Horoscopes | Week of February 25-March 2, 2008

ARIES (March 21-April 19): No man or woman is an island. Not even you Aries blokes and babes, who are well known for needing nothing more than your own inspiration to forge ahead with whatever captures your enthusiasms. It's not necessarily a matter of whether you can do it yourself or not, though… and more about whether you might not have a much better time doing it with others. And in terms of your relationship life, you're likelier to find sustainable happiness with somebody who actually shares your social interests, rather than one who's hot-to-trot (at least for the time being) or happened to be in a particular place at a certain time. If you're looking for a new soul to date, why not skip the singles bar and simply participate in those sorts of leisure pastimes and exhilarating activities that you already enjoy and/or believe strongly in? Right away, you'll have a surefire common bond with anyone you encounter in that context. Are you sporty? political? artsy-and-craftsy? philosophical? nerdy? This week, the 'opposites attract' logic doesn't cut the mustard. Similar pursuits and preoccupations, on the other hand, make for prime opportunities to meet and greet (and/or turn up the heat). Live those social involvements you'd want your partner-in-crime to be living, and your union will be arise totally organically—and with much potential for growth.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): If it truly matters to you, then go public with it, Taurus. Don't you remember this horoscope from two weeks ago, in which I was rather direct and forthright about your need to shift from 'prep time' to 'putting money where mouth is'? Well, how's that going? Consider this your helpful little reminder that it is time for action. And luckily, a Mercury-Venus conjunction in your solar 10th will coat any outward announcements with a deliciously sweet taste that folks will find it hard not to appreciate. Let me reiterate my favorite astrological adage here—which is, timing is everything—because, weird but true enough, these same people who are highly likely to respond favorably to whatever you announce would've probably responded to these same sentiments with a weird and/or confused 'I'm not buying it' look just a few weeks ago. But now, they're finally ready to listen. And do not fear the possibility of your bringing more than a few traces of pomp and theatricality to your grand declaration. Why not make it good? After all, you've been quietly developing these big ideas behind the scenes for some time. Shouldn't their unveiling be equally big?


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You should be rightfully cautious (if not downright suspicious) of anybody telling a story that's just too clean and convenient to be swallowed, hook-line-and-sinker, in one fast gulp. You know well enough about partial truths and incomplete disclosures to be able to sniff out the under-the-surface one-sidedness in any sweet-talker's perfectly agreeable version, right? The most predictable examples of party-line rhetoric—you know, those statements that are so hard to argue with because of their blandly ambiguous feel-good quality—are the ones you'd probably be wise to doubt the most voraciously, Gemini. Strangely, the folks who aren't afraid to piss you off are the ones that, this week, will prove most trustworthy. In your quest for the right answer (and, for the moment, there's likelier than usual to be a 'right' and 'wrong' one), your best ally is the independent thinker… the true individual… the one who simply doesn't care if somebody thinks they're full of crap because they have conviction on their side. And if somebody goes out on a limb to challenge others (and/or especially you), you know they're giving you the real thing. But if, more than anything else, they want you to like them… well, be cautious, and keep pushing for more.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Those well-known Cancerian sensitivities (of the emotional variety, first and foremost) have long served as the ideal justification, whether openly or in the subconscious of the Cancer mind, for you crabbies to casually excuse yourselves from the scene when the potential for exposing your tender innards to the harsh world-at-large becomes too great a threat to your psychological security to bear. You shuffle off, sideways, hoping nobody notices you're taking way too long to grab that cup o' tea from the kitchen. You recede behind the armored exoskeleton, counting on them not looking deeply enough in your eyes to detect you've pulled back your full involvement, so as to 'keep something for yourself' on the other side of the retinal wall. Or you simply disappear for a spell—and I couldn't begin to guess 'to where?' or hypothesize what happens while there. And usually, such behaviors are spontaneous defense mechanisms to prevent a feeling of profound discomfort that would otherwise arise. But, oh, Cancer… that discomfort is rich. Some of the best growth opportunities lay in that awkward air of unpleasant questions, unanswerable offenses, heavy silences and penetrating glances. The fear of losing everything contributes a reckless willingness to try anything to the situation. Then, the risky feelings get discharged. The whole ball-of-wax is on the table. At last, you each understand the other's mindset more clearly than before… though, yes, it may be brutally uncomfortable. Yet, should you run, hide, swerve or dodge, you're only cheating yourself out of personal development. So pull up a chair, and plant your ass in that discomfort for a while. Sometimes, all a resolution requires is enough time in the hot seat for the dust to settle.


