Horoscopes | Week of May 27-June 2, 2013

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Whereas your most recent horoscopes have emphasized fostering a welcome response to others' efforts at social engagement, Aries, I now see you as assuming the role of the one who's initiating the contact. As this week feeds into the next, your most pressing job will become spreading the information… or, in situations where the information has not yet been comprehensively gathered or verified, flitting from source to source like a busy little bee, collecting and then redistributing. To carry this off with maximal effectiveness, you need to uphold an exceedingly positive and relaxed attitude (as opposed to, say, emanating stressful hurriedness or self-doubting desperation). No one really enjoys being flashed the 'hard sell' or put in a pressured position where they know you're expecting a lot (perhaps too much?) from them. You'll have to concentrate, therefore, on filling your heart with a faithful, optimistic warmth that will communicate its own embracing message alongside any verbal dispatches. Even if you must work overtime to ward off any externalized freakouts (except among your closest confidantes), the efforts will prove well worth it as your headlines happily land on receptive ears.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): This is an excellent week to open and/or build upon conversations about your financial situation, Taurus… particularly if you would like to earn yourself a bigger chunk of change based upon additional services you might provide, alternate paths for supplemental income, and/or new arenas of job-duty expansion. You do not, alas, need to force certain outcomes into being. Rather, adopt a spirit of generosity toward those who might prove pleasantly unburdened by giving you their money in order to relieve them of duties or endeavors they cannot, or wish not to, complete themselves… and, for now, just concentrate on fostering a loose dialogue about it. You wouldn't want to freak anybody out by coming at them like a freight train, set on nabbing more cash no matter what their response, and have them too quickly rule out potentially-lucrative-for-you opportunities because you refuse to 'do the dance' of unrushed negotiation with them. Plant suggestive seeds of what you could do for them, without demanding these seeds bear fruit tomorrow or the next day. Over the next six weeks or so, you ought to tend to these sprouting babies on a very regular basis. One critical tending task: continuing open-ended discussion.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Your latest zestful activities have (hopefully) reopened your eyes to the many possibilities in front of you… not only reminding you about those multitudes of human-souls who adore being part of your seemingly boundless social grid, but simultaneously reinvigorating your belief that you have something uniquely awesome to contribute to the universe. Hurray for you, Gemini! In fact, I encourage you to use this attitudinal high-point as a prompt for further reflection on all that has occurred over this past year, since lucky-charm Jupiter first entered your sign last June. I'd bet that the presumed ego-surge you're now riding is a direct result of any reachings for more ('more! more! more!') you've invested energy into during this time, or else perfectly exemplifies the type of growth you've undergone. (And if what I'm describing does not resonate with your experience, let me suggest a reason: Too many possible directions to head, without any one being more convincingly 'right' than another, has led to anxiety-provoked paralysis. Solution: Just pick one, any one, and start heading towards it. The over-thinking is the problem.) This week is the beginning of your transition from 'opening opportunities' to 'working into them'. It's time to start building a foundation, planting roots, committing to sticking with these latest decisions for a while. Thankfully, these active efforts will be powered by Mars, who enters your sign this Friday (May 31) and stays around through mid-July. This will be the best 'get shit going' phase you've seen in a couple years. So, hop to it!


