One More Mars-Retrograde Point


A month and a half into this current Mars retrograde, I am still drawing from my personal observations what I hope are insightful conclusions about the intrinsic qualities of this slippery astro-happening.

I've already confessed I find Mars's retrograde to be a phenomenon that defies easy interpretation, as I've witnessed different occurrences of it noticeably varying in their manifestations… though all seeming to feature a subtle (or not-so-subtle) switch-flipping shift in our physical and/or bodily rhythms.

And I've also shared my own first-person 'complaint file', straight from the Mars-retrograde trenches… including an acknowledgment of the irritation which occurs when, due to circumstances beyond our control, our productive energy is diverted somewhere other than where we'd hoped to utilize it.

We continue to learn, together, how to wrap our critical minds around these rascally Mars-retrograde interludes.

One more unifying undercurrent I've perceived, with regards to Mars retrograde, this time around: These energetic 'diversions' I've mentioned don't seem so random in what they're related to, but rather possess a clear (or less-clear) thematic link to other items we'd been meaning to attend to for a while but which we'd postponed longer than we should. The brusque emergence of a sudden need to address the Mars-roused 'irritant', then, forces us to finally attend to this other thematically-related item we've neglected.

Though the irritating trigger-event itself may only prove to be of passing or superficial significance, its relevance (even if somewhat obscure) to whatever else of deeper importance is calling for our attention makes its immediacy a 'blessing in disguise'—if, that is, we can properly contain our annoyance (or outright anger) at having to deal with it now, no matter the inconvenience. But when isn't it 'inconvenient'? If the neglected item had been more convenient, we probably would've already handled it.

Case in point: In my 'complaint' article, I discussed the persistent backache I experienced during the first several weeks of Mars retrograde, which was not the result of any injury (at least not one I'm aware of) and which continually moved from one region of my back to another, eluding distinct identification. Knock on wood, I'm happy to report my back mostly doesn't hurt anymore. Yet, because it hurt so badly for so long, it ended up sending me to the doctor… and wouldn't you know it, I was so overdue for a checkup, I used the opportunity for a full physical exam and bloodwork, finally checking this long-ignored responsibility off the ticker-tape-parade of to-dos that ceaselessly scrolls across the screen of my inner-mind's eye. There was nothing 'wrong' with my back, though it bugged the crap out of me for weeks—but it did get me to the doctor for a badly-needed visit.

Uncannily, my partner also found himself visiting a doctor for a relatively insignificant nuisance… and ending up with a much more comprehensive checkup, including receiving treatment for a culminating high-blood-pressure situation that wasn't even the supposed reason he was there in the first place. The dog, too, ended up with medical care, finally getting up-to-date on his shots (a task I'd been putting off for a little while now)… though what actually sent us to the vet was a cracked claw that, thankfully, never caused him any real problem.

Therefore, following this same rationale, I suppose I'd better make an appointment to bring my car in for a service, considering it started flashing a 'tire pressure low' warning-light a few days ago. Of course, I've already taken it to the gas station and filled the tires to their rightful levels, but the warning-light remains illuminated. Chances are, it just needs to be reset in a two-second job by the mechanic. While the car's in the shop, I should probably have them attend to that factory-recall issue I was notified about by letter a few months ago, huh?

This season's tax-related deadlines, meanwhile, require that major accounting responsibilities get completed by a particular date… and in the process of taking care of those, I will not be able to avoid dealing with certain other organizational tasks. One cannot provide final numbers, after all, until all the requisite data has been properly sorted through and calculated. This year, thanks to Mars retrograde, the whole financial-end enchilada is getting a much more thorough handling.

Consider then: The last-minute emergency at work may be about more than meets the eye, and perhaps is pointing to a bigger issue you ought not to continue overlooking. The latest argument with that certain someone isn't necessarily just a disagreement about the matter at hand, but maybe the recurrence of a clash you never fully resolved in its past outbreaks. Could whatever minor hassle has you pulling your hair out in frustration be so damned frustrating because it's hinting at something else you've been putting off that desperately warrants attention?

From this perspective, Mars-retrograde's exasperating provocations are like thumbtacks on the seat of our proverbial chair, little pains-in-the-ass reminders to get up off our procrastinating duffs and rise into action… helping-hand catalysts that first arrive almost as if pranks from a sentient universe with a wicked sense of humor. They ultimately serve a constructive, goading purpose—though often, before we become aware of their practical value, they merely bother the fuck out of us.

As I describe this perspective to you, I'm also trying to instill it into my own awareness, in hopes of heading off my next outburst of reactive distress before it makes my Mars-retrograde discomfort any worse. Anything we can do to minimize the stress we cause ourselves during these periods is worth the effort, especially now that, as of today (Mon Mar 12), Mercury is also retrograde. (More on that here.)

And what better place to minimize my stress (ironic tone intended) than at jury duty, where I'm headed next? Maybe these dual-retrogrades will cause some incredibly favorable paperwork mix-up that results in me being dismissed and sent home right away? Please?