Horoscopes | Week of September 22-28, 2014

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Even in light of the unflattering stereotypes which characterize you, Aries, as the most self-centered amongst all the signs, I do believe the occasion of a Jupiter-Uranus trine across the two most self-focused houses of your solar chart (the 5th and the 1st, respectively) is as formal a cosmic invitation to make it all about you as one can receive. While I hope my interpretation doesn't read as a carte-blanche excuse for knocking over any-and-everybody-else during the rush to make your mark any-and-everywhere you wish to, you are under an exceptionally advantageous influence for upsetting expectations and/or rolling the dice, simply because that impulse to gleefully discover what might happen when you dare to do exactly what most interests you is too damn irresistible. We could come up with legitimate (and less-legitimate) reasons to worry about the inherent gambles. Yet, I suppose I'm more worried about the potential regret and/or incessant what-if wondering you might unleash by ignoring the impulse. You are an Aries, after all; your impulses are often pretty spot-on even when an unforeseen result manifests due to a risky act. I cannot guarantee safety or stability from answering this invitation to be unapologetically self-focused. Excitement and adventure, on the other hand, are pretty surefire effects.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): While your capacity to participate in a seemingly fruitful dialogue with that certain someone is presently improving, Taurus, that doesn't actually mean you're likely to gain your much-needed 'fuller understanding' of the emotions at play directly from that dialogue. As far as your current interaction style with this person is concerned, you still possess far too active a drive to further your own agenda, insist upon a satisfying answer to your burning question(s) and/or simply push their buttons to openly receive much additional insight from this batting back and forth. That's not to imply, however, such dialogues aren't worth your time and effort: On the contrary, the sheer act of participating is itself a relationship-building gesture, especially if you intentionally strive to provide the other party the genuine experience of your listening, bearing witness, holding space… minus any rude interruptions, jarring inquisitions, or intense rebuttals. You can still say your piece in the process, of course—this is a dialogue, after all—but your full-on deconstruction of what's misguided, unfair, or offensive about theirs is an exercise best left to your own private alone-moments. The 'nastiest' part of any battle to integrate a glaring difference between you should probably happen internally (or through discreet ventings to other discerning friends). Otherwise, you might lose ground with too uncontrollably emotional a face-to-face response, lobbing a painful hit you won't be able to take back.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The super-fiery astrology we're currently welcoming should provide you the goading to be out amongst people, Gemini… a planetary nudge which you probably don't need, seeing as you're already a pretty damn social individual. I could contribute my own endorsement of taking full advantage of each and every appointment, introduction, and exchange, insinuating your curiosity into the interaction enough so that you actually pull something interesting and/or meaningful out of each and every personality. But then again, as promising as this potential to learn more about old and new pals really is, you also bear the possibility of irritating those who aren't quite so free with their personal opinions or identifying details—and though their weirdly aggressive response to your innocent efforts at small-talk could seem to reflect poorly on them, there's simultaneously the legitimate alternate reading of such a situation that implicates you for being too pushy, prying, or conversationally controlling. That said, this is not a sufficient reason to avoid participating in the slate of stimulating social activities presently available to you; it's merely a warning that a probing engagement-style on your part might not appeal to everyone, and that's not entirely their fault.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Your work zone continues to be the area where all the astrological action is, Cancer. Whether you're trying to further pad that bank account, reach for a new level of recognition by startling the powers-that-be with your unbridled chutzpah, and/or just get a whole bunch of tasks and duties triumphantly accomplished, you've got the bodily energy and the go-getter attitude to really generate quite a momentum. The biggest potential obstruction to your developing this incredible momentum? Having to slow down to explain yourself to people who might doubt your approach or your capabilities, who want to try to convince you to bow to their priorities or preferences, or who see your intense investment in your work as a competing interest. In the midst of this beneficially productive fervor, though, I'm not sure you have much to gain from patiently hearing them out (since, I'll suspect, none of what they're saying is either especially new or critical)… though you definitely have something to lose, in terms of both of your immersive focus and your literal time. While you can make room for bits of consideration to others' strong opinions, you cannot afford to bend over backwards to accommodate them. Give 'em a few moments of undivided attention, then tell them straight-up how you intend to proceed—and shortly thereafter proceed just as you'd intended, tweaking your style if and only if you genuinely want to.


