Horoscopes | Week of February 28-March 6, 2011

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Please continue reminding yourself that you're currently between two rounds of initiating momentum… and during this intermediary interval, Aries, you'd do best to merely coast. While I'm not big on dissuading folks from trusting their inner voice, I must warn you that a good portion of your thoughts and instincts—particularly if they're swaying you to abruptly go back on commitments already made to other people—could be considered 'suspect'. It's not that you're flatly 'wrong', but more a case of your overeagerness to move ahead playing tricks on you while this in-between vibe drives you a bit crazy. Haste will only create problems in the very short term. But believe me when I say this 'very short term' only last a few weeks more (at the absolute max)… to be followed quickly thereafter by a tremendous forward thrust (which, of course, will still have to be balanced against your ongoing responsibility for interpersonal cooperativeness). All the while, good-luck king Jupiter remains in your sign; keep telling him you're über-grateful.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Venus bounding into your solar 10th augurs pleasant and/or beneficial signs in your professional world and/or public-reputation realm, Taurus, in direct proportion to how diligently you've been putting in the necessary efforts over the past many weeks. If you've been waiting for the right astrological climate in which to ask for more, expect a favorable reaction, and/or shine a brighter-than-usual light, these few weeks ahead provide that weather. Yet, there's simultaneously arising a tension between (1) the ongoing dutiful fulfillment of your responsibilities and (2) what may be needed from you, in a more substantial fashion than previously, by members of your community or friend-group. In other words, you may have to put some of your eagle-eyed work focus on temporary hold for the week ahead, in order to be there (whatever that means) in a support role for others. This passing sacrifice is what's called for. Perhaps Venus's good graces will allow you to cruise by with less effort for a brief spell, as you sink your emotional all into camaraderie.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In setting out to determine what's next—and, oh, yes, it is now that time to begin moving into it—you mustn't fall prey to the mistaken notion that, due to having had to recently face such adversity and/or aggravation, your subsequent chapter should be all about 'free easy fun'. Look, Gemini, I'm not forbidding the fun… but rather letting you know, in no uncertain terms, that your path forward into greater contentment is not merely a 'way out' of heavier consideration. On the contrary, in fact: You're being called to occupy a larger public role specifically on behalf of a group of people who understand what you've been through, and who will directly thrive from your efforts to bring something new to all of you. This is decidedly not a call simply to indulge your ego's cravings for attention (though, if you do it right, you will garner a lot of favorable notice). Too self-indulgent a next step, and you will thwart the flowering of friendships or allegiances that would otherwise do wonderful things for you. Whatever's next, it ought to draw you closer to others like you, not disassociate yourself from them.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): You presently possess lots of compelling reasons to be optimistic about your future—and one stubborn internal situation with the potential to obstruct your recognition of 'em, if you don't push through it. In this burgeoning moment of personal-meaning-centered enthusiasm, Cancer, your worst enemy is the self-doubt that tells you (in a strangely familiar voice that sounds far too much like one of your parents) to 'tone down' your bright expectations and 'be realistic' about how things always end up. Yes, it's true, whether or not you want to believe it: Somebody with as much emotional power as you does indeed impact the direction your life carries you, based upon the self-fulfilling-prophecy model of fueling either desired or undesired outcomes. Right now, it's so very important for you to dream big… and to dream of happy visions, in which you are not only able to share all that you've got to give with folks who need it, but also to receive an equivalent amount of tender care from their appreciative hearts (and, perhaps most importantly, from your own). Murder the bastard inside who tells you not to get your hopes up; that fucker wins when you aim low.


LEO (July 23-August 22): It would be disingenuous, Leo, to treat interpersonal situations as 'casual' when they are quite obviously not. Therefore, do your absolute best not to cut off conversations that are drilling into uncomfortable regions of emotion, as if to imply the other person is 'making too big a deal' of something that has become a big deal as a result of both your behaviors. Try to leave doors open, rather than too hastily asserting declarations that purport to 'offer a final word' when the statements are really-and-truly still speculative. In other words: Stay where you are. Draw out this span of not-yet-defined. Show proper respect for the complexities. Don't dash out of this hot kitchen, to seek supposed solace in the company of someone else who may be 'easier' but ultimately doesn't hold the same significance in the evolutionary trajectory of your life. If you can prevent yourself from freaking out too much, you might discover the perplexing delight that come from losing your balance—alongside someone else.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Don't let undue concern about small pragmatic details (which, in the end, you'll take care of just fine anyhow) impede on your ability to be present with the most important person(s) in your life. You really can put your anxieties aside, ease up on the impossible drive to be on top of everything all at once, and simply concentrate on enjoying precious moments with your special guy/girl. And if you aren't playing the role of 'the unavailable one', Virgo, then you should feel just as free to insert yourself into the other person's immediate scope of attention—yes, even if he/she is claiming to be 'too busy' to make time for you—and remind them how truly precious your relationship is. Of course, I'd recommend doing so with a tender, loving and humorous touch… as opposed to, say, trying to guilt-trip or arm-wrestle 'em into doing things your way. In case this advice isn't clear, it's not necessary to be coupled up in order to heed these words. It applies equally to valuable friends or much-adored family members, as well as to any longed-for hotties you have yet to 'seal the deal' with.