LEO (July 23-August 22): There's this funny little pattern with directness that I'd like to share with you, Leo. It goes something like this: Ask somebody for exactly what you need or want from them, and you may be surprised at how well this person responds. I suppose that runs counter to all those underhanded advice columns and meet-a-man-or-woman books, which often go to great lengths concocting rules about how long to wait between date and call, how to hold their interest by holding back what's on your mind, and other playing-hard-to-get routines that merely perpetuate the whole 'men = Mars, women = Venus' industry. Perhaps there really is something to the observation that the thrill is in 'the chase' or other renditions of that same dating/mating game. However, Leo, if you aren't purposely elongating the 'could be' possibilities for the sheer joy and not-yet-materialized excitement of relationship wonderings, then you might want to try a different tack. Don't make the other person guess, presumably while you simultaneously indulge in your own guesses. Spell it out. They may actually be relieved to get such clear unambiguous information straight from the horse's mouth (better than listening to the other end, eh?), instead of attempting to read your mind for hints on what'll most please you. Of course, it's quite possible you don't really want the exchanges to turn so unflinchingly direct. If you 'spell it out', then it's quite likely You-Know-Who will respond in kind—and perhaps you're resisting that feedback. Nothing wrong making with that choice, as long as you're aware.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): If it's really about the job, project, duty or other external thing you're engaged with—as opposed to, say, you (and your delicate ego)—then I can't imagine why you wouldn't accept the help that's being offered. Or maybe it's the official 'offer' hasn't actually been made, since he or she who'd do the offering is already afraid of offending you or hesitant to step on any toes. But if you're willing to swallow your pride, you'll notice a certain 'knight in shining armor' (of either gender, of course) is waiting in the wings, eager to rescue you from too limited a view on something you've been looking at too closely for too long. Graciously take 'em up on it. Then, shut your mouth, open your eyes and ears, and pay faithful attention to their other approach to the same ol' situation. Within a fairly short period of time, you'll grab enough of a new perspective to resolve any pesky stalemates that may've dogged you for the last several weeks. Thank this 'knight' for coming to your aid, with full-hearted authenticity. However, let's be clear about what it all means: Their one dazzling show of chivalry is enough for right now. They aren't likely to save every day, just this one. Yes, please thank 'em… but don't swear your undying loyalty quite yet.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Love is definitely in the air around you, Libra, with lovely-lady Venus conjoining Mercury in your solar 5th… but if you aren't presently enraptured with a certain 'One-and-Only' or surrounded by doting paramours vying for your heart, don't falsely assume my depiction of your current aura is somehow off. 'Love' needn't be applied purely to romantic endeavors (though, gosh, that application is sure fun!), silly. In fact, 'love of life' may be an even more superb reading since, after all, a number of subcategories can be subsumed under its umbrella. So, even if you're still steaming over some crap somebody else subjected you to or otherwise entertaining pessimistic views on the most annoying part of your existence right now, there remains plenty of stuff to love, right? And if you can't seem to find any hints of that supposedly-lurking-everywhere lovefest I'm touting, then you might have to resort to desperate measures: Seduce yourself into a better mood, with whatever secret technique works like a charm on you. Hell, if it takes a few sips of wine to toss those cynical inhibitions right out the window, then go for it (unless you're a recovering alcoholic and/or intending to operate a moving vehicle). Maybe donning a wig, an extra-bright shade of lipstick or a provocative outfit will do the trick. Doesn't matter to me. All that does matter is that you find those threads that make you happiest—and keep pulling 'em, without letting go, until you forget about everything else.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): If I were you, I'd do whatever I could to minimize my exposure to scenes or situations liable to tempt my jealousy to act up. Jealousy—we're all prone to it, more at some times than others. And certainly Mars stirring up the psychic shadows in your solar 8th is one such indicator of a 'more' time. When mentioning this Mars-in-the-8th business, I'd be remiss not to also mention he's currently re-treading steps originally taken in late Sep 07 and retrograded back through around New Year's. Therefore, if either or both of those dates somehow resonate as being connected with the circumstances you now find yourself in—similar themes, the same cast of characters, etc.—then you already have a big clue as to why such feelings could flare. If you hope to monopolize the attentions of a certain somebody on a particular evening, then don't arrange your meeting in a crowded public setting where you're likeliest to catch 'em looking at someone else. Instead, invite 'em over to your place for an intimate time together. No distractions (and no worrying about getting home safely). But if you expect any another person (yes, this certain somebody, too) to drop their interest in other interpersonal dabblings, just to prove their allegiance to you (or was that 'ownership by you'?), you've got another thing coming.