Horoscopes | Week of January 10-16, 2011

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Have you been tending to your relationships, as I (and Saturn) have been repeatedly encouraging you to do? I sure hope so, Aries, as you're on the edge of a several-week period during which you'll need to call in the favors you've earned… if, that is, you want to make the most of the career/public-life circumstances that have been slowly ripening over the past months. I presume you're learning the lesson, trial-by-fire-style, that it's often better to work with people from the onset (even when it slows you down) than having to go back and refigure your deeds to include their input further into the process? Show how much you've learned, then, by soliciting their opinions and advice… along with asking them to help you by opening a door, establishing a connection, co-signing on your plan, or somehow giving you a leg-up. They'll want to assist you if they feel you respect their feedback. During this several weeks ahead, good-luck Jupiter will return to your sign (to stay through early June) to finish what he started in mid-'10. In other words, you will enjoy some expansive experience that reinvigorates your enthusiasms in the first half of '11—a sensation much likelier to persist if you've attained it with supporters by your side.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Get ready for a busy several weeks ahead in your career zone and/or public role, kicking itself off once Mars hits your solar 10th on Saturday (Jan 15). This should offer you a wonderful chance to provide highly visible leadership to others, Taurus, in alignment with the very principles you've lately been engaged in (1) ironing out and (2) living up to. Mars's participation, of course, also increases the possibility of conflict in this same professional/public context… though, I must point out, it's not the sort of conflict you ought to try and avoid, particularly if you have to fight against a person or structure in order to fight for what's right. Your relative success in this fight rests on whether your notion of 'what's right' is on behalf of the entire organization (rather than just because you want what you want). And in terms of how to fight this fight: Incisive intellectual arguments that directly address a piece of 'unfairness' your opponent would rather talk around than talk about will yield far better results than personal attacks or displays of sheer force. After all, your primary work responsibility remains getting the job done fairly, accurately and effectively—for its own sake, not personal gain. (Boosts in position and/or reputation will occur as an aftereffect of doing good work.)


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Your next 'calls to action', Gemini, should carry you into some sort of new territory… pushing you to get far outside your usual frames of behavioral reference, to go elsewhere, to seek alternative opinions, to try it differently (whatever 'it' is). At the same time, your mind may be lagging in some fearful or angry place that's become too familiar to yield any new perspectives, spinning you round and round in a whirlpool of these same tired complications. Don't let your mind's domineering need to understand stop you from following this explorer's 'call' to see what else is out there… though, admittedly, you cannot possibly know whether this 'something else' will be the golden goose or one more plain-ol' chicken. The journey, alas, is as important to opening up possibilities for yourself (and, in the process, inviting opportunity to find you) as what you find there. Should you get caught in a debilitating mental maelstrom, actively reach out to that special person(s) in your life who holds the adventurous notions, the journeyer's temperament and/or the philosopher's soul. They will know how best to engage you in a manner that productively pushes against whatever walls block your advance. Despite what you may tell yourself, there is movement happening here—enough, hopefully, to inspire further stretches.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): This is not the week to let the conversation peter out, non-threateningly incomplete. This is not the time to resign yourself to paltry partialities or overly well-tempered diplomacy, falsely believing your fullest self-assertiveness will merely create too much of a mess to be worth bothering. You've moving further into the 'all or nothing' moment, Cancer, where you can't simultaneously remain (1) passively uncommunicative and supposedly 'easy-going' and (2) morally authentic in your true feelings and desires. Whatever issues have been stirring since early December—particularly those related to how deeply involved you are, or wish to become, in a sexual and/or financial arrangement with a certain party—are now reaching their apex. There can be no nostalgic turning-back toward the imagined simplicity of this situation's earlier days. (And how 'simple' was it, really, if you were holding things back the whole time?) I presume you've already been consciously grappling with these intensifying hungers and hankerings, or with a similar intensification in your misgivings and mortifications… if not in actual discussion with the involved party, then surely in your own mind. Is this what your 'breaking point' feels like? If so, don't hesitate to 'break', like the building wave that finally hits the shore… expelling its tensions, then flowing back to the ocean.


