Fridays at the Sacred Well


Now there's one day a week when you'll know exactly where to catch me.

The day is Friday, and the place you can find me is The Sacred Well at 3179 College Avenue in Berkeley, CA.

I'm pleased to announce, my dearest darlings, I'll be available every Friday for consultations by appointment at the Sacred Well, from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The Sacred Well is a marvelous healing space founded by the inimitable J. Rabbit, an extraordinarily talented intuitive, tarot reader, herbalist, and all-around wisewoman.

I'm so excited to join forces with J. Rabbit—she and I are like-minded partners in deliciously bewitching crime (only the good kind, of course). And this one-day-a-week gig is just the first step in our ongoing collaboration to fill the world with loving empowerment and no-nonsense magic.

The other piece of good news about my Fridays at The Sacred Well: It's your only opportunity to purchase a shorter, less expensive consultation with me. In addition to my standard one-hour sessions ($110), I'll also be offering 15-minute ($30) and 30-minute ($60) sessions. Of course, we're limited by how much we can cover in such a brief time… but for those of you with a particular question or one pesky issue to discuss, this option is perfect.

I repeat: Fridays at The Sacred Well are the only time I'm offering shorter, less expensive consultations. (No exceptions.) If you want one, make an appointment.

For appointments, call me at (415) 242-4273 (even the same day is okay) or email me (in advance, as I won't always be checking email). I can only accept payment by cash or check (made out to astrobarry). If you wish to pay by credit card, you'll have to PayPal it to me before our session.

60 minutes ($110) buy now
30 minutes ($60) buy now
15 minutes ($30) buy now

astrobarry at The Sacred Well
3179 College Avenue (at Alcatraz)
Berkeley, CA 94705

Fridays, 2:00 to 8:00pm

for appointments, call (415) 242-4273
or email (in advance)