Horoscopes | Week of October 27-November 2, 2008

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Call it like you see it, Aries. Don your warrior hat, and embrace the role of truth-telling troublemaker. Too many other folks around you have been sugarcoating their words these days… refusing to delve deeply enough into their own awarenesses to provide much of that soul-wrenching quality we often associate with the real, full and uncensored truth. Chances are, they simply understand (consciously or not) that uttering the most convenient perfunctory reply, whatever will cut the conversation short and hastily get you off their back, will create far less of a hassle for themselves (or so they think) than disclosing everything and opening it up into a larger discussion. But don't let 'em get away with fudging the facts. You are already too far 'in bed' with each other (however you want to read that)… and their reluctance to share the whole shebang with you has a major impact on your ability to do your best. (Don't you need the most comprehensive perspective on what you're working with?) The quality of what you do is at stake. Are you really planning, then, to 'just go along with it'?


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): A strong Mars in your solar 7th (the relationship zone), bolstered on many sides by supportive aspects to further-out planets, sets you up as either a passionately assertive partner or a formidable opponent. In any case, you're presently set up to call the shots… or at least to lob a fierce objection to the shots that aren't going your way, without backing down or shying away from strong-arm tactics to emphasize your opposition. But just because you're feeling confident, conscious and composed, Taurus, that doesn't mean you should automatically get what you want. It all depends on how adeptly you can avoid turning interpersonal exchanges into sheer 'battles of will'—and instead stick to arguing for best practices and admirable principles. You'll belittle your case if it devolves into low blows (i.e., willingness to do anything for the victory), or if your best justifications amount to nothing more than 'because that's how I want it'. You'll get further, however, by pointing out how your way will benefit other people and situations beyond the myopia of just you two.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Can you please stop obsessing about your social life (or, more specifically, a certain someone who's currently at the center of it all) for just a week or two, Gemini? I'm hoping you can instead concentrate on the important job at hand, the items on your daily to-do list you keep neglecting to handle, the recent lapses in your health and fitness routine, or whatever other responsibilities desperately demand your attention. It'd be such a shame if you miss this week's chance for an unbelievable breakthrough in the area of getting shit done… one that's likely to keep things moving powerfully forward for a while to come. I do understand the appeal of ignoring what you know you 'should' do (and isn't it just too convenient a time to be all anti-'should'?), especially if a devilish voice of 'just one more little bit of fun!' keeps whispering sweet nothings in your ear. But don't we all face that challenge to resist from time to time? You won't know what you're missing by not getting your shit done… at least not until the next time you absolutely positively must deal with it, and there's that much deeper of a hole to dig yourself out of.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): This week, Cancer, I recommend spending the bulk of your time Method acting… in order to totally submerge yourself in your best Leo impression. For those of you who are somehow unaware of how Leos behave, let me give a brief snapshot: As the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is the prototypical energy of warmth, vitality and self-expression. Generally, Leos have such a strong sense of self, they can't help but put themselves out there boldly and generously… with the sincere hope they'll be recognized as special, solely on the basis of their innately effervescent personality. Examples of behaviors you may want to delve into during your week as a Leo? Shamelessly jumping into the spotlight so everyone can see what you've got. Telling first-person stories that reflect your own experiences, as inspiration for others to do the same. Wearing clothes, makeup and/or hairstyles that garner obvious notice. And most importantly, not holding yourself back out of fear or excessive concern that somebody else's toes will be stepped on in the process of you being you. We need you to share yourself. After all, for this week at least, you are our bright and shining example.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Please clean up any messes on the homefront, Leo, instead of settling for feeling unsettled. Sometimes, you've got to fight through that lingering problem with one big mighty swing, in order to achieve the peace you eagerly crave. This advice could apply to literal household messes—the overcrowded garage, the crusty kitchen, the nightmarish dresser drawers, the weed-filled backyard—that, because they perpetually weigh on your consciousness (whether or not you're always acutely aware of it), refuse to permit you the domestic relaxation you deserve. In that case, roll your sleeves up… scrub… disinfect… make 'to be donated' piles of old clothes and knickknacks, then cart 'em to your favorite charity… and generally kick the crap to the curb. The house belongs to you, not the junk that's clogging its coffers. This advice could also apply, however, to unresolved tensions with a family member, roommate or close friend, which surely carry out their own version of coffer-clogging and relaxation-blocking that obviously adversely you. If there are still measures you could take to ease the pinched dynamic between you two, take 'em… even if your pride (or lack of desire to deal) might tell you otherwise. You might even have to bring up that most dreaded topic, to move past it once and for all. Yet, your other choice—to leave it at a slow maddening simmer for another eternity of limbo—sounds far less appealing (at least to me).