LEO (July 23-August 22): This is a rotten moment to indulge any strains of 'is this all there is?' thinking, Leo. The world is so much larger, with so many more opportunities, than a single individual can imagine… and its vast field of promise is now so much more readily accessible to you personally than it has been in a long long time. As such, there's not currently a smidgeon of believability to the notion of your being 'stuck' anywhere: in a geographic locale, in a living arrangement, in a job, in a relationship, in any shitty situation whatsoever. Waste neither your breath, then, nor your goodwill amongst those who'd be listening to your tales-of-woe on any more rehashing of what isn't working for you. Instead, use your braintrust—which is comprised of your own creative ideas and the synergistic sizzle of friends' and colleagues' spirited feedback—to come up with a clearer vision for what's next. If that vision is already clear… well, then, dear lion-hearted one, lurch towards it. Face your future head-on, advancing into its heart-stumping unknowns with the faith of someone who rightfully sees this present period as a big beautiful transformation. Leave the creepy-crawly remnants back in that tight-fitting cocoon-shell you just popped out of, and start flapping those damn wings already.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): During this final week of hosting mood-enhancing Venus in your sign (until next year, that is), I recommend partaking in an optimistic looking-ahead conversation with yourself, Virgo… allowing the positive experiences (whether subtle or powerful) you've likely enjoyed since September began to favorably effect a heightening-of-expectations in your internal process of creatively visualizing what could be manifesting a year from now. Rather than being too overtly concerned with how such visions would come into concrete being, your main focus should be on (1) fighting any inwardly-directed criticisms related to your daring to even imagine how your life could be so much better than this and (2) allowing yourself to dream bigger than you ever have before, knowing it might not all come into being but that an extra-spacious dream-vessel leaves plenty of room to grow into, potentially in some unexpected ways. I encourage you not to overlook the thematic connections between (1) what's most recently worked out quite well for you and (2) what, therefore, seems more appealing and/or more easily within your reach due to these recent successes. You've gotten a whiff of hints about which upsides may become even more pronounced once Jupiter hits your sign in August 2015. One final clue: During this precious dream-incubating moment, keep yourself far away from any characters known more for their cynical naysaying than their glowing support. Who needs their energy weighing your dreams down?


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): If you're looking to harness the burning-hot astrological flares presently sparking up your relational houses, Libra, I strongly encourage you to let your favorite pals, friendliest peers, and/or most enthusiastic teammates lead you into unknown territory. Should you find yourself invited to parties, events, community-meetings, or rallies, I recommend you accept. Should a stranger strike up a conversation, I suggest you eagerly engage it as far as it'll go. And by all means, please follow any and every impulse that might direct you to a new friend, committed comrade, or prospective love-match. This still-rising wave of energy is all about meeting people… and if it doesn't manifest by explicitly expanding your circle and/or introducing an important new character, then it will likely expand the level of acquaintance you enjoy with certain folks you already know. 'Business as usual', on the other hand, must not be the name of your social game: Where your patience with certain fair-weather friends or dubious hangers-on has recently grown thin, I say let its full brunt loose. Any attention you expend on those who aren't bringing you opportunities to continue growing is, consequently, not being spent on people who might add something extra to your life.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): What's presently available to you on that big bright world-stage, Scorpio, is much more than you thought possible just a mere year-or-so ago. You have properly adjusted your lenses so you're actually able to see its breadth, haven't you? Your best methods for thoroughly capitalizing on this fortuitous opening continue to involve you just jumping in wherever you instinctually identify an underutilized tool, a tired process, or an unimaginative program… and spontaneously innovating, even if only to test whether it could function more smoothly, sleekly, and/or skillfully. Bonus points, with tangible real-world worth, will come from your ability to proactively tie improved efficiency and/or quality to a direct self-profiting incentive (a la 'if I increase sales, you give me more money'; 'if I fix this problem by the end of the month, you give me an extra two days of vacation', etc.). Be clear, however, you mustn't expect the personal payoff to come before a concrete improvement in the work has obviously materialized. With Venus about to slip into your 12th for a few weeks, it's unlikely you'll receive an earned perk prior to late October. I should probably warn you, in the meantime, to refrain from too audaciously promising to provide reliable results without knowing for sure that you can pull it off. At the moment, your words will be very convincing—but hopefully not at a later cost to your credibility.