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): While I cannot stress enough, Libra, that you're presently in a work moment (and therefore oughtn't bother attempting to squirm out of it), I also must point out the dangers of toiling too sacrificially in methods or manners that aren't especially constructive or fruitful. Whereas last week you might've just needed to get going on something or another, this week demands slightly more acknowledgment of which efforts make the most of your special skills, knowledge or experience—and which might be better carried out by somebody else, freeing you up to maximize your best practices. As part of acknowledging this distinction, you may find yourself having to approach a colleague, boss or partner with your observations… with the potential to generate slight or moderate awkwardness between you two, as you offer suggestions for how better to organize the endeavor. This is yet another opportunity for you to transcend 'easy-going', in order to advocate for 'authenticity of self'. As long as you remember it's 'all about the work' and getting the best possible results, you're apt to shine in any such reorganizational discussions—and end up tweaking your processes in a way that pleases you.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): I presume you've taken up the 'partying like a rock star' strongly recommended in last week's horoscope? I can't imagine why you wouldn't have, Scorpio, since this is the type of advice most readers would love to receive from their astrologer. Well, actually, if you are experiencing a delay or hesitancy in unleashing the raucous reveler in you, I have one possible explanation: It's that damn Saturn again, in the process of sweeping up remnants of resentments or regrets or screw-ups from your days gone by, confusing your past with your future. That's some serious residue all right, but I swear it's not a sign of things to come; it's a flashback of things that have already come to pass. If you don't have a desire (conscious or less-conscious) to repeat yourself, then please release the worry—and get back to really enjoying yourself. An inspiration: Think about how kids do it. They may cry hysterically or throw a giant tantrum, but are often back on the playground within five or ten minutes, as if nothing ever happened.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): There's a slight disconnect between (1) your continuing drive to escape the glare of public life, to instead enjoy a bit of 'stay-cation', and (2) the ongoing duty to honor your social commitments, showing up for your comrades and colleagues in order to cement the mutual allegiance and ensure they'll show up when you need 'em. In this simmering but not outright obvious tension, Sagittarius, the first issue remains of tantamount importance… though it needn't cause you to completely disregard the second, if you're simply willing to communicate what's going on with you to folks who might be affected. Please inform your inner renegade this is not the same as asking their permission; you are still free to do whatever you'd like, of course, without checking if it's okay with anyone else. Rather, it's a basic show of courtesy, so nobody's left to wonder where you are and what you're up to. If this makes it any easier to momentarily put yourself out on others' account, you needn't give a lot of information—just what's required to clarify your temporary disappearance from view isn't a personal swipe at them, and to let 'em know you'll be back soon enough.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): I admit, it'll probably prove pretty difficult to convince you to purposely meander and dilly-dally in all social encounters great and small… with the conscious awareness that, yes, you will necessarily be less productive in your outer-world role by occupying larger segments of time with interpersonal interaction. Oh, well. That's still my job for this week, Capricorn, as the astrologer who sees this active 3rd-house influence as an endorsement of temporarily surrendering your trademark enterprising nature, on behalf of casually touchy-feely humanness. I wouldn't be totally off the mark, were I to detail the circuitous chains of astro-logic that point to your having both (1) a more potent impact on folks and (2) a fuller exposure to serendipitous luck by following an out-in-the-social-world wanderlust. But really, must I? Just get out of the office, the house or other self-containment chambers you keep yourself in… and go to a café, a bar, the park, the gym, a mixer, a meeting, or your local subway stop, and lollygag the moments away with meaningful nonsense shared with other souls.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): If you try pushing a gallant agenda right now, Aquarius, you're creating more trouble for yourself than this easing-up moment necessitates. On Tuesday (Mar 1), Venus traipses into your territory for nearly four weeks of blessed favor. Under her benevolent influence, you'll be giving off that extra-special sparkle to fan the flames of fandom aimed in your direction. And you can expect to get more of the positive responses you've been hoping for… if you aren't pressing too uncouth-like for a certain philosophic orderliness to the developments in your life, which, frankly, will be more random and spotty for the time being. You have immediate needs to attend to, on a far more urgent timeline than now permits further panoramic-overview-style grand planning. Table all concepting. Work modestly on what's directly before you. Meanwhile, smile (and flirt?) a lot. This next spell is about taking care of business—and enjoying lovely little fringe benefits along the way.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): If you're looking for a clean start in any (or every) area of your life, you can't find a better time than the annual new moon in your sign… which for you, Pisces, occurs this week (Fri Mar 4). Traditionally, at the moon's darkest point, we explicitly introduce our intentions out into the world—often through a personally meaningful ritual, putting written or spoken-aloud words to the intention, maybe lighting a candle or visiting a special place—and watch as they begin to manifest while the moon gets brighter each succeeding day. At this present moment, you also have Mars at your disposal, providing an extra injection of assertive verve that only comes around for six weeks or so every couple years. Mercury's in your sign, too, granting your mind a cornucopia of on-the-spot ideas (so long as you refrain from censoring them before they have a chance to fully emerge). The only thing holding you back at this point? Any unnecessarily burdensome entanglements into other people's dramas that might siphon away focus from yours. You ought to be the star of this current story, not a mere co-star… and certainly not a supporting character.