Horoscopes | Week of June 27-July 3, 2011

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Acknowledge the periodicity of life's ebbs and flows, Aries, sooner rather than later… and you'll spare yourself gobs of irritability when what worked for you, say, two or three months ago no longer seems as effective. Too much single-minded yang (external, expressive, active), at the expense of a proper balance with yin (internal, reflective, passive), is a recipe for burnout—not just physically, but emotionally. Or haven't you ever seen an overly-charged-up child who, though thoroughly exhausted, persists in refusing the restfulness of nap-time and instead throws a giant unnecessary fit? If you don't heed the whispers beckoning you to your most nourishing version of 'nap-time', you're liable to end up behaving increasingly like our cranky kid: so intent on continuing the hyperactivity, you lose your emotional grounding. Because you still have a relatively lively momentum to draw from, you may be hesitant to pause for what you may believe to be 'excessive breaks'. But that's a misleading perception. Come August, you'll be that much more worn down—and that much crankier—if you push through July as if it were identical to April.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): I'm moved to begin this week's horoscope with a reassuring reminder that Jupiter, long considered the royal emissary of luck and fortune and good favor, is happily in your sign for nearly a year more. I start there, Taurus, in an attempt to color everything transpiring in your life with, first and foremost, an awareness of all the ways in which blessedness is immediately available for your appreciation. That is really the best starting-place for developing a beneficial relationship with Jupiter… as opposed to, say, unfurling a list of unfulfilled yearnings you're begging him to manifest (while simultaneously foregoing gratitude for all you've already received). From there, I then urge you to spend the next several weeks dousing yourself in the free-flow streams of sociability, free of any agendas other than emphasizing the enjoyment you draw from shooting the shit with sassy pals and beautiful strangers. (Yes, your demanding schedule can—and should—make room for these oh-so-essential 'frivolities'.) You will not know in advance how any impromptu lunchtime catch-up or evening-on-the-town might go… but saying 'no' to invitations, for odd philosophically-justifying reasons or just out of stubbornness, is like refusing Jupiter's open-handed offerings because their outer package isn't instantly recognizable.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): As gut-wrenching as certain psychological realities may be, Gemini, you don't do yourself any favors by wallowing in the darkness. I don't throw the word 'wallowing' out there as a linguistic means for kicking you while you're enmeshed in the shit—can't we agree that, even in contexts where you spy traces of transformative progress, your life certainly isn't presently defined by 'ease of pleasure'? Yet, I fear that twinges of masochism may be encroaching upon your response-processes, tempting you to continue re-exposing yourself to the molten core of the unsettling circumstance. (And yes, I understand that, in some cases, this continued exposure is not exactly optional.) Comfort for your achy soul will not come from repeatedly poking yourself in the tender spot to see if it still aches. Cease re-aggravating this sore! The best salve: Take modest practical steps to cultivate a more solid 'nuts-and-bolts' standing. Nurture yourself by demonstrating, no matter what is profoundly shifting or falling away, you can still independently care for your own basic needs.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Friday's (Jul 1) new-moon solar eclipse in your sign reminds us yet again how you Cancerians are squarely in the center of the revolutionary era-defining astrology that marks this decade. Pluto's long-time presence in your 7th dictates that, for you to contribute your 'personal-is-political' participation in transforming our collective power-structures, you must cease to surrender your independent will in any one-on-one relationship where you're either being coerced (explicitly or more subtly) or perpetually putting the other person's needs ahead of your own. Stand up for yourself one interpersonal situation at a time, and the chain-reaction can domino all the way to the top. Uranus's residence in your 10th brings continued instability in whatever you're doing out there in the world, ensuring you mustn't get too comfortably attached to any professional role, lest the breath of Fate blow you on an abrupt detour to where it most needs you. And Saturn, still hanging on in your private 4th, asks that you put regular conscious effort into making yourself feel emotionally safe, whatever that may require. Ruling your insides with a firm unwavering hand won't motivate further success; it'll just leave you in an unappreciated mood. All this is to say: Every day you navigate this wonky convergence of challenges, while maintaining your kind and genuine presence with whomever crosses your path, is a triumphant sign that the human potential to continue caring for each other's preciousness, despite society's painful evolution, remains alive and well.


