The Gemini and Gemini Show


With the entry of both the Sun and Mercury into Gemini this week, the mood lightens… and our social lives pick up noticeably, to spread our curious bits across the widest range of people and ideas.

Gemini feels no need to pick between one and the other, when a little bit of everything is far more stimulating. Under its influence, we become crafty shape-shifters, donning different voices and features and hats depending on who we're talking with.

Does that make us two-faced, shallow or otherwise insincere? Not a chance—if we're being honest. There's nothing wrong with showing only a part of your hand, a piece of your personality, to each acquaintance. Every last one of us is a walking contradiction. Why not flaunt the fact, unapologetically, rather than pretending our disparate sides match up perfectly? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aren't, after all, the same person… even though they are.

What's so wrong with changing it up, to keep it fresh and interesting? We're so damned sure of our answers and our beliefs… until, that is, we ask a few more questions or hear another's opinions. Then, in the bat of an eyelash or quick-witted comeback, our sureness shifts and switches.

Don't you dare stay home in this social climate, nor limit yourself to the same one person. (No matter how much you love him or her, it can't help but get boring or redundant sometimes.) Hang with a different pal every night. More options = more fun = more opportunities to connect. There's always something else to say, to learn or to try.

Give yourself permission to flit from one activity to another, dabbling in various interests. Multi-tasking is a mode of work created to serve the Gemini brain. Why read the whole book when you can scan sections from 20 different articles? Enjoy tidbits of fascination wherever you find 'em.

But how much of what are you saying to whom? Have you spilled the beans, stretched the truth, or blabbed to him about what she (maybe) said? Gemini can't help but draw out the gift of gab in all of us. Too much of a good thing will get you into trouble, though. Don't forget: At any point, everyone you've spoken to can (and just might) get together and compare their versions of what you said. And what will they discover if they swap tales of your tireless tongue?

To avoid Gemini's worst, be diligent about asking: 'Would I say this same thing to someone else? And how would the person I'm discussing feel about what I just said?'

To ask these questions is to keep yourself honest.