Horoscopes | Week of April 7-13, 2008

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Despite some tense astro-aspects, I'm forecasting a fairly successful week ahead for you, Aries. That's because this is an environment where stuff is really happening… and, as a result, the hyper-stimulating vibe in the air is more than enough to get people's actions and attitudes clashes and colliding with each other. But it's this very kind of energy that you thrive on—though so many others around you are too tightly wound or emotionally tender or 'all-talk-no-action' to handle it as productively. While those around you may crash and burn or yell and scream, your innate spontaneity will come in very handy. Thinking on your feet is a great skill you Aries have in spades. And this week, your lightning-fast suggestions are likely to rescue your whole group from unnecessary delays. Don't be afraid on stepping on toes, however… especially when the likelihood of doing so is definitely heightened. Even if you bruise somebody's ego, they'll quickly forget about it once they marvel at how beautifully you saved the day.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): There's no sure way to distinguish 'very important issue' from 'trifling bit of nonsense' this week. And that goes against all the trust you might ordinarily place in your own abilities to make such distinctions. This is a temporary situation, Taurus—and one that shouldn't be too hard to glide through, relatively unscathed, as long as you remain aware of this peculiar dynamic. Consider your most trusted friends and associates as your magical keys to decoding the mystery behind which topic is the main one, and which merely a tangent (rather than, say, demanding to be the person in charge of setting the agenda). Watch how they are handling things. If it doesn't seem like a big deal to them, don't let it get to you either. And if they point to a brewing dilemma that they believe requires serious consideration, agree to give it some thought. Generally speaking, for another week or so, it's way smarter to mirror others' reactions than to wholeheartedly defend yours… only to find out later that, yes, you weren't seeing things too clearly and, yes, perhaps you got a bit hysterical for a not-terribly-good reason.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're unusually vulnerable to complaints from others that you're only looking out for yourself… whether or not such observations actually hold water in the real world. Keeping that in mind, Gemini, your best defense is to go out of your way to gather feedback from any party who might want to be given a say on matters that could affect them, even if they are only marginally connected. It's far better to put in the extra legwork to consult everybody now, rather than rushing ahead, only to find out (quite unpleasantly, more likely than not) you've overlooked an important voice—and inadvertently offended someone who probably shouldn't offend. Admittedly, part of this legwork is indeed for the sake of appearances. This is an act of covering your butt, so that nobody can legitimately claim they weren't included… though, behind your interested-looking poker face, you may not give a crap what they think. The funny irony here? In the course of going through these motions, you might actually receive a new insight or additional detail that'll directly benefit you, discovering how useful it really is to solicit a wide range of opinions and ideas. In one of those odd fake-it-'til-you-make-it moments, checking in 'for the sake of appearances' may transform itself into a genuine exchange of information.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Did you get what I told you last week, Cancer, or should I repeat it for firmer emphasis? You mustn't maneuver yourself around that certain person and expect it not to come back and bite you. This advice continues to hold major sway over your public life (e.g., career, community involvements, etc.), where the act-first-think-later influence of both Mercury and Aries in Aries (your solar 10th) could tempt your lips or limbs to move faster than your mind can keep up—and accidentally get you into a pickle. When the buzz of some exciting news or a big advance in that long-and-drawn-out project gets you all charged up, you might inadvertently take a step or blurt a remark that blows your cover, revealing something you probably should've kept to yourself. That's why you'll do yourself a favor by taking a few moments to digest every development before reacting. And that awkward tension or unresolved conflict with You-Know-Who has its potential relevance here, too: (1) If you've been dodging that person by withholding information they should probably know about, your carelessness might spill the beans… and make you look devious or underhanded in the process. Of course, that can't happen if you suck up your pride, step up maturely, and give 'em the scoop straight up. (2) Meanwhile, it's too risky to leave someone out there who secretly wishes to undermine you. When you finally do make your goof this week or in the future (and we all goof sometimes), will you be ready to watch 'em giddily roast marshmallows on the flames of your screw-up? Make peace already, for the sake of both of you.


