Horoscopes | Week of February 1-7, 2010

ARIES (March 21-April 19): With the knowledge that your now-rising star is a combined factor of (1) your own tireless efforts, (2) the support of allies, and (3) the unknown hand of God, Fate, chaos theory or what-not, you need to make sure all three elements are sufficiently addressed, if you want the ascent to continue. Of the three elements I listed, Aries, I'm least concerned about the first one—if we know anything for sure, it's that you can take care of yourself. The second piece, involving enlisting a wider network of colleagues and/or increasing everybody's joint involvement, I've mentioned both recently and repeatedly over the course of last year… and it's something I believe you're already aware of, though it begs repeating that these social relationships require constant upkeep (unless you want to be one of those folks who only call their friends when they want something). The third, however, we haven't talked much about… though now that good king Jupiter is lighting up your solar 12th, you mustn't ignore. Whatever you believe or don't believe, insofar as the cosmos may adhere to some strange plan we don't hold a reliable blueprint for (though you are reading an astrology site right now), it wouldn't hurt to light a candle or make an offering or get down on your knees and pray to… ?


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Good stuff is likeliest to funnel toward you in large heaps, Taurus, when you're aligned with what's best for everyone. When you can demonstrate (if not explicitly to the parties who possess those large heaps of good stuff, then to yourself and 'the universe' or whatever cosmic power you defer to) how your increased worldly success is about more than just you, the heavens will open up and shower you with enough to spread around. One warning about all this, however: There is a point at which this notion can go too far. That 10th-house Venus is conjoining Neptune, after all… which not only indicates inspiring blessings (in mindset, standing and cash-dollars) from being of service to something greater than one's self, but also the potential to naively sell out one's own interests in a sacrificial show of 'support for the higher cause' (which may or may not be a 'higher cause' at all and, thus, may or may not deserve the sacrifice). It's on you to assess when useful 'universal oneness' thinking lapses into selflessly bending too far over for someone else's gain.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I'd like to rework last week's edition for you, to go beyond my prior pointing-out that you can simultaneously (1) remain entrenched in a tricky situation moving undeniably slowly in its development and (2) still welcome bounteous growth in other areas of life (especially career). From the angle of 'all is one', these two separate potentials are in fact related… at least insofar as everything is connected to everything else in an ultimately undifferentiated whole. If you, Gemini, reputedly of the multiple selves, are willing to get on board with that unifying awareness, then you'll spy a link between (1) your willingness to publicly acknowledge the impact of said tricky-situation, rather than cramming it down into privacy, beneath hollow denials that anything's going on, and (2) the divine delivery of some new opportunity that gives you something to be happy or excited about, as a counterbalance to the darker news. How obvious and intelligible—or subtle and cryptic—this link may be is dependent on your situation, of course. Still, meditate on it… starting from the belief that we are rewarded with more once we demonstrate we're satisfactorily dealing with what we've already got.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): It's perfectly understandable if what you're about to tell You-Know-Who (or what you know you ought to tell 'em but haven't yet committed to going through with it) leaves you feeling more than a little nervous. Though the point you'd like to convey is fairly clear (at least in your head), Cancer, the decisive act of actually doing so represents a major evolutionary step in living up to your ethical best. In other words, there is a noticeable stretch involved… carrying you from a past of leaving certain topics undiscussed (perhaps out of a hesitance to bear the shock to your sensitivities, once the inevitable discomfort materializes) to a future where, despite the moment's emotional strain on you, you eliminate the ambiguities and firmly stand in one court or the other. Concentrate, then, not on what you imagine you're putting the other person through by insisting they hear something from you that necessarily impacts their life. Instead, view it from the angle of you coming more fully into your own—and the subsequent realization that you can't manage everyone else's reaction to that.