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Decidedly not the time to be shy, Virgo. As opposed to reserving the thoughts in your head (until you're 110% sure you're 'right' or some time when they'd sound more 'appropriate'), invite us all into your spontaneous 'still in development' idea-conjuring process. You never know who might be able to help. And like I told you last week, you'll want to gravitate toward a more laidback approach for discussing matters of great import. This does not turn them trivial. Rather, it opens you up to find inspiration from the less likelier sources. (Sometimes it's 'The Fool' who speaks the wisest words, but we'd usually not think to ask him.) When you run into casual pals or friends-of-friends who just might have a suggestion or connection to lend you, don't hesitate to inquire. Instead of convincing yourself you shouldn't be a bother, go on and seek out the advice or the favors. You won't know what's possible unless you just ask.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Talk is cheaper than ever for the time being. Either certain someones finally understand where you're coming from, or they're probably not going to. (Because they're too oafish to interpret your subtleties? Because your subtleties are so subtle as to border on the obscure?) As such, you needn't concern yourself with spending all that effort to explain yourself (or to cover up for what you don't want to explain). You have more pressing matters to attend to, which serve nothing more than to 'batten down the hatches' (that is, secure your position) in the management of your life's practical details. That's not to say trouble is any likelier to be specifically on its way to you than at any other time. Rather, it's just that you're currently uniquely positioned to (1) organize the resources you've got, (2) prioritize the things that are most important to you, and (3) solidify an action plan both for how to protect what's yours and create more of what you want. It doesn't take a Ph.D. in economics to glean a glimpse at what we're all in store for over the coming months and years. Initiatives taken this week can help shore up your slice of the beach so that, when the larger waves start hitting, your livelihood won't get washed away with the driftwood and kelp.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): This is the time to make a memorable splash or a sensational statement… some self-expression that nobody within a certain radius of your splendor could possibly miss. If that means opting for your sexiest outfit and a come-get-me gaze, then start peeling off your drearier day-to-day clothes. If you must follow the urge to interrupt the meeting, stand up, and totally blow their minds with a controversial conversation-changing comment, you won't hear me trying to stop you. And if you find yourself growing increasingly tired of putting on your best behavior, keeping your hands to yourself, and refraining from the provocative button-pushing acts you delight in conducting… well, Scorpio, you can quit being so 'good'. Don't you crave something a bit sinful to indulge in? Whatever's your version of drop-dead attention-grabbing, it's time to flaunt it. Think 'scandalous' in the best possible way. If everybody's not talking about you yet, you're still being too subtle.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): You probably didn't know this about me, but I'm something of a klutz. I often misjudge how my bodily motions will interact with the rest of physical reality… and end up spilling, dropping things, and bumping into furniture. When I considered your week, Sagittarius, I pictured my clumsy self walking into a very expensive gift shop, featuring lots of breakable glass items, while wearing a big wide backpack. In this imagined scenario, I am here to pick up a very valuable item that is waiting for me at the front counter... a precious gesture of appreciation gifted to me. Yet I must move very carefully, gradually, almost ethereally or invisibly, in order to avoid knocking into the surrounding display cases and turning what should be a fortunate windfall into a massively chaotic drama. And, oh, yeah, the other customers in the store aren't nearly so measured or vigilant. They're vying for attention, distracting me from my mission… hell, they might be even damaging the wares themselves. One thing's for sure: Their frenetic energy is in total contrast with both the environment and my goal in being there. Your week's challenge, as seen through this metaphor? Delicately and stealthily pursue acquisition of the goodies, evading those crazies who'd seek to sink your mission, while managing not to break or drop or bump into anything.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): When folks on your team appear stuck, pay respect to their plight… but don't give 'em a free pass to stop trying as hard. Instead, offer a lovingly supportive but firm shove. This is absolutely the wrong time to let the most troubled points (i.e., people) in our social networks break down, Capricorn. We need each other now—and not merely as fair-weather friends who tell us our hair looks good (when it really looks like crap) or who put in the face-time but never really 'show up'. Offer one of those rough-and-tumble, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps motivational speeches to pals or colleagues who seem to be faltering. Urge 'em to get off their lazy bums and put in more effort because you know ('without a doubt', you'll be telling 'em) how much they're capable of achieving. Don't ignore any tender emotions you stumble upon, but don't pander to them either. We are all adults here, right? And if we are all in this together, then we must look out for each other… with honesty, not just dog-style head pats. Your encouragement, sprinkled with real-world grit, could make all the difference.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): This week's New Moon in your solar 10th helps to channel Mars's assertive strength toward the overarching goals in your professional or public life, making this a fantastic week to structure a strategy for manifesting the future you want. In other words, you'll want to utilize this moment as an intention-setter… a commitment to placing your main guiding vision far above all of the little day-to-day headaches and disagreements. But if you're being truly wise, Aquarius, you'll also recognize the need to put long-range goals ahead of any impromptu urges to 'make a point' or 'show 'em who's boss'. That could indeed mean swallowing momentary blows to your ego, rather than fighting back. Don't fool yourself into thinking, however, you'll be offering a 'weak' response or 'letting them win'. You're merely fighting smart, by thinking beyond today or tomorrow. Pass up the small battles now, to set yourself up for a better chance at winning the whole enchilada later.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Has life become too boring and repetitive? Are you tired of replaying the same tired exchanges ad nauseum? You've got to own a sizable chunk of the responsibility here… but this horoscope is not about getting down on you, Pisces, for keeping the channel tuned to reruns. If anything, I want you to be looking outward at the huge smorgasbord of potentials that our world truly provides. Don't like what you're chewing on? Find something else. The current 9th-house influence can be a tremendous motivating factor in sending you off on journeys of discovery—travel adventures, intellectual explorations, deeper spiritual considerations, or exposure to individuals coming from a way different place (literally or figuratively) than you. And to be clear, such quests aren't being pushed upon you because you must 'fix' yourself, as if you're currently doing something wrong. These mind-expanding possibilities should get you excited about experiencing more. Before whatever endless-loop tapes in your life have a chance to replay themselves (again!), choose an interest totally outside the predictable script… and, with your sincerest curiosity in place, begin to pursue it.