LEO (July 23-August 22): A good place to start from? 'I don't know what to do.' Because, Leo, as long as you confidently accept the unsureness, you needn't worry about having to do anything. And besides, who says you should presently possess clarity… particularly if Uranus has done his 9th-house job and stirred in you a daring interest in adventurous, perspective-rattling explorations beyond your ordinary frame of reference? If you're treading new ground, you can't be expected to totally understand what's going on, can you? Rather than trying to force fuller comprehensibility (on some artificial timeline of your whim) where it doesn't currently exist, be lenient with yourself about the need-to-know. However, in the open-ended spirit of consciousness-raising, I do encourage you to discuss the unclear topic(s) freely and frequently—without any sheepish insecurity about your still-undetermined state of affairs. Over the coming month or so, you'll have a lot of energy for outwardly tossing around your thoughts and receiving feedback accordingly. For the record, be prepared for any conclusions made imminently to be reconsidered and/or revised later… with definitive actions maybe not happening until September or October. It must unfold organically.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): So convinced am I of the present benefits you'll derive from group collaboration (rather than bull-headed independence), Virgo, I want to suggest you resort to gladly passing the decision-making buck to whomever's been circumstantially hoisted into the (official or unofficial) leadership position… and not worry so much about how everything would be different if you were singly in charge. While we already covered this ground a couple weeks ago, the movement of your ruler Mercury (the guy who makes intelligible sense of things, then permits us to adeptly pass on the information) into your solar 12th now temporarily impairs your ability to use clear logic in communicating your impressions (to others, as well as to yourself). In fact, if we could find the switch that'll shift your mind out of analytic mode for a few weeks, I'd tell you to flip it. Though it may go against your most comforting tendencies, I advise you to embrace the passing dreaminess. When you've got good-hearted people by your side (yes, even if they aren't as 'sharp' or 'exacting' as you), you can relax about 'getting everything perfect' (ahem)—and instead contribute your supportive comradeship however best serves the collective venture.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): 'Nothing is achieved before it be thoroughly attempted,' said Sir Philip Sidney… and while I'm not ordinarily one who quotes dead poets for horoscope material, in this case, Libra, this set of someone else's words is screaming with current relevance for you. As your public-achievement 10th house draws attention from both your ruler Venus and this week's solar eclipse, you're entering a phase when it'll be well worth 'thoroughly attempting' to stretch yourself toward that next-highest level, gladly taking on more significant responsibility, and making yourself more overtly known in the process. In case I made this whole exercise sound a bit too easy, let's be frank about the deep discomfort that may arise inside you in conjunction with an expanded outer-world presence. Perhaps you were taught, too convincingly, to 'mind your place'… which is a rather problematic lesson to practice at the same time you'd like to change that 'place' to one that's bigger, brighter and/or more suitable to your desires. You can't fully take advantage of the available opportunity without, to some degree, startling the expectations of at least one key player who might have underestimated your ambitions. With Venus now shining down from the zenith of your solar chart, any such startling departures will have a much less jarring ring to them—and are much likelier to be received in the enterprising spirit with which you intend them.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Follow PJ Harvey's advice, and throw your pain in the river [YouTube link], Scorpio. Clutching it tight to your chest gains you no trophy for 'Most Stoic', only tired muscles from the strain of continuing to carry yesterday into today. The natural flow of water's roaring rapids wants to carry your emotional energy to its next enriching destination, if you'll toss in the load and let it scatter like white light, to be washed away. If part of why you're holding on involves any ongoing disagreements about 'the facts' in this case, release your need to be right; you've allowed these details to take on too much weight, though 'resolving' them won't alter the overarching nature of what went down. Nothing bad will happen to you from leaving the other person to his/her own version of the story, uncontested and uncorrected. (Could you ever really reach common ground? And at this point, does it matter?) The truth most relevant to you has little to do with which event happened first or who said what when; it's about your emotional experience of the situation, what you learned from it, and how you'll do it differently the next time around.