LEO (July 23-August 22): I'm going to presume last week, with a Mars-retrograde-influenced full moon in your sign, was a somewhat big one… whether for better, for worse, or for simply chaotic. In any case, Leo, I suggest you grant yourself much of the week ahead for a much-needed decompression from those climaxing stresses, especially with regards to how much you engage in unnecessary interpersonal embroilment. While it's probably true that whatever issues came up aren't exactly 'resolved', they also don't need to be poked and prodded at incessantly for however long it will take to reach resolution. What if that takes weeks? months? Are you going to remain in suspended animation in all other arenas until you can finally breathe a sigh of relief in this one? Switch gears, and tend to finite tasks and chores that you are able to complete (or achieve major progress on) without having to get involved in discussions, tradeoffs or bargainings with anybody else. And if you're going to involve yourself with other folks at all, let it be in your 'easiest' relationships… with people with whom you can share mutually unproblematic 'love-fests', and prevent any collateral consequences.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Start off the interaction by telling the person who's got your interest something you really like or admire about them. If it's sincere and heartfelt, please trust it won't ring like you're merely trying to butter 'em up. Who doesn't like being given specific positive feedback about the qualities other people observe in them? There are few folks more observant than you, Virgo… but too often, your eagle-eye is drawn to identifying the imperfections (or 'areas for improvement') with analytic precision. Use this innate knack instead for pumping up their confidence level, not for 'helpfully humbling' them. Then, once you've heightened the quality of the moment's connection by honestly sharing your fondness, they'll be equally eager to genuinely return the favor… at which point, I urge you to reveal your fledgling enthusiasm for a new pastime, participation, expression or outlook on life, so they may help boost your belief that it's worth continuing to foster. When it all plays out like I've outlined, both you and the other person will truly and deeply benefit from each other's company. If either side in this equal exchange flounders or is obstructed by 'issues', though, this is a clue your present relationship 'luck' might not come through investing in this specific one.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): The conjunction of Venus and Neptune in your 5th bespeaks of romance (in the most general sense of the word, implying idealism and imaginativeness) playing out in your off-work time... whether through flirtatious dalliances, inspired self-expressions, or wide-eyed childlike appreciations. In short, Libra, it's a wonderful week for artistry and amour—as long as you don't use the momentary bliss that results as an excuse to forget everything else and totally submerge yourself in futile attempts to 'make it last forever'. I hope this doesn't ring as if I'm raining on your parade because, honest to God, I want nothing more for you than a little (or more than a little) uncomplicated frolic. But please keep one foot firmly planted in the realm of realism, and mind its reminders to stay on that same track you've already determined you're to keep treading for a while. Simultaneous to this romantic 5th-house activity, you also have an opportunity to privately commit yourself to revisions in your day-to-day action plan… to continue devising new methods for increasing efficiency, lowering stress, and therefore increasing health and well-being. You'll only be able to strike gold in your brainstorms, however, if you spend enough thoughtful time alone and on task… in between the artistry-and/or-amour.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): In the two-plus weeks since magnanimous good-guy Jupiter entered your solar 5th, we haven't taken the chance to hail the uptick in playful possibilities and pleasurable participations this astro-move warrants. See, Scorpio, this planet/house combination is one of the absolute loveliest… namely because it eases your capacity to look on the bright side, enjoy the ride, and take advantage of the myriad occasions for humble happiness that we encounter every day. (Disclaimer, to be fair: He can also inspire us to indulge in 'too much of a good thing'.) I excuse you, of course, if you've missed the memo declaring this a time for dipping further into your leisure-time pursuits, due to Mars's muddling, miffing retrograde through your upward-mobility house (10th), which has likely been dominating your daily scene. I get it, I really do. But let's switch gears for a moment, and honor the planetary god who wants you to have more pleasure and play during this period. Make plans with one or more of your sillier goofball friends, and orchestrate a (moderately) debaucherous ritual to commemorate this cosmic invitation for greater joy. The release in itself should provide a rippling effect that'll (hopefully) ease the stubborn stresses you're enduring.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): We have recently spoken a lot about prioritizing your own practical requirements (i.e., financial stability, a nurturing place to live, a right to inner peace) over everything else… including the demands of other people (especially the peripheral ones). And at the same time, I've endorsed 'keeping it casual' in your interpersonal communications. This week, Sagittarius, could bring the ideal moment to explicitly articulate the boundary you feel you must hold in order to preserve your proper priorities, so as not to have to indirectly dodge their urgent calls or pleading requests for help. 'Gentle, but firm' is the path to shielding yourself from undesired obligations and pushy pals. Here's another hint to assist you in really communicating your whole truth: Express, with honest vulnerability, the emotions upon which your need for self-supporting space is based. Let them see the person beneath your sometimes-sharp-tongued persona, so they can feel your situation for themselves. You'll get what you want, and they'll likely be far less irked by it, hearing you expose the 'why' behind your distancing outreached arm./p>


