Extra-Magic New Moon


I'd like to invite us to direct our attention to the upcoming new moon, in Libra, this coming Friday (Oct 4)… and please come bearing wishes, dreams, and aspirations, along with a sincere willingness to do the work.

New Moons are traditionally seen as the best time to set new intentions for what we want to grow over the weeks and months ahead. Astrologically speaking, this one is chock-full of life-changing magic.

Most notably, this lunation's conjoined Sun and Moon in Libra are smack dab in the crosshairs of the headline-hogging square between Uranus and Pluto, opposing the former while squaring the latter. As such, it provides us an excellent focal-point for asserting a measure of our willful co-creativity ('we get a say, the Universe gets a say…') toward the constant destabilizing reconfigurations which have become an expected part of our lives these days.

Odd as it may sound (especially if you're still trying to recover from one or another cosmic smack-across-the head), moments in which much is already unsettled or up-in-the-air are actually some of our best opportunities to dive into yet another wild self-transformation. If shit's already messy, why not go ahead and really filthy your hands in a reinvention project?

Perhaps you've grown so acclimatized to this few-year period of hyper-concentrated transformation that you've forgotten life hasn't always been quite this crazy… and it won't stay this crazy forever? Everything passes, dude. So while this crazed vibe is here, let's take advantage of its upsides! Shall we?

Random astrologically-relevant thoughts, in no particular order, around which you could organize your New-Moon intentions: If you can't count on other people (or, more precisely, a certain other person) to act with consistency or consideration, it's on you to alter your end of the dynamic… and then to examine where the relationship stands, from your altered vantage-point. There's a constant dialogue between 'how things have always been' and what you're now making them into. One unbridled leap away, one reintegrating step back to safety, rinse and repeat. Some habits run deep, not merely due to the imprint of those many repetitions, but because somebody somewhere (maybe a less-aware rule-enforcing version of you who lurks inside, if not an external totalitarian-figure refusing to budge?) is actively benefiting from invisibly working to keep the status-quo as is. Outright bargaining may need to occur, to convince all parties they each have advantages to gain from evolving together. Should diplomatic efforts fail, establishing a separate (but not necessarily adversarial) zone of selfhood might be the answer. But remember we always bring our unresolved psychic matter to the next stop, even if we leave behind the so-called culprit upon whom we've projected blame. Got to do better than that, yo. What's the fair thing (minus all bending-over-backwards or guilt-driven exercises)? Creative advances come from exhausting all reasonable options. And then again, how boring can 'reasonable' get?!?

The intentions set at this Libran New Moon not only receive the Uranus-Pluto power-punch, but they will prove repeatedly relevant well into 2014. Why? Because, as of early December, Mars (the guy who makes things happen) will be in Libra… where he'll stay through late July '14 (!), due to a 2 month retrograde (Mar 1-May 19). Any seeds planted now , therefore, will receive continual Martian attention over the months to come. This 'attention' will not always materialize as obvious direct support, I should add, since there will be a retrograde to consider—and Mars will have to contend with Uranus and Pluto (plus Jupiter) too. At times, in fact, Mars's occupation of this zone will probably be quite irritating as it forces us to try alternative approaches in actualizing our intent (ultimately for the best, right?), to overcome obstacles thrust unexpectedly along our path to said actualization (worth knowing about 'em sooner rather than later, yeah?) and/or to altogether reconsider the personal importance of what we thought was important (maybe what I really want is something else entirely, you know?).

One thing's for certain: Through the middle of 2014, a lot of focused energy will be spent on actively figuring out this certain critical issue, and taking some purposeful time now to ritually identify which 'critical issue' you wish it to be will help you channel this energy toward your most desired ends.

Friday's New Moon is also significant because it initiates the next lunar cycle, which leads us right to the next pair of eclipses (our first since May). The upcoming Full Moon two weeks later (Oct 18) is a lunar eclipse in Aries… while perhaps even bigger news is the next New Moon, a solar eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Mercury, Saturn and the North Node (Nov 3). We'll get into all the eclipse-y specifics at another time, but it's enough to know we're now entering that few-week period of quickened (and 'karmically' powerful) change associated with eclipses, which I think of as 'chapter-markers' that distinguish between different segments of the narrative we construct from our life-events. Judging from the looks of that solar eclipse in Scorpio, we're likely to notice some pretty palpable consequences (encouraging or otherwise) already developing within these few weeks, as a direct result of how we wield our consciousness at this New Moon. Make it count, people!