LEO (July 23-August 22): You may finally start 'getting somewhere' with a certain someone with whom unfinished (or maybe 'never started') business has been lingering for a while now, due to circumstances that had one or the both of you concentrating your attentions on other items. Whether that 'somewhere' you're getting is a place you'd like to be, Leo, remains to be seen. But it does seem to depend on your joint willingness to move on already… past the friction-generating complications that have been played and replayed for quite long enough, and toward a 'higher perspective' that provides you a meaningful reason for why everything happened as it did. If the two of you aren't yet on the same page, in terms of readiness to push forward, you can expect a battle—instigated, of course, by the one who's still holding onto unresolved resentment about the situational specifics (which, by this point, are old news). However, if you two are both prepared to explore fresh terrain at last (whether together or separately), this 'getting somewhere' sure sounds promising. (1) Conscious reinvestment in the relationship, if you intend to stay, or (2) bravely throwing yourself back into the bigger pool, if you intend to depart, are presently favored for the upcoming several weeks.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): I expect you to find increasing contentment over the coming weeks, Virgo… so long as you have taken the ample personal space (which I advocated last week) necessary for throwing yourself into the health-improvement, task-coordinating and/or service-oriented projects you're eager to tackle in early-'11. In fact, you're due for an upswing in productive energy, starting late in the week and stretching through much of February, which should better enable you to simultaneously attack multiple work-zones. And you'll be even more happily efficient if you can do as much of this work while at home or in a similarly 'safe' environment, where you can block out the noise of other people's less-focused agendas and efforts. The defining factor, in terms of how well you're personally able to enjoy this period, remains the interpersonal wild-card—whether the person(s) you typically share the most of your life with are (1) supportive of your need to 'Virgo out' over the month-plus ahead or (2) resentful of the relative distance you presently require. Since you'll never likely get the chance to fiddle and fuss for lengths of time in a self-enclosed chamber without someone or another clamoring for chunks of your attention, this is, therefore, also an opportunity to shift and grow in how you relate to others.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Lay low, and keep conversations minimal for the duration of the workweek. By the time the weekend rolls around, Libra, you'll begin to feel the transition toward more outwardly pleasurable and groovy days ahead… a trend that ought to persist for the next several weeks. If you fancy yourself any type of creative artist, writer or performer, please make extra time to devote to your outlet between now and late-February, as you should experience a boon in productivity. The same goes for those of you on the hunt for romance (or maybe just a frisky good time): Starting this weekend, get yourself out into the mix-and-mingle scene. Perhaps you simply need to spend more playful time with kids (yours or someone else's), as a way to connect with your own childlike innocence. All these activities, of course, also provide you a chance to practice the art of authenticity (as described in last week's horoscope). As part of that practice, please consider the possibility that you can both (1) blow off steam while having some kick-ass fun and (2) still have heavier thoughts on your mind, which you can share in bibs and bobs with your social companions without spoiling the fun-time mood.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): A private battle is now beginning to brew, Scorpio, in which you'll have to fight against your own inner self-saboteur… who'd rather you be 'on guard' against possible attacks (keeping you unnecessarily suspicious, defensive and charged up) than 'too comfortable' out amongst the people. While you're never likely to be the super-social, happy-go-lucky type, there is a point where the mistrustful 'prudence' feeding your antisocial tendencies fuels more self-protectedness, which fuels more solitariness, in a negative feedback loop that does nothing good for your sanity. And before you know it, you've cut yourself off from the world (again). My sense is that you're all too familiar with this battle… and at different points in life, you've both (1) observed and appreciated the value of holding your cards close to your chest and (2) missed out on lighter-hearted connectedness (and the unforeseen opportunities that accompany it), merely to indulge the moody goth inside. This time around, consider trying the tactic of publicly betraying your 'enemy' (i.e., the internal saboteur) by unashamedly exposing the details of his/her dastardly self-destructive doings: Tell your friends exactly what you've been secretly telling yourself, and observe their sweet, concerned responses.