Eclipse Hangover


So much fast-paced, eclipse-enlivened action on the astro-scene lately… it's a fine time to start settling in to these latest developments.

How will we incorporate this changed landscape into our lives? Or must we refigure ourselves, in order to fit the new surroundings?

For the next couple weeks, the astrological drama slows down somewhat… to give us a chance to catch up to our past month. During the course of this timeframe, we've welcomed two eclipses—one that shook our previously withheld emotions into striking awareness, and one which called on us to freshen our habitual patterns to better respect these newly uncovered feelings.

Isn't that enough upturning activity to hold us for a while? I sure think so.

This week, Venus travels through the tail end of Virgo, retracing the movements of last week's solar eclipse and reiterating its themes. With Venus's conjunction to the Moon's south node and a square to Pluto, we reacquaint ourselves with the comforts of old habits—after all, we hold on so tight for very particular personal reasons—even as we know it's time to move on. Still, it's okay to pine away, nostalgic for a simpler past… though the fantasized memories may be 'simpler' than it actually was.

Upon careful inspection, though, we may discover there's no reason to toss out our favorite baby with the dirty bathwater. Perhaps, only certain parts of our ingrained behaviors beg to be extinguished or refashioned.

And halting a habit is far more successful when you have something equally predictable and solid to replace it with. Otherwise, we may lose ourselves in all the extra space we've created… and simply substitute another unconscious pattern for the one we stopped. Figuring out regular rituals (healthful rather than self-sabotaging) to fill our time is a wonderful use of the fussy, precision-oriented Virgo influence.

Meanwhile, Mercury's transit through Libra is supported by sextiles to both Saturn and Pluto this week… indicating that the best manner for hitting strides in negotiations and decision-making comes from careful consideration of the other point of view. With Mercury in Libra, we'll make headway by couching our words in the most polite, cooperative terms. Any efforts made to smooth the relationship first, then to slide in your suggestions and requests sideways, will be worth the extra energy.

Rather than coming off too accommodating, demonstrating a cooperative nature will bolster the power in your position. It's all about the give and take… especially so soon after a hyper-dynamic eclipse month. With so many nerves still frazzled, those you deal with will appreciate the gentler kindness—and may reward you with pleasant ease in return.