Horoscopes | Week of October 29-November 4, 2012

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You'll set a favorable precedent for yourself in all interpersonal maneuverings, Aries, with your unwavering willingness to assert basic autonomy…. even if, at the same time, you're sharing your life with somebody. It's unlikely you'd ever be especially happy in situations where your intrinsically independent nature is unduly infringed upon by others' impeding doings. (And this goes for both personal and professional relationships, incidentally.) To most deftly conduct such assertions, however, you mustn't couch this in any direct criticisms of their actions or assaults on their character (though you may, deservedly or not, feel such offerings are warranted). Instead, calmly appeal to their sense of fairness, addressing where your goals and/or behaviors may be colliding with theirs as if you were discussing two hypothetical individuals… and then reemphasizing your intention to continue pursuing what's important to you, while providing them an even chance to explain whether and/or how there is or isn't a conflict-of-interests. Such an exchange can be both unflinchingly real and, at the same time, quite polite and respectful—and help support profound relational changes, either together or separately.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Even if something unanticipated occurs (in personal relationships, out in the world, and/or in your own head), you'll remain at your attitudinal best by staying on task. Wait, let me amend that, Taurus: Especially when the unanticipated occurs, continuing to place stock in your most health-supportive and/or productivity-enhancing routine is your winning antidote to an otherwise scrambled focus. I'm stressing this point mainly because you'll probably be tempted to abruptly step back from whatever you've working on—which, up until the arrival of any such jolts, you'd actually been rather pleased by—and begin once again philosophizing about how such a thing could've happened. I suppose you might be able to wring another 'big insight' or two out of your frazzled brain under these circumstances, but I'm not sure it's the most pacifying approach to take… whereas by purposely acting to maintain as unflustered a constructive day-to-day rhythm, you may help ease the frazzling feelings. While there may presently be no reliable recipe for genuinely smooth sailing, you can do a lot to minimize the rocking through your good habits… and thus reduce the seasickness symptoms.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): My first instinct, Gemini, is to instruct you not to allow anyone or anything to spoil your fun this week. You've hit a point where you just cannot afford to forego your own pleasure and/or postpone playful activities, no matter if you end up skipping engagements you'd really rather not attend or saying no in order to say yes. But then, my second instinct drives me to warn that unapologetically pursuing your necessary fun also threatens to galvanize a chain-reaction of responses, revealing who has what stake in encouraging and/or discouraging you from doing what you want. In other words, complicating developments (which may or may not surprise you) ought to be expected. Third instinct? A reiteration of the first: Don't shy away from whatever complications arise, especially if the initiating action is you shamelessly prioritizing what'll serve your 'just living my life' interests. Though we often mistakenly presume we'd be better off if only things were simpler, in fact it's probably time you welcome whatever clarifying consequences are thrust at you by folks who either (1) want more from and/or alongside you or (2) can't stand that you're enjoying what they want. Seeing this fuller story only provides you more fodder for refusing to let your fun be spoilt.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Okay, Cancer, after having encouraged you two weeks back to resist the inner-hermit urges, I can now endorse you enjoying some more peaceful at-home time… as long as, that is, you promise to keep enough of a productive momentum during your work hours that you'll legitimately earn it. What'll make this increased domesticity that much more blissful is its marked counterbalance to the continuing chaos out there—a contrast which ought to inspire tremendous gratitude for the loveliness you've crafted for your own private pleasure. Now, whether these special private-place moments must necessarily be solitary ones is your choice to make, but I will not accept 'circumstance' as an excuse for involuntarily including others. If your idea of domestic bliss genuinely involves close-up intimacy with a significant other or family member, then, by all means, please bask in each other's glory. Yet, if your true desire is for a bit of aloneness, you're certainly entitled to it… and should take whatever steps to arrange it for yourself. Be deeply wary of any partner or co-resident who refuses to accommodate such a reasonable request: That sounds pretty controlling to me.