CANCER (June 21-July 22): A great dawn is upon you, Cancer… not merely the kind of sun's-rise that kicks off every single morning of your life, but more the sort that comes after the longest night you can remember and promises a whole boatload of celebratory thrills to mark this next great day. King-of-good-fortune Jupiter is a mere four weeks away from his arrival to your sign, a once-every-dozen-years invitation to launch into new avenues of experience, adventure and possibility, knowing that his benevolent influence increases the likelihood of desirable results from risks taken. (What was going on in your life from mid-2001 to mid-2002, the last time Jupiter was in Cancer? That's an illustration of how this energy could be used.) This week, in advance of all that, both Venus and Mercury conjoin a still-in-your-12th-house Jupiter, kissing your imagination (or is that your intuition?) with beautiful visions of a potential future that'll soon be yours to claim, as long as you embolden your brave heart in its willingness to explore and expand… and then they both move into Cancer together, granting you an extra outward glow and an easier ability to articulate yourself to whomever you encounter, a winning combination for attracting positive attention. Better get used to it, too: This is just a taste of what else could happen between now and mid-2014.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Staying connected to your network of allies, confidantes, and/or pals who keep their protective eyes on you remains an important touchstone, Leo… especially now that you are moving into a space where you're liable to otherwise get lost in your own head and/or too distracted by private gratifications (whether healthfully enjoyable or a bit too escapist in their easy access to supposed reprieve), and perhaps not notice which commitments or duties you're (unconsciously?) skipping out on. Don't get me wrong, there's not an inherent problem with following an urge to retreat into private self-entertaining rituals. In fact, this can be a very fruitful influence for any creative incubation, that sacred step of permitting your imaginings to cohere into full-fledged ideas… ideas which may not be fully ready to be actualized by your in-the-world efforts for another few months. Yet, there's still something vital about fostering a continual dialogue with your outside-world community—not only to prevent you from getting too lost or excessively distracted, but to further stimulate your creative process by interactively bouncing your notions off other living breathing humans and hearing what they think. Don't be too stubbornly solo to borrow bits and pieces of inspiration from your peeps.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Following up on last week's acknowledgment of this currently auspicious career-related moment, I encourage you to actively contribute your two cents to ongoing conversations with your boss, the important client, and/or other authority-figures or higher-ups, letting them know about your various interests and curiosities relevant to the different ways in which your position could grow. This is much different than, say, issuing demands or entering into negotiations with too many pre-existing non-negotiables already obstructing the process. Please imagine any further advances you might secure for yourself are likelier to come from a protracted period of collaborative tinkering rather than a straight-line progression from your own masterful design to impeccable implementation. All your most promising potential at the moment remains firmly in the realm of collective creation. Have some faith in the visionary capabilities of the team you're working with (and if you don't, why the hell are you working with them?), for they just might foresee an ideal capacity in which you can both serve the organization and be situated so that you're able to do what you do best. Work together on evolving your role. That way, everyone's happy with it.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You are mere breaths away from inaugurating twelve months of heightened professional (or outer-world) good fortune, courtesy of Jupiter's arrival in your solar 10th in a few weeks… so now is the time, Libra, to thoughtfully ponder whether you are currently aligned with the rightful path, so that you may take full advantage of this fortunate opening. Are you working on what you're meant to do? Do you feel like your efforts to achieve something in the world actually matter? I'm not talking about if you've hit the heights of what you're capable of (because, duh, we all have more distance to go in our climb to the top), but whether the context in which you're positioned is one that provides room for growth, mental stimulation, and a sense of purpose. If you're on a good track, you will soon welcome a chance (or chances) to generate additional momentum, allowing you to see just how much further you can take this journey. But no worries if you aren't feeling rightfully aligned and/or even sure of how to answer the question: For the moment, just thoughtfully ponder, What else could I be doing? Over the year ahead, you have a better-than-ever capacity for broadening your self-perception into these new—and more potentially rewarding—zones of professional interest. This, therefore, is your time to address your contentment in this arena.