grabs than usual. Remember, I'm the guy lacking fire in his natal chart. When people around me flare up with their fiery rays, I feel nearly powerless to resist falling prey to their heat. Appointments run late. Their stories run long. I often start to sweat, their radiating energy contagious. It takes me away, carries me away. The next thing I know, this isn't where I intended to be, and nothing's 'gotten done'… but I suppose I'm glad it happened that way, for my engagement and excitation. We vie to be one whose energy beats right through the crowd, or we throw ourselves atop the jumping flames. Fire, meet fire. Watch the man burn.

Wait, I'm still here?!?

Patience would be thin enough with Jupiter and Uranus pressing us to 'leap right now!' but there's even more fire, too: Mars in Sagittarius, that eager-beaver bugger who sees no value in expectantly loitering under some futile hope that opportunity will just show up on our stoop one day, out of the blue, politely knock on the door and offer us the world. The waiting is SO inconceivably boring. 'Life's too short' is his guiding mantra, leaving no time to dick around with tedious details or tiresome repetitions.

Mars plays along incredibly well with Jupiter and Uranus, building toward his own trines to each (Oct 5-8), pouring fuel on this blaze, a grand-trine configuration of hustle and pluck. Hop into this rocket, and punch the gas. There are places to go, people to see, experiences to expose yourself to, cool stuff to learn. Whatever we forget to pack, we can pick up when we get there. Whatever duties we left dangling, we can just… well, who knows what to do about those? (Let's just assume it'll all work out, cough cough…?)

Must finish that laundry, and get out that suitcase. Gotta go, gotta go! I'm leaving town. My upcoming voyages may be geographically literal, but we've all got somewhere to rush off to right this minute. These surges can't be stopped, nor should they be… just as long as we all realize we will bump smack into each other. Certain self-centered motives will be at odds. Tempers will flare. Egos will bluster. When folks are actually doing their own things, we should expect nothing less. Clashes and collisions would be natural.

It is a miracle we've made it this far, me with the writing and you with the reading. Maybe you were also tackling ten other tasks or topics during the span of this literary exchange. My today also folded its time back onto itself like a breakfast burrito, extra bacon. Please don't be mad if I'm bugging the crap out of you, and I promise not to stay annoyed for owing you this piece of work. We'd all probably prefer to flip the world its much-deserved bird, kick off our shoes, and lay in the sun by the pool. Not a bad gig if you can get it, though perhaps not the most productive manner in which to use this hyper-fire vibe. But believe me, brothers and sisters, there are far worse ways, too. Try not to light any bombs, okay?

Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries will form two more exact trines, on March 3 and June 22 2015.