LEO (July 23-August 22): You Leos are perpetually vulnerable to critics who dismiss you as way too hungry for the spotlight. But that's really more their problem than yours, don't you think? Expressing yourself in an open, outward fashion ain't such a bad thing… even if you have no particular 'reason' for doing what you do. So, if you're jonesing to make some dramatic gesture or cause a wild scene, why not just go for it? There's nothing wrong with craving a break from the same-ol' predictable routine. And believe me, you will create excitement—one way or the other. Sure, the 'excitement' might include a good ribbing from a particularly vocal heckler, someone who is probably lashing out at you for having the audacity to be yourself without apology (and who, if you want to be compassionate about it, is likely projecting resentment from their own unrealized dreams onto you). Again, I remind you: Not your problem. Crack a harmless retort, and shrug it off. No matter how it all turns out, embrace the whole shebang. It's infinitely better than settling for another batch of jaded yawns.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): You know what they say about the squeakiest wheel, right? It always gets all the attention. So, instead of patiently biding your time for somebody to notice what you're all fired up about (while the louder prouder drama queens hog the bullhorn)… start squeaking, by any means necessary. Yes, Virgo, such behavior will immediately open you up to charges of 'being difficult'—the same charges you regularly accuse others of committing—but it'll also set you apart from the crowd, at a time when you clearly want (perhaps even need) your voice to be heard. Forget about trying to blend in, at least for the short-term. Your refusal to play by everyone else's rules surely increases the likelihood that certain folks will not be pleased. To others, however, it automatically makes you a far more interesting individual. Don't allow fears that you'll piss people off to lead you toward suppressing that statement you're aching to make. Squeak loud, squeak proud… and don't stop squeaking 'til you get a compelling response.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): With plenty of stress coming from the career front, your family household, or a flummoxing combination of both ('balance, balance…'), it'll be way too easy to forget about a certain special person in your life who's craving more of your presence. That sense of nonstop demands from others can cast a dark shadow over your meaningful togetherness time, robbing it of the warmth and light it should provide you during the overtaxing moments in your life—and, if you're not paying attention, cause you to project those put-out feelings onto him or her, creating a 'bad guy' out of someone who cares for you. Don't spoil anybody else's fun with a sour mood, Libra, when it'd behoove you to allow their higher spirits to perk you up. A healthy relationship helps you cope, keeping you grounded when your head's about to spin right off, rather than serving as a handy-dandy container for all your worst behavior. Spare 'em the fallout from your other aggravations. If you let 'em, they just might make you feel better.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Serious stacks of work to get to? Chores you've been putting off? Good habits you've been trying to reestablish? With Mercury and Venus juicing up your solar 6th, you actually have a good shot at getting to that stuff this week… perhaps even zooming through a whole laundry-list at a record pace. But you'll have to focus your attention on the practical bits, Scorpio, rather than letting your brain wander to 'loftier' pursuits—philosophizing, visioning, taking stands on broader issues, bloating minor differences into ideological warfare—which you might find meaningful but, in reality, may pull you away from the mundane nitty-gritty that more desperately needs your attention. All those bigger-picture concerns will still be there for you to pick back up in another couple weeks, after your workspace is cleared off and your physical body has received more close care and maintenance. If your pressing tasks require use of a computer, don't fritter your time away on too much web-surfing (except for this site, of course). If you need to have business conversations, keep 'em short and to the point. And given the choice between (1) debating a colleague on this political topic or that ethical dilemma or (2) getting out for a brisk walk, a jog or a swim… quit talking, and start cruising.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): This is not the week to suck up your pride and go politely along with whatever your mate, colleague or partner has suggested, just to make a show of good faith. Don't pretend to agree, Sagittarius, under the false assumption that'll make things easier. Perhaps for a few fleeting moments, your easygoing attitude (or your superficial display of one) will alleviate the strained atmosphere between you two. But do you honestly believe you'll be able to continue 'playing along' if, under the surface, you really think it's a bunch of crap? Fat chance. Only accept the compromise being proposed if you're actually feeling it. Otherwise, call it like you see it—and reject the inadequate deal that's on the table. You'll actually save yourself a huge amount of difficulty further down the road, once you must contend with getting yourself out of a situation you never should've gotten into at all… though, without a doubt, you'll probably have to maneuver through an extra helping of drama now. It's worth it, though. Entering into something together when you're not totally into it is a surefire way to start things off on very shaky ground.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): When in doubt, block 'em out. You read me right, Capricorn: This isn't your best week for gaining yourself clarity through discussion, negotiation, or other forms of interpersonal input. No matter their conscious intentions, most individuals will generally push their own agendas or ideologies as an indivisible part of the advice they give you. Typically, you can take those bits with the proverbial grain of salt, sorting through their distracting biases to get at the helpful morsels you can actually use. But I'm pretty convinced that the answer you're currently seeking is already inside you… and with a nice chunk of quiet time alone, you'll almost certainly be able to hear your conscience speaking the truth that's perfectly yours. However, without availing yourself of such a self-selected sanctuary for gathering your thoughts, you're likely to grow increasingly annoyed with how a certain pushy person is growing increasingly annoyed with you, simply for 'ignoring' their urgings. (Of course, you might call it 'deciding for yourself'.) No matter how persuasive their words, they cannot change what you know to be right—if only you can shut them up long enough to listen to yourself.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Put yourself at the disposal of good friend and casual acquaintance alike, doing your 'people person' best to maintain the smoothest possible social flow in any and every circumstance. You are our social glue for the week, a responsibility with added importance in light of the potentially snippy environment we'll find ourselves trying to navigate. Tap into those altruistic tendencies you Aquarians are known for, and set your own ego's desires and indulgences aside, so you can dedicate your heart to keeping everybody else feeling as comfortable as they can. When you feel folks around you beginning to clench their muscles, heat up, freak out or otherwise appear to flounder, step in. Offer subtly conciliatory statements to de-escalate the tension. Make necessary introductions or deft conversational detours. Fill awkward pauses with open-ended starters, a light-hearted narrative, or some other distraction. Use your ability to detach from the emotional charge, so you're able to remain calm in any storm. Grease the gears. Cushion the sharp edges. And hey, now that I think of it… perhaps you should throw an impromptu cocktail party, to get everyone to loosen the hell up?


PISCES (February 19-March 20): In each and every case this week, please think with your wallet and not your idealism. 'Following your bliss and letting the money follow' isn't necessarily bad advice as a guiding attitude to life… but it's only truly successful when tempered with pragmatism and fiscal responsibility. (And anyway, maintaining tight control over the purse-strings during the initial 'following your bliss' phase is the only way to stay afloat until the money actually does follow.) Especially now, Pisces, wishing on a star for some extra stack of cash will not bring a magical reprieve from the need to watch your dollars. Nor will shutting your eyes tight and pretending the reality is somehow different than it is. If you really want that out-of-reach splurge badly enough, you'll still want it a few more weeks or months down the road—after you've put together a savings plan that'll nab it for you, then seen it all the way through. If you can hold off on impulsive buys or careless expenditures and, instead, strategize your upcoming spending, you'll be very glad you did. Eventually, you'll get what you want… without digging yourself a deeper hole in the process.