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Don't even bother trying to force yourself to sit still. I wouldn't expect you to be terribly successful at it this week anyhow, Sagittarius. Instead, take this as your cosmic sign to get out into your immediate environment and find activities that'll stimulate your hungry mind… or at least occupy you until the stir-craziness subsides. Like a growing puppy who needs his daily exercise to keep from chewing on the coffee table, you'll only become increasingly loopy, should you not schedule one absorbing diversion after the next to burn off the excess energy. (And, might I add, that's also a recipe for starting to annoy the other person(s) who must share space with you while you fidget and fuss in your seat.) No matter what, stay entertained… with no pressure put on yourself to choose involvements that are particularly 'meaningful' or 'important'. Why not ring up that pal who's always up for something? the so-called troublemaker with the manic tendencies who'll certainly have an idea or three for how the two of you can kill some time? the thoughtful chatterbox who'd be thrilled to swap hours of earfuls with you on any number of topics over a few brewskies or one too many triple lattes? Don't attempt to scold or shame your inner rascal into 'appropriate adult manners'. Let him burn through the itch.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Sort through, organize and plan. Arrange the anticipated expenditures in a prioritized list, most to least important. That way, you know. Assign your time and energy efficiently, so you won't spend five hours doing something your co-worker, pal or partner could squeeze out in fifteen minutes. You'll be freed up to focus on those things you do best… that only you can do… and we'll all be better for it. Stay rational and sane, despite the much-less-commonsensical attitudes of those around you. Are they tossing out wildly impractical suggestions again, assuming that 'a heart in the right place' and a quick team pep-talk will be enough to get the job done? Yikes. It's on you to set 'em straight. Be your wonderfully sensible self, but please do it without sounding too superior. Remind everybody to begin by considering what's realistic first. (What a buzzkill, they'll probably be thinking. Until later. When they'll be. Damn. Glad. They. Listened.) But if they refuse to give you a chance with respectful listening, acting all huffy as folks sometimes do when confronted with the deflation of realism… don't back down. Instead, just starting auditing their processes until they can't help but acknowledge you've got a point.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Start off by thanking Venus for contributing her incomparably exquisite je ne sais qua… then, get out her way, and allow her to turn you into the week's most charismatic chick or chap. 'Getting out of her way', of course, means (above all else) not attempting to control how others will perceive you by calculating your message too craftily. That 'careful not to overstep' approach reflects a lack of faith in Venus's ability to soften your roughest edges, now that she's in your sign and conjunct the now-direct Mercury. Mars in your 5th, meanwhile, brings a planetary rousing to your house of self-expression, creativity, joy and pleasure. And if this blend of placements isn't enough to permit you to trust your immediate desires—to simply run with it (whatever 'it' is)—then, Aquarius, I don't know what would. So I urge you not to waste this extra dose of blessed magnetism. They want to see you. They want to hear what you have to say. Get out there, amongst the crowd of whomevers you'd most want to impress… and aim for making the kind of unforgettable splash that cannot be engineered in advance. Show 'em who you really are by embracing the spontaneity, without fearing for your image. This week, it's almost guaranteed they'll like what they get from you.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): If you can swing it, Pisces, I'd advise dragging your heels for the next couple weeks… particularly if you're feeling pressures to continue a discussion you aren't quite ready to proceed with. Call a timeout. Take a break from the action, so that you can spend these coming days gathering your thoughts, in a safe and private enough setting to allow you to develop what's true for you without undue influence (coercion) from someone who may be strongly invested in your drawing one conclusion over another. The planetary action is currently focused in your solar 4th and 12th, two houses that asks us to step away from social demands and other worldly concerns so that we can check in with our internal emotional temperature. And sometimes, we just cannot figure ourselves out until we get some distance. That's why all the planets must periodically travel through more self-isolating houses in our charts, so they may recharge on the psychic level before once again subjecting us to the anything-goes chaos of outwardly living an earthly existence. Venus moves into your sign on Wed Mar 12, followed shortly thereafter by Mercury on Fri Mar 14. Once those two ingresses occur, you'll be in a much better position to articulate your stance in a coherent, nicely-sounding statement. Until then, as far as this one goes, it's probably better to hold off on talking it out.