Horoscopes | Weeks of November 16-29, 2009

ARIES (March 21-April 19): In recent horoscopes, I've repeatedly instilled the necessity of prioritizing your most important relationship(s), working collaboratively, and seeking others' sign-offs before launching headfirst into self-directed behaviors that would affect them… and I've done it in a tone that implied a reluctance to such interpersonal efforts on your part. Now, I'd like to approach the same astrological outlook from a different angle: namely, that you just might revel in getting to share some of the burden as well as the authority. (Or: What we're really talking about isn't necessarily an obligatory involvement at all, but perhaps a passionate connection you can't get enough of, though it may simultaneously drive you bonkers.) That's right, Aries… that potential 'frustration' you're experiencing in trying to merge your independent streak with a partner's requisite need to be included? Seen from an alternate perspective, it could also be labeled a 'creative tension'—and while it undoubtedly forces you to deal with added complexities in order to 'get anything done', the union between you two also provides a rich source of new ideas, refined strategies, inside jokes and lively lunchtime (or after-hours, wink wink) companionship. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Over these couple weeks, you just may find you're charged up enough to at last deliver some not-so-pleasant-or-simple feedback to someone who, not surprisingly, won't likely be so thrilled to hear it. The relevant astro-climate suggests both the possibility that (1) you may have greater success at being listened to, in a spirit of genuine interpersonal grace, thanks to Venus's presence in your solar 7th and (2) you could jeopardize that graceful reception by pouring too much extraneous emotion (some of which is more properly about you and your own personal crap, and therefore beyond the legitimate scope of the issue at hand) into the discussion. Needless to say, Taurus, your relative success will be determined by how closely you stay to the goal you hope to achieve from the confrontation—and refrain from adding those extra vengeful jabs, which you may feel they 'deserve' but which ultimately accomplish little other than undermining the clarity of your main message. And while you might fantasize (realistically or not) that this encounter could represent some sort of final break between you two, please proceed as if you will still be in relationship to this person. That presumption ought to keep you at your highest interpersonal benevolence. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): I want to grant you total unfettered reign to occupy yourself with only what you Geminis do best… and to spend these coming couple weeks ensuring that everyone who matters in your life has an ear to talk to, confide in, ask advice of, and seek supportive friendship from. That 'ear', of course, would be you. Your ruler Mercury in the 7th, presently forming supportive angles to multiple planets, symbolizes a better-than-usual knack for communicatively connecting on the one-on-one level. In light of Mercury's preferential positioning, it wouldn't surprise me to learn, for instance, that you're the one who kept the conversation flowing (right past any potentially graceless stumblings) at the Thanksgiving table or that you contributed the pivotal feedback which kept your close pal from a hasty decision or exaggerated reaction. And for that piece, let me issue a heartfelt 'thanks' on behalf of us all. Unfortunately, if this social wizardry is all you pull off right now, you'll also miss a valuable chance to keep the daily momentum pumping in terms of the project or program you're eager to reap some results from. Though (at least in the US) this is a holiday time and therefore provides an official excuse to glance away from our work responsibilities or ignore our much-needed health regimen, the astro-gods have played the dirty joke of bestowing much productivity—and the opportunity to actually achieve desired goals—if you maintain your consistency and don't take much of a 'vacation'. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): In her present residence within your 5th house, Venus eagerly wants you to assume the ready posture of someone open to receiving pleasure now. Venus in the 5th is 'in love with love', whether of the romantic variety or in a more general life-affirming manner, inspiring you (hopefully) to squeal with glee in the act of play or thrive in spilling your creative juices into activities you actually care about. What threatens your ability to savor this lovely Venusian influence, Cancer, are a couple basic snags: (1) Her square with Mars in the 2nd could overdramatize how badly you need to 'be responsible at all costs'… leaving you to nervously scowl (consciously or not) at opportunities to forget about your troubles and revel in the here-and-now leisure, as if you're afraid to believe it could be that uncomplicated to just enjoy yourself. (2) Her square with Jupiter and Neptune in the 8th indicate an innate challenge to prioritizing what you love over the slippery-slope of someone else's influence… such that you almost automatically find yourself asking them what they want to do, before even pausing to consider leading the fun brigade yourself, on your terms. There's nothing inherently wrong with letting the other person call the shots, of course—as long as you actually want to do what they're doing, not merely because it's easier (or 'more caring') not to bother registering a personal preference. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