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Before you fool yourself by underestimating what would be involved in cutting the game short, grabbing your ball and running home, please get real about these so-called 'hassles' that would send you packing: That's just how the game is played, player. You can't bank the glorious upshot of mutually nourishing intimacies, Sagittarius, without a corresponding loss of simplicity. Of course it's generally easier to do things as an independent entity, never having to consult or coordinate or concern yourself with overlooked opinions or hurt feelings; 'single-handed' is often a straight shot. On the other hand, operating only 'your own way' can be an invitation to unconscious mindlessness, sending you so quickly through one autopilot step after another, you never notice what you're missing… which could be a lot, both in terms of a potentially better outcome and a more edifying experience. Yes, going 'your own way' is likelier to produce more predictable results with less interpersonal effort. But, golly, since when have Sagittarian preferred predictability over the opportunity to expand your experiential knowledge in strange new ways?


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): As I was getting at last week, Capricorn, your heartfelt attention to those relationships (romantic, professional or friend) you most cherish is presently taking on increasing importance… and that definitely includes a call to explicitly articulate your honest feelings, in a manner that could stir feelings of vulnerability in you but will gift the other person with a clearer view into sentiments you often leave unspoken. Presenting too seamless and measured a carriage to the special individual(s) in your life doesn't make it seem you've 'got it all together', as it might in a more formal or impersonal public context; it merely leaves them with the impression you're 'hard to get to' and thus somewhat emotionally unavailable. Should you find yourself resistant to further sharing, I recommend considering whether this might be an unconscious power move, motivated by fears of 'losing face' once they see what's really going on inside you. When it comes to fostering rewarding relationships, however, an opposite premise applies: The more you disclose, the less power your 'secret' feelings will have over you—and the more of yourself you'll expose to the powerful transformational magic of interpersonal exchange.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): The sky needn't be a perfect sparkling blue in order for you to follow through with the plans for 'getting it done'. People function just fine in less-than-ideal circumstances all the time, Aquarius… and though muddy conditions might soil your workclothes, though other outbreaks of chaos could toss chunks of obstructing shrapnel in your way, you can still accomplish quite a bit despite the inconvenience. Waiting around for a perfect confluence of favorable events is just unwise, as is spending too much energy philosophizing about possibilities several steps beyond where you currently are. You ought to simply roll up your sleeves, and start anywhere (while dispensing with any wistful desire to have it unfold in a tidy linear fashion). Don't judge your overall productivity level by the evidence of Progress, particularly if you're having to constantly shift gears in reaction to changing priorities or inconsistent moods. As long as you remain actively engaged in some tangible work throughout each day, you're out of your head and operating in the physical realm, where reality can actually be impacted.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Insinuate yourself wherever reside the things that give you joy, warm your heart and affirm you are in command of your own preferences. Nobody else's opinions, Pisces, should dictate what you take your personal pleasure from. At this juncture, it's better to be the lone loon who willfully chases his/her whims ('because life's too short not to!') than to conform or kowtow, fearful of rejection from a certain identity or friend-group that insists you not diverge so brashly from the party-line. (Can we hear a 'fuck that!' from the peanut gallery, please?) Not only can you take great pride in choosing to follow your own tastes, you might be surprised at how certain other black-sheep or wandering-stars will draw inspiration from your willingness to stand apart. (And if there are enough renegades, you could actually end up shifting the dynamics of the whole group… if not unofficially starting your own offshoot.) When we do just what we want, the other players will gravitate closer to, or further from, us in natural response—a far healthier causality-chain than desperately wishing to fit in, and consequently altering our behaviors away from self-satisfaction.