LEO (July 23-August 22): If you're basically enjoying the company of a pal, colleague or acquaintance, Leo, then do your damnedest not to react too dramatically in any direction should they posit some outrageous point. You needn't be neatly aligned on every belief system in order to spend a few pleasurable hours together (though you might quietly note this isn't a person to include amongst those you discuss politics or religion with). Should what they say actually offend you, I have faith you can find a way to delicately express your disagreement on this issue (as one might, for instance, mention they don't like Japanese food after receiving an invite for a sushi lunch) without harshly judging the person. (I mean, you might not understand what specific life-experiences they've had which led to this seemingly unpalatable viewpoint.) I certainly wouldn't have the all-out debate if I were you. I'd also be cautious about them casually encouraging any one-thing-leads-to-another defilements of the good habits you've recently been keeping. In other words, don't stay out later than you intended or eat or drink more than you wanted, just because they're gently egging you on.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Should the apparent 'intrusion' of a seemingly untamed individual or entity (whose involvement, incidentally, hasn't been as partial or optional as you'd initially hoped or expected) begin to rattle your cage, Virgo, please bear in mind that it doesn't have to upset your practical leverage. Just a few moments of deep-breath reframing will hopefully remind you that, stripped of any outward ruckus such entangling involvements may have activated, your singular situation really isn't so bad. Simplifying your perspective in this manner can potentially settle you (though, of course, not necessarily them) enough to deescalate any indignant reactions before you actually react. Regardless of who's right or wrong (an almost meaningless distinction at the moment, as far as it relates to functional results), too fierce or proud or condescending a response on your part will only intensify any chaos—and, worse, actually threaten your own not-so-bad position. Don't let yourself get dragged into the mud. Should they get that rise out of you, the balance of power may subtly (or not-so-subtly) shift away from your favor.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): The week's main transits, involving Venus in your sign rumbling with the Uranus-Pluto square, places you in the center of potentially productive (though nonetheless rocky) instability… some due to the continuing inconsistency and/or contrariness coming from a certain someone, and some due to your own inner emotional discomfort with the continuing need for progressive action on your part, Libra. (Who ever said this period in your history would be a cakewalk?) The good news is these transits are anchored by that very happy 1st-house Venus, which gives you the decided advantage in this latest chapter. Any 'larger conversations' about the 'defining issues' I urged you to temporarily hold at bay just a couple weeks ago are now ready to be had—though it's just as likely they'll emerge organically, due to circumstantial developments, than that you'll have to consciously initiate anything. This possibility is not, however, a justification for fruitless passivity. I don't know that you'll soon find any better astrological weather under which to handle this. Postponing, therefore, only abdicates your advantage.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): See how successfully you can be the narrator of this chapter, Scorpio, rather than someone embroiled in either the hero's journey or the antagonist's moves to take the hero down. You and I both know that doesn't mean you won't have an opinion on the goings-on; yet, your opinion need not interfere with the other players' actions. It currently benefits you to embrace a certain quality of 'retreat'—only without actually retreating from the playing field. Your persisting presence will be impactful upon the proceedings, in a strange way, through simply bearing witness to the situation… as well as describing to the bystanders (and perhaps even the players themselves) what's going on, like a sports commentator bringing the game alive for the home-viewers. This role necessarily demands, therefore, that you not pick sides—at least not openly. However, you presently have such a competent grip on steering the narrative in a certain direction, you could probably include an undercurrent that suggests which behavioral qualities you endorse (and don't) and yet still not name names. Don't go too far with that, alas, or you'll end up becoming a conspicuous part of the storyline, which doesn't serve your best interests.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Before I launch into yet another Sagittarian horoscopes about watching your words—because, after all, Mercury is both (1) square the epically-muddling Neptune and (2) preparing to go retrograde in your sign early next week—I must clarify there may indeed be very good reasons for brash, unhesitating communication. One of the timeliest, in fact, would be if you're in need of reinserting your unique (and potentially self-protective) perspective within the context of any group or community where your true personality has gotten a bit lost in the crowd. Venus in your 11th often brings smoother-than-usual social interactions… though, with the current rabble-rousing Uranus/Pluto aspects, too forceful or shocking a show of self-serving insistence could disrupt the peace. Of course, 'disrupting the peace' is something you often do with gusto, Sagittarius, and not necessarily without just cause. If such cause presently exists, you're perfectly set up to stir the pot. Just be forewarned that your lips are now extra-loose, and your tongue super-slippery… and what you say this week may only be the beginning of what'll further unleash and/or unravel next week and thereafter.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): The high esteem presently afforded you in your professional and/or outward-world dealings, Capricorn, is likeliest to become jeopardized only as a result of you getting in your own way. Likeliest Jeopardy Scenario #1: You feel a compulsive need to outdo or overcorrect what a superior or important colleague has put out there, making more of a conspicuous deal out of their supposed shortcomings than is warranted. This is not about if you are 'right' as much as whether it's worth ruffling an otherwise feathery atmosphere over what others may see as too fine a point. In certain circumstances, strategic diplomacy calls for letting some minor stuff slide. Likeliest Jeopardy Scenario #2: A strange and sudden drive to proclaim independence (which is less a factor of the situation-at-hand and more a reflection of inner discomfort) creates a rift between you and those who thought you'd been playing well with others. Yes, it draws more attention to your individualism (which was probably the underlying emotional cause), but not necessarily in a manner that supports a positive reputation. Should you be able to resist either self-complicating scenario, you ought to be good as gold. Or maybe there's a deeper self-developmental incentive not to resist…?


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Pinning a persistent eye on what's fair, Aquarius, is your clearest path to relatively peaceful self-satisfaction… especially at any time when circumstantial surprises or jarring conversational detours threaten to spur a spontaneous reaction that can only be described as 'personal'. Don't let any other individual (someone you've known your whole life or a stranger next to you in line at the local café) disrupt this satisfying mindset by throwing you a curve-ball and/or mischievously searching for the exception to your guiding rule. They may or may not be aware they're fucking with your higher-mind, trying to conjure a crack in your cool thought-out-ness. But at the end of the day, it could be your own deep fear that maybe they're right about you—that maybe your sense of fairness is merely a bunch of words, a façade to cover up a haughty indifference—which is liable to run away with itself and cause you the real problems. (For the record, I do not assume they are right… at least not for most of you.) Keep such fears in check, so they don't spoil your mood. Yet, if and when such fearful feelings do cross your consciousness, you could more deeply meditate on what you're really afraid of.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Enjoying what you share with someone else, Pisces, should hopefully diminish any feelings of personal instability… which may indeed be genuine, but need not be shouldered alone. There's just no getting around the crazy peaks and valleys each of us is navigating during these bumpy Uranus/Pluto years. But realizing we've got one another to help lift us when we stumble, inspire us when we're just not feelin' it, and provide us with the love that's our best medicine for soothing the aches-and-pains…? Well, I believe the profundity of just such a realization is one of the basic explanations for why we must confront such challenges in the first place: to appreciate our most intimate companions on this weird and wonderful (and sometimes harrowing) journey. Be aware, on the other hand, that certain elements within your community may disapprove of how deeply you rely on a particular person, whether they're dutifully (though judgmentally) concerned about your well-being or merely envious of what you have that they don't—as if it's somehow their right to grant or withhold approval. Fuck them, right? Or do they actually have a point…?