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): On the practical-business front, Sagittarius, this is an ideal week to begin moving forward with executing any strategies for banking more bucks or other stabilizing gains, based on the confidence-building brainstorms I first advised you to undertake a month ago. Wrap up your year-end financial processes sooner rather than later, so you know exactly where you stand with income and expenses, investments and budgetary goals. Put forth your skills and talents into the open market, whether to seek a more solid position and/or higher pay, in your current place of employment and/or elsewhere. Envision, in detail, what you'll do with your extra income and/or authority. And do all of this, to the best of your ability, with as rational and disciplined an approach as possible—as opposed to conducting the 'on-the-spot hustle', where you push a fast-talkin', gimmicky sales-pitch in the hope that, for every dozen or so people you knowingly rub the wrong way, perhaps one will take the bait. (Too slapdash, I'm afraid.) Work multiple angles simultaneously, reflecting your genuine interests… while withholding too impulsive a verbal commitment until a tangible offer is on the table. With Venus still in your sign, you should get fairly favorable responses in the short-term. However, it's only through sustained effort over the long haul that you can collect on the great promise of increasing your wealth.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Reignite the open discourse, Capricorn, on that topic you've been carefully considering over these past several weeks. This past month or so has been a metaphoric game of conversational 'Red Light/Green Light'… a potentially frustrating situation where, if you were playing your cards right, you first spoke up then stopped speaking up, began to talk it out then stepped back from the dialogue. (Blame the recent Mercury retrograde; he's always good for that.) There's now, however, not much reason for the 'Red Light' part of the game any longer. The cat would like to be released from the bag this time, thank you—all the way out. As before, of course, I urge you to be discriminating with your words, even-keeled with your temper, and confident in your power to effect change by heeding the first two suggestions. When challenged on philosophy or ideology, reply with results-oriented pragmatism. When tempted into emotional outbreak, take a deep breath… and let them know, in no uncertain terms, you're 'not going there'. One secret weapon you've presently got at your disposal: A 12th-house Venus dispositing the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your 3rd, an uncannily protective charm that favorably colors others' impressions of you when you dare to speak a progressive truth. Use your comparatively conservative tone to promote the reformist ideas fundamental to your vision.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): This is your last week of officially astro-sanctioned non-doing (or, if you've fallen into any self-destructive traps, of undoing). Prepare for your activity levels to ramp up considerably, Aquarius, with the arrival of Mars into your sign at week's-end (on Sat Jan 15) for a six-week visit. During this period, you'll possess the wherewithal to accomplish loads more than you ordinarily would… to take charge without thinking twice about it (a tendency likely to inspire some and irritate others)… and to still retain enough excess energy for post-workday hangouts and interesting weekend outings and undertakings. Exciting, eh? Spend this week easing into the shift. Please note, though, your mental and communicative abilities may not catch up right away, with Mercury slipping back into 12th-house unintelligibility for a bit more time. That shouldn't be much of a problem, alas, since you have plenty of already-in-progress, hanging-on-the-line unfinished business you can attend to—without any additional conversations or conceptualizations necessary. This is your obvious starting-place.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): In a culmination of the messages you've been receiving for several weeks now, Pisces, I strongly urge you to astutely discern between which social influences (i.e., friends, teammates, ideological colleagues) are bestowing a largely positive impact on your life… and which are troublemakers seeking to lure you into behaviors or beliefs that aren't in line with you being 'your best self'. In preparation for Mars occupying your solar 12th (from this coming Saturday Jan 15 through late February), you should definitively cut yourself off from any pals or peers who encourage you to do things you'd be ashamed to publicly admit… who preach prejudicial ideas lacking the compassion you typically identify with… and/or who pressure you to take distance from the other influences in your life, as if they want to be your one-and-only friend. (And by 'cut yourself off', I mean: deleting numbers from your phone, defriending from Facebook, refraining from responding to emails and texts, steering clear of their stomping grounds, etc.) Meanwhile, you should step even closer to the folks you deeply respect (even if you don't know 'em that well), who inspire you to strive for greatness, and who you'd be proud to introduce as 'friends' to others. The main reason? You'll soon have stronger cravings for stuff (e.g., toxic relationships, drugs or alcohol, uncontrolled spending, binge eating, other escapist vices) that isn't exactly good for you—and who you're associating with could make the difference between you holding your healthful ground or descending into destructiveness.