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): This intrigue that's been stirred, this swell of passionate embroilment that's taken you over, this mess (whether happy or calamitous) you seem to have made… whatever the recent complication, Scorpio, it seems you're now on the verge of understanding where it's going. Or maybe I should amend that statement: You're starting to understand the bigger-picture consequences of allowing it to go there (and/or purposely pushing it that way), and will no longer be able to claim ignorance of this circumstance's overriding significance. Likely, you've just been (or are about to be) involved in a powerful exchange that, rather perfectly, demonstrates everything about this dynamic you love and/or hate—and its poignant relevance to the grander narrative of your life must not be ignored. Likewise, your participation in the dynamic cannot be said to be accidental, as if you've innocently found yourself here without accepting any agency in it. You deserve credit, and/or you deserve blame: You have made choices that led you here. Now, as your ruler Mars moves into your solar 8th at the same time you're attaining clearer perspective, it's on you to (1) ratify your willing involvement with further affirming action or (2) start 'cleaning up' the mess by reasserting what you really want, with full awareness that your pathway out may prove even messier in the short term.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Remain (hyper)actively engaged with the interpersonal brouhaha, Sagittarius. Rather than isolating in any way, immerse yourself in this precious togetherness time… even if you aren't seeing eye-to-eye on every issue, and/or are bantering (or is it bickering?) back and forth like blustering know-it-alls. A bit of (shall we call it) 'lively exchange' is just as precious a relational activity for a provocative Sadge as quiet cuddles by the fireside. At least something's happening. Please don't forget to actually receive the pertinent data from your partner-in-crime, who is likely feeding you not only a clear strategy for how to keep them happy (which is information that can serve you well for a long time to come) but also providing you an alternative perspective for understanding a circumstance you two share, helping you to open your eyes to other ways of seeing it. You don't have to swallow it, hook-line-and-sinker, but you ought to at least chew on it long enough to get a good taste. Anyone who's in a meaningful relationship with you obviously isn't looking for a spineless 'yes man/woman'. Still, they probably want to feel you've fairly considered their viewpoint before you pose your challenge.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): The first half of your week is perfect for putting together a workplan for yourself, Capricorn… a detailed, prioritized to-do list that helps take the zillion-and-one calls-to-action that have been flying around your brain these past few weeks out of the abstract and gets 'em on paper. The next month-and-a-half ahead ought to provide you enough initiative and multi-tasking drive to motor you through these to-dos, especially if you've first successfully engineered enough guiding structure so that you can essentially take the strategic thinking out of the process going forward. In other news, you'll soon find your presence is more conspicuously desired by your main squeeze, your best friend, and/or your number-one collaborator, due to the beginning of a sharper planetary focus on your relationship house (the solar 7th). In fact, these few weeks ahead provide something of a prophetic glimpse into the increasingly prominent role that your key interpersonal dealing(s) are likely to play in the year ahead… particularly insofar as increasing the emotional support (not to mention the pleasure of companionship) you derive from your coupling(s). Notice the ways in which you can immediately express your interest in, and/or gratitude for, such relationships. What you notice now will tell you a lot about how to proceed in the months to come.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): 'Why,' you might whinily wail, 'is Barry writing me another horoscope cautioning me to balance my wild hootenanny-happy side with proper respect for my earthly duties? [review the last two here and here] Can't I just enjoy some easy fun time without constantly checking my work schedule?' Well, Aquarius, just because the answer to that second question is an explicit 'no', that doesn't mean this week's horoscope should be read as one more party-pooping raincloud threatening to dampen an otherwise hyperspazzy astro-invitation to rock your socks off. There's a shift in the astro-air which will be rapidly improving your relationship to the day-to-day grind, making productive attention to your copious workload a markedly reassuring behavior. In other words, you'll draw something palpably positive on the attitudinal front by staying functionally busy and knocking shit off the checklist… as well as posing a quite healthful counterbalance to that aforementioned hyperspazziness which, though a raucous playtime energy, also has left you somewhat manic and frazzled from overstimulation. Work, in the weeks ahead, provides relief from the mania—and actually feels really good.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Think of your week ahead, Pisces, as those super-entertaining couple of hours you spend at home primping and prepping, in advance of going out somewhere fun. The silly music that perhaps you only play for yourself when no one else (or only your very closest friend) is around blasts from the speakers. As you're trying out the different possible outfits you might wear, you end up putting on that ridiculous article-of-clothing you bought years ago (and never actually leave the house in) and dancing in front of the mirror, copping moves you last flaunted at the 8th-grade dance. You feel the giddiness rising in you, and you egg it on. After all, the best times often start out with privately jazzing ourselves up, reminding ourselves how much we actually enjoy our own company, when we are so in the flow with our most-authentic oddballishness that we never pause, with shame-ridden self-consciousness, to censor our behavior. Feed this oh-so-personal jazzing-up of your playful side throughout your week… knowing it serves as a pre-party calisthenics routine for your mood, getting your limbs loosened and your heartbeat up. The main event is about to begin, and we expect you to boogie your brains out.