Horoscopes | Week of March 29-April 4, 2010

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Please don't react poorly to continuing evidence that the impetus-snagging 'start-and-stop(-and-stop-and-start)' routine has ensnared you once again. Prepare yourself, Aries, for another momentary slowdown in the process… and right when you thought you'd hit the open road for an extended length and were just upshifting into high gear. However, this is not the main story of the rest of your year, I promise. Rather, think of it as a momentary aside, an informational footnote that serves to orient those (yourself included?) who may've gotten flipped around by all the hairpin-turns and need a grounding reminder of the facts in this case. On a more literal level, this short-term deceleration is intended for you to check your material provisions: Do you have what you need to push onward? Do the numbers balance out? Considering how very very close you've gotten to a full-on blastoff, I wouldn't be surprised if you break out in a bit of a tantrum, pissed off at having to once again 'attend to the practicalities'. But for now, you've got to respect the limits of physical reality—so you may, soon enough, totally refashion it with that much more success.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Starting the week half-drowsed from the escape of a few extra-snooze moments, the momentum is already changing midway through. You have captured your precious detox time, I hope. You're back out into the thick of it, head to toe, by next week. But this isn't a demand from the grabby outer-world, Taurus… it's a seductive lure courtesy of Venus (and eased along by Mercury), your leading lady, who returns to the comforts of her earthy home in your sign on Wednesday (Mar 31) and kisses you hello with sunshine on her lips. Her warm rays are incentive enough to begin dipping your toes back out into the open air—but with the awareness that, due to Mars's driving desire to rebelliously root you in private quarters, you may still have your doubts about daring to. Still, putting yourself in a conspicuous outward position, where you're available to receive good favor from those who appreciate your humble unwaveringness of purpose, is where it's at. Otherwise, remaining so hell-bent on treating yourself to those most obvious pleasures already sitting all around your house, you may miss the more that this sentient universe has waiting out there for you.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Sometimes, Gemini, the wisest option available is to acknowledge your essential powerlessness in steering a situation to the resolution you'd most prefer. Sometimes, we must find our strength in consciously surrendering our illusion of control… instead allowing ourselves full permission to ride the emotional turbulence according to its own rules of mechanics, leaning into the curves and rising with bumps, not bracing ourselves for impact with a frozen stance that holds the potential to worsen any injuries by blocking our body's sympathetic give. Rather than assuming your core solidness ought to come from your clever knack for devising multiple action-plans (in hopes any one of them might ward off painful consequences), please understand that it's really faith in your ability to persevere through whatever the universe throws at you which will hold you together. Such faith doesn't mean you let whatever happen, without doing what's in your power to spin the situation toward certain ends. It does, however, require you not to squander your energy on fighting against obvious inevitabilities. Acceptance is ultimately fortifying, if not sometimes simultaneously upsetting.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): It'll be far easier to justify your case when you have secured the solidarity of others—friends, colleagues, community members, like-minded folks—who get exactly where you're coming from. Feeling yourself part of this network of peers is your perfect antidote to the pressures from certain stubborn-headed individuals in your life who may be way too skilled at imposing their manipulative influences on you for you to triumphantly resist without backup. Allow your peeps to ground you, Cancer, with sincere pep-talks and common-sense suggestions intended to alleviate that 'me against the world' sensation you might otherwise suffer privately. Will there be passing instances of dissent, during which you momentarily resist your belonging due to someone's flippant remark or questionable move, a 'clear indication' that you and they are on totally separate pages? Probably. But 'belonging' doesn't mean you'll agree with everybody on every last point, you idealist you. Moderate differences here and there are part and parcel of the human experience… and are necessary to respect, even within the most wonderful social relationships.


LEO (July 23-August 22): After all these months, you're at long last about to receive some public recognition for your efforts… and not merely get noticed for being the fabulous you that you are. Please note the distinction, Leo, between (1) earning respect for your sustained work toward a certain goal, whether or not you've wholly clinched the gold ring as of now, and (2) drawing attention based purely on charisma and your ballsy eagerness to unabashedly express it. While both are elements that play a role in your creating buzz for yourself, they are presently somewhat at odds with each other. The recognition headed your way is more a factor of the first—and is yours for the taking if and only if you are legitimately deserving. Yet, should you simultaneously discover that more work is required for you to fully cement your position on the outer-world stage, you mustn't assume that a bit of sweet-talking and ego-stroking will be all that's needed. If anything, your apparent belief that you can ride your personality to the top (and, at the same time, cut certain corners in the tangible-details department) can work against you. While you are undoubtedly a special individual, the sturdiest successes now available for claiming must come from the same blood-sweat-and-tears the rest of us toil to invest.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): I know last week's endorsement of mess-making spoke to many of you… albeit not necessarily in a tone that allows the pandemonium to be experienced as any less disconcerting. Still, the more willing you are to entertain multiple contradictory threads of emotional response at the same time, the more quickly you actually will determine which is the one to follow through on. And you are approaching a decisive stance on the matter, Virgo, that'll carry you into the next chapter of this story—though it'd be best if you can stall on the decision-making until next week, when Mars is done messing with Venus and Mercury. But please remember this: The 'mess' you're presently dwelling in is surely not the last instance of disarray you'll have to inhabit in the foreseeable future. You have much more, er, psychological dynamism (codeword: unruliness) headed your way throughout the upcoming months. So let this moment's topsy-turvy, everywhere-at-once indeterminacy serve as an inoculation against the worst symptoms during future outbreaks. As long you're prepared to be unprepared, you'll have a wonderfully wild ride ahead. Otherwise…


