Fast Dispatch from Aries


I'm going to make this quick, in honor of Mercury's entry into Aries yesterday (Wed Apr 2).

Fast thoughts. Fast words. Moving rapidly from one idea to the next, in order to keep it fresh. Pioneering. Sharp.

Venus moves into the ram's sign on Saturday (Apr 5), allowing us to appreciate this speed; the momentum, the action. Hot guys and gals. Bold propositions. Split-second decisions. Instant winner! The beauty is in the moment, not overanalyzing or hyper-vigilant 'safety first' precautions.

Let 'er ride…

Did you know Pluto stood still yesterday (Wed Apr 2)… or at least appeared to, from our perspective here on earth? I should probably mention that, yeah, he's heading retrograde for the next several months. Not usually that big a deal, since Pluto spends a good five months or so retrograde every year. But being where we are now, with Pluto having just crossed the Capricorn border, makes it more noteworthy.

Why? Because Pluto will head backwards into Sagittarius, where he'll hover in its final degrees between mid-June and late-November (just after the presidential election!), making his presence known as a major instigator of the massive social-structural changes to come. As I've said before, all of 2008 is the transition year towards this turbulent period ahead. Pluto sitting on the Capricorn cusp (a powerful placement, as it aspects the Aries Point) is nothing to overlook.

Where did my short sharp sentences go?

Again: Mercury and Venus together in Aries. Wanting merely to enjoy the doing. Saying it, to get it out. Going for the immediate pleasure. Not obsessing over what'll happen next.

We've got instincts to trust. We'll react spontaneously, when the time comes. Until then, why freak?

But Mercury squares Pluto today (Thu Apr 3), and Venus squares Pluto on Sunday (Apr 6). Nothing's ever that simple, eh?

The Aries influence won't likely be halted in its motion. Only, it'll hit up against Pluto›and instantly be shown the deeper consequences. It isn't so easy to just do, when faced with the complications that stick to our shoes, miring us in the mud. Someone doesn't want us to want what we want. They have an all-too-intense response to what we said. Psychological loose-threads (ours, theirs, society's) get tangled up with one another. Things beyond our individual control hold us back.

We keep fighting, though. We won't settle for being slowed down or stopped, not without at least trying to motor on. Pots get stirred. Passions flare. More of what's underneath gets uncovered, through the sheer act of continuing on, unafraid.

Bumps. Bruises. Scrapes. Dirt under fingernails. Headaches, momentary or long-lasting. Occasional weariness or lack of endurance. The harsh words, dicey vibes, or uncannily jet-propelled attractions toward, or away from, it can take a toll or two.

Any such collateral damage, in this context, is par for the course›yet hardly worth a second's regret.

It's early in this war… but unlike so many others, this is an authentically justifiable one. You are fighting for yourself. What you want. Pure self-assertion. Is losing an appealing option? What then?