LEO (July 23-August 22): You can't be everywhere at once… though if ever it were possible, my money would be on you, Leo, during this drawn-out Mars transit. Nor need you pounce on every single social opening that presents itself (and there undoubtedly will be many), just because you know all too well that (yes it's true) you always add a certain je ne sais quoi, without which the occasion simply wouldn't be the same. I affirm the fact that you do bring a special warming flavor to the scene by virtue of your innate Leonine charms. That doesn't, however, pin you into taking on a huge chunk of responsibility for whether your family dinner or friend's cocktail party, the 20-year high school reunion or local holiday gift faire is a smooth smashing success—even knowing that, should you choose to take a pass and skip the event, your presence will be missed. Despite finding yourself in the midst of all this present astro-impetus toward extroversion, you may find some of your most personally fulfilling moments occur when you have absolutely nowhere to be… and can steal more than a passing snippet of down time at home, whether alone or with only the few most intimate members of your circle. It's too easy to focus on what you'll bring to others by attending all the big bashes or putting in all that anticipated face-time. Don't neglect to save some for yourself by reserving space in your schedule for meaningful domestic decompression. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Can you please set your always-so-demanding self-imposed concerns aside for a few wasteful moments, Virgo? My goodness, you needn't remain so constantly productive all the damn time. As long as you continue to engineer your days to be lean mean task-fulfillment routines, there's no room for anybody else—a pal, a neighbor, a relative or relative stranger—to insert him/herself into your schedule and divert you into some socially rewarding detour. I've already mentioned my worry that your present expectations for what can get accomplished in a given span of time are somewhat unrealistic, leaving you even fewer spare moments than usual to spend on your interpersonal check-ins. Plus, that rascally Mars in your 12th would almost rather occupy you with reclusive trips into those more obsessive avenues of your brain, raising phantom fears you're then moved to react to (and not necessarily through the healthiest of escape-hatches), than permit you to shoot the shit at your local café for a couple hours. Don't take the bait of believing you're too busy to make social plans, when you can certainly choose to curtail your self-involvements (no matter how supposedly 'productive', which even that I must call into question) and instead let other people have a slice or two of your time. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Keep your conversational connections intact so they'll hear, from your own two lips, you're still a member of their league. By assuming obvious responsibility for staying in touch with your peeps, Libra, you'll escape their noticing you've lately become much more focused on what you're up to. Meanwhile, when managing those duties you presently find most important, you'd benefit from taking a sharp left-or-right turn away from 'the way you've always done it'… and radically rearranging which and how many hours you're dedicating to what, which steps come first or second or fifth and/or which may be totally pointless. None of that, however, requires much interpersonal input. It's your call… and you who will benefit or suffer from your methods. What they think is essentially irrelevant. But obviously, you have no reason to blatantly shut others out. In fact, it works against your basic Libran nature to leave anyone else feeling as if you don't appreciate them. Therefore, you'll want to proactively maintain contact… yet not draw unnecessary attention to those areas in which your recent behavior is veering off-course from what your allies believe. However, since we're all trying to be our sincerest selves, you will have to fess up to your divergence, should somebody directly ask you about your progress. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): What do you intend to do with these two more weeks of Venus in your sign? It's your choice, Scorpio, as to how smoothly and inconspicuously you ride her gentle waves—or whether you utilize her protective blessings to try to pull off something more challenging. One possibility, which I brought up last week, is that you'll succumb to the allure of secluded relaxation… and simply avoid much public appearance altogether. Nothing to lose, to be sure, but likewise nothing to gain. Another probably scenario, due to Venus's square to Mars in your 10th, is that you decide to take on a big push (or potential fight) in your career zone or some other public arena… counting on Venus's 'extra something' to make you likelier to succeed in garnering favor, though you could simultaneously anger or annoy someone important who may feel rather threatened by your excellence (and who might save up that resentment for some future vengeful move). Yes, it's true that you're presently well set up to take on such a trial and thrive in the doing-so. But are you ready to also invite the collateral headaches, which could infringe upon the simplicity of Venus's goodness? A third option would be to deploy her Uranus trine to cause a stir in your love-life… to take some wild risk in playful self-expression and see where it goes, knowing you're less apt to make a fool of yourself with Venus watching out. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Maybe I'm being a bit of a troublemaker (or just slap-happy from having written horoscopes for the last seventeen hours), but this edition of your weekly instructive is intended to instigate your rabble-rousing tendencies. My goal is to egg you on toward more audacious behavior (rather than, say, repeating one of my all-too-often urgings to play the diplomatic card), if for no other reason than to keep the couple weeks ahead interesting for you. So many Sagittarians I know derive great delight from purposely stirring controversy, to see where people's beliefs lie (and whether those who haven't thought theirs through sufficiently will freely make fools of themselves or attempt to backpedal from their hinted-at ignorance)… or, if nothing else, to maintain a lively (if not slightly edgy) social dynamic. I don't think I need to outline the possibly uncomfortable or incommodious consequences of this inciting attitude (since you're plenty familiar with 'em, no doubt), though it's only fair to include a general reminder here. Still, the archetypal Sagittarius is supposed to poke his arrow right into the heart of important human matters and get others thinking about the big issues (if not heatedly debating 'em). We actually benefit from the provocation, as it helps us to more thoroughly vet our stances and learn how to succinctly defend them—that is, as long as you goad the folks from a good-hearted place and guard the proceedings against personal attacks. Play fair, but by all means play. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): In potentially adversarial encounters, please don't come out of the gate with fighting words. The ultra-super-calm-and-nonreactive (even to the point of intimidating 'em with your controlled coolness) stance will carry you closer to where you want to go, Capricorn. Let possible opponents self-destruct of their accord. Once they spy you refusing to get emotional, it'll only stoke their fires even more—and, losing a grip on their own faculties, lead them to behave in ways that'll have 'em automatically forfeiting any legitimate claim to 'the high road' by virtue of their obvious ridiculousness. And you won't need to do anything to spark such self-defeat on their part… other than deciding not to argue. Better yet, if there is no latent conflict threatening to bust into being, you can avoid its likelihood by playing everything very 'middle of the road': sticking close to a like-minded ally with a loud mouth who'd gladly take care of fighting any fight for you, chattering about trivialities to fill all the awkward pauses, providing non-committal responses to pointed inquiries that leave put you 'on the spot'. Restraint serves you well, especially with both the Sun and Mercury in your renegade 12th… and the sense that ferocious power-struggles lurk barely under the surface, just around the corner (and perhaps around more than one). Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): If you aren't experiencing the momentary boon in your outward-achievement sector of life due you from Venus in your 10th, it's possible you've allowed a relationship issue to obstruct your capacity to receive. Is somebody competing with you for the top slot? competing for your attention, against your desire to concentrate on career (or other public-world) concerns? Is your confidence being undermined, subtly perhaps, by a key individual who fears what'll happen if you grow too big to dedicate as much of yourself to them as you previously were? Or are you simply so smitten with voluntarily channeling your undivided energies toward a certain person that you're overlooking other advantageous opportunities presently at your disposal? Of course, it's also possible, Aquarius, that none of these potentials are playing themselves out—because, that is, you've wisely recognized your current outside fortunes are tied to integrating this looming tension between your self-selected worldly ambitions and your ability to astutely apply your interpersonal interests in the relevant relationship(s). Fighting for your desired role within such a partnership, while fighting against those who (above-board or not) seek to sabotage you, is effort well spent. Thinking you're beyond the need to engage others on how they impact your ambitious aims (and 'dirty your hands' in the process) is naïve at best … and, at its potential worst, an attitude that could damage your reputation. Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Don't let the sentiments I raised three weeks back—too much 'habit', and we start to miss the whole point—slip away from your consciousness, Pisces. No matter how routine or confined a life we come to expect for ourselves, there's always more out there for us… and all it takes to catch a glimpse of it is a short hike upward, to a more panoramic view that puts our trifling daily worries into a broader context. Though looking out at your day-to-day existence from this wider focus may stir your discontent into more noticeable inner turbulence, that is no excuse to ignore this reality and lower your head back toward the meaningless drudgery. As I already told you, such dissatisfaction is what ultimately spurs us to try something different. And as long as you keep telling yourself to just suck it up and quit complaining, you'll be merely settling for less than what's possible because (inside that defeatist head of yours) it's not worth the toil to reach for more. Your day-to-day happiness is worth it. You're presently hosting a mix of longer-range strategic-mindedness, plenty of the physical 'fight' in you to make things happen, and a hopefully newly inspired Venus in your 9th making you yearn for life experiences that'll actually teach you something (or at least provide something novel to get excited about). Isn't that enough astro-mojo to motivate your visionary skills into action… to help you create more of what matters to you on an everyday basis? Please note: I will be taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Your next batch of horoscopes will be available on Mon Nov 30.