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): I don't expect the 'evolved' approach (note the quotes) to reap you the results you're hoping for. Without a clear expression of emotional oomph to accompany your words, you're too likely to be dismissed as 'not that serious'… even in the act of attempting to convey your seriousness. You have to show 'em how much you care about having this situation go a certain way (and/or not having it go that certain other way), or else they will mistake your controlled countenance as a display of lukewarm investment. This horoscope merely continues the trend of your last two (here and here), Libra, in which I'm hardly shy in encouraging you to come out with it already… only now, it's just as important that the disclosure includes all the bells and whistles typically associated with passion. In other words: Don't worry about whether you're losing your composure. If your voice gets raised, so be it. If your hands are gesticulating theatrically, in order to demonstrate your full-body engagement in the topic, all the better. If it really matters to you, you won't mind getting hot under the collar about it—for anyone and everyone to see.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Having proudly risen to the responsibility of 'taking care of yourself' (i.e., no whiny requests for assistance, no easy acceptance of handouts, very little open airing of your private fears and frustrations), it's now high time to reach out to those most important figures in your life. Whether for deep support or pleasurable distraction, you need to break through the solitary-stoic role and embrace the solidity of your most loyal relationships. These people are in your life for many good reasons, Scorpio… all of which involve how much you gain both from receiving their love and from sharing yours with them. With both Venus and Mercury moving into your solar 7th this week, you're shifting away from a sole focus on 'work! work! work!' and toward improved interpersonal connection and communication. I wish I could say this shift was without its bumps, but the truth is… you may have a hard time setting the fight for 'your good name in this world' aside long enough to enjoy the warm feelings your loved one(s) already holds for you. But even prize fighters take breaks between rounds, to let their supporters wipe down their brows and feed 'em fluids.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Get out of the bar, and get back to the gym! Step away from the bag of caramels, and rebalance your diet! Quit stepping over those piles of unattended-to responsibility, and attend to 'em, gosh darn it! That's not to say, Sagittarius, you've been completely lax with your duties… merely that, with all those much-needed occasions for livin' it up (and purposely thumbing your nose with extra-defiance at any faction who dare try to school you), you may've let a few bibs and bobs slide a bit. But please, for your own good, don't work yourself into dreading this catch-up and, with all that hype, remake the tasks ahead as more of a bummer than they really are. This is nothing you can't handle—and after just a few earnest weeks of effort, you are likely to feel terrific! You may, alas, have to handcuff your inner rebellious-adventurer self to the desk in the short-term… or else he's liable to hop in a taxi and zoom away, leaving you and your remaining selves to continue tiptoeing through the minefield of all that unfinished business.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): There's now even less reason to hold your true thoughts and desires close to your chest, Capricorn. The time for apologizing for yourself has run out. During this transitional week, I expect you to ease your rocket-ship out from its inconspicuous storage chamber… and into full public view, where folks will either ooh! and aah! at your impressive display of competence or fiendishly glare (perhaps in skeptical suspicion? perhaps with bloodthirsty envy?) from behind beady eyes. Remind your inner purveyor of modesty: You are not showing off, merely showing yourself so that your fellow earthlings will have enough information to choose whether they resonate with your vibe or not. With regards to those who aren't feeling you, don't internalize their judgments—we all possess intrinsic likes and dislikes, which aren't universal verdicts on a person's worthiness but just personal opinions. Caring too much about their opinions, at the expense of your authenticity, is like handing them the keys to your rocket… with no insurance and no security deposit.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): So much 'mingling with the masses'—that is, staying socially active and interactive while, in the process, tempting interpersonal conflict at every turn—has started to leave you with that not-so-fresh feeling, hasn't it? Not to worry, Aquarius, on the waning-moon descent from this week into next, life is readying itself to temporarily provide you an opportunity to privately scrub yourself down. Does that mean you get to prematurely wean yourself away from important negotiations before they're completed, just because you're tired or grumpy or ready for a few moments of quiet domesticity? Unfortunately not. You won't really get to collect on this mini-reprieve until next week, after you've wrapped up those still-in-process pieces that oughtn't be left to indefinitely dangle any longer. Naturally, having this breath-of-relief within such near proximity yet not quite here is enough to ruffle any worn-out participant's feathers. Take care not to snap at your partner or closest pals out of personal frustration. Hold on one smidgeon more.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Coming off a week in which I counseled you to resist compromise (insofar as it waters down your ability to focus on you and your material needs), I'm now advising you to open yourself up to others' suggestions on how to accomplish what you're focusing on. Have you caught me in apparent week-to-week contradiction, as if I've told you to turn left one week and right the next? Not quite, Pisces. See, to look at it again through a finer lens, it's still crucial that you define your own agenda—that is, which direction you want to be headed. But what type of vehicle you use, which of the various routes to choose, how quickly or slowly to proceed, and who to bring along on your journey… these are all variables that should rightfully be up in the air, to a greater or lesser extent. And these are matters in which some external feedback would be quite useful, much in the way a corporate visionary plots the course and then hires advisers and support-staff to help make it happen. In your life, you must remain the visionary. That's why any 'advisers and support-staff' you bring on board, first and foremost, mustn't be the types who'd try to arm-wrestle you for control over the vision.