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): In many ways, the discussions are over. You've already recruited and/or solidified your support base, Sagittarius, as well as identified which community-members are not on your same page… and there's really not much more to be said on these matters, at least for this next time-being. Now, it's simply time to express your radical stance—one which deliberately seeks to spread your message more widely, to expose you to people and experiences which will grow your knowledge in areas and directions you are most interested in, and/or to put your beliefs into unmistakable action—and allow everyone else the chance to move closer if they vibe with what you're putting out, or to move farther away if they don't. Partings-of-ways (whether in just a single certain ideological context as allies and/or totally-and-completely as friends) needn't be nasty, especially with the arrival of Venus to your 11th next week to bestow upon you greater admiration or affection from those who are your tried-and-true peers. The moment for convincing, defending, arguing, and/or diplomatically politicking has, for now, passed: Just do what you're going to do.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Let's just blame it all on the stationing of Pluto, as he returns to direct motion while still creeping through your sign. It's another one of those weeks (which have been far too common over recent years), Capricorn, when you face an exaggerated risk of triggering strangely extreme responses from folks you unintentionally threaten with your apparent 'I've-got-my-shit-together'-ness. Even if you quietly perceive yourself as a total fucking mess, the sensible-and-stoic face you flash the world, more often than not, probably delivers quite a different message. That's not to imply, of course, that somebody else's imprecise impressions of you—and the unresolved psychic material they therefore project onto you—are your responsibility to anticipate, avoid, and/or counteract. But for your well-being, I strongly suggest not trying to correct their mistake or, worse, angrily lashing out at them for lashing out at you. With all this fire energy shooting around (and your current 12th-house Mars still leaving you at an addling disadvantage conflict-wise), a minor friction can turn into a fight, and then perhaps an all-out war, before you'll have the chance to realize what's happening. Your best counter-strategy to such potent misperceptions: (1) remaining emotionally separate (i.e., not playing into a synergistic aggression-fest), even if they see that as a sign of you thinking you're 'superior', and (2) once you're successfully out of the hot-seat, reflecting on what you might learn about that other person (and/or humanity in general) as a result of that odd exchange.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): This ride you're riding, with all its fast curves and death-defying drops keeping you on the edge of your seat, is apparently being driven by the other person (or people)… and it's on you to just hold on and enjoy the thrills, Aquarius, if you so choose. Though there is a certain promise of experiences-to-behold, delights-to-bask-in, and lessons-to-learn that comes from going with their flow—stuff you'd likely not deliberately welcome into your worldview, but which will nonetheless broaden your perceptions—it does come at a cost, in terms of controlling your own time-expenditures. That's why the appended phrase 'if you so choose' is such an important part of this horoscope: You cannot fairly complain about losing your capacity to direct the flow of your days, the focus of a conversation, and/or the direction of your attentions when, all along, you retain the ability to not follow someone else's lead. Don't pawn the responsibility off on them, just because it's so obviously convenient and considerate for you to groove copacetically along for the ride… and then dare to blame them for railroading over your interests. You want something different to happen? Under this astrology, you will have to speak up loudly, knowing you'll probably be seen as 'the one with the issue' by insisting they forefront your concern. If you're certain of its primary importance, please do turn up the volume on your objection. But where might this ride take you if, instead, you just willingly sign on to be taken somewhere else?


PISCES (February 19-March 20): You've got everything you need to keep on moving, Pisces. The strides you are making are both self-determined and self-powered, requiring no permission from anybody else (whether they're 'in charge' or merely an opinionated peer) nor any additional training from an official unit or institution. Whatever you don't already know, you can look up yourself with a bit of involved research. You can experiment with options, read about other people's experiences, go on a meditative vision-quest and ask for divine assistance, and/or take a field-trip somewhere you can view existing examples of success without facing pressure to emulate their model exactly. The opportunity you're continuing to develop for yourself shouldn't rely on a hands-tying intertwinement with another party, when it can be created with your own two hands (and maybe a few other body-parts, too)—if you are willing to actively educate yourself further in these areas, based on sincere independent explorations, rather than blindly taking the word of someone more experienced, confident, and/or brash. Awkwardness could result from encounters with those who'd want to hand over all their knowledge, professor-style, and involve themselves in helping you out ('to save you all the headaches'), only to be met with your polite-but-firm expression of the desire to do it yourself. By claiming that desire unapologetically, though, the awkwardness will be largely theirs… and, thus, strangely to your benefit.