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): This week's convergence of astrological forces frames a near-perfect opportunity for you, Capricorn, to encapsulate in words the direction you want to see yourself heading in the future's next chapter. As such, this horoscope is a continuation from last week… only in that version, we were contending with two waxing oppositions (Venus/Mars retrograde, Sun/Moon) that combined to fuel a heightened potential for adversarial energy to collide with your communications. Those oppositions have now passed, clearing the way for you to more unilaterally define the agenda on your terms—without the threat of someone tempting you toward conflict. If you're holding any residual defensiveness as a result of last week's tenser vibe, I encourage you to let it go. The threat really has passed (for the moment, at least). Concretize your intentions by directly stating them to other people in your life, writing them into being, sharing them in emails and on blogs, reaching out to like-minded allies (some of whom may presently be strangers, but could quickly become friends)… and, above all else, taking complete confidence in your well-earned ability to orchestrate this manifestation of your vision.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Picture this: A very special guest, someone you adore or admire, who quietly and inconspicuously thinks of him-/herself as a 'fairy-godmother'-benefactor of sorts to you, has arrived with a gift for you. You cannot see nor understand what is being bestowed upon you. (Hell, you barely have a clue as to how deeply this mystical figure cares for your well-being.) The only instruction you've been given, in order to facilitate the transfer of this gift, is: Hold out your hands, and receive it. Are you ready to obey this simple directive and accept what's coming to you? It's harder for you especially, Aquarius, than it sounds. Remember: You don't really 'get' the full significance (and potential profundity) of what the cosmos is presently bringing you. There's nobody to answer your questions, to ensure that what's arriving is actually a 'gift' (rather than some kind of cruel trick), and to assuage your anxiety about not-knowing. Furthermore, you've got to hold your hands open and gently still… or risk inadvertently dropping or denying the very goodies you've been desperately wanting (though the form in which they presently appear may be unrecognizable), if not offending the benefactor with your egoic nervousness. Are you up for graciously agreeing to flourish, even though you don't quite 'get it' yet?


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Want to help activate the good-luck charm of Jupiter's present residence in your sign, Pisces? Thought so. Here are a few helpful tips for the week ahead: (1) Not only ought you place yourself in as many horizon-broadening social situations as possible, but you should be sure to stay in the middle of it all (as opposed to, say, showing up but hiding in the corner with your one best friend and spending the whole time snidely remarking on everyone else). (2) If given the choice between 'fitting in' via behaviors that may not genuinely represent who you are or 'standing out' by doing what comes naturally… well, do I even need to finish this statement? Screw 'fitting in'. (3) Don't let that particular arguably-too-strong-an-influence-in-your-life person convince you to go against your instincts. After all, 'instinct' is the language of serendipity, which is defined on Dictionary.com as 'an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident' (though whether the 'by accident' part is really the hand of divine intervention is a question for the theologians among us). (4) Tap into Venus's conjunction with Neptune and Chiron in your 12th, and shoot streams of loving-kindness out your psychic transmitters when no one's watching. Like draws like.