The Truth of Consequences


This week, like any in which Saturn is featured strongly, is something of a test.

Whether our (1) efforts move along, steady and firm if not a bit measured, or (2) hit hard against a barrier or block will tell us everything about how appropriate what we're doing is for us. If suddenly you're going nowhere fast—or, worse, eliciting outwardly negative results—then there's a good reason for it.

Are you prepared to acknowledge the lesson Saturn is teaching… to listen to his wisdom, even if it stings? You'd better be. It's coming, regardless.

All week, Mars in Leo applies toward a conjunction with Saturn, which is exact on Saturday (Jun 17). Mars in Leo is typically a fun-loving guy… life of the party… loud and proud and laughing with glee at the abundant joys everywhere he looks. He inspires us to express ourselves, confidently and with optimism, as we hunt for more encounters in which to give and receive love and admiration. Ordinarily, I wouldn't couch a description of Mars's transit through Leo in cautionary terms—except, maybe, in regards to its propensity for too much personality (like, 'dude, rope in that bloated ego already!').

But conjoining Saturn, it's a whole different story. Living that large Leo life has its serious ramifications, too… if we haven't rightfully earned the privileges we seek to enjoy.

As I've written before, the Saturn-in-Leo message is one of responsible selfhood, where we flaunt only our most authentic representations of who we are. No embellishing upon our qualifications, exaggerating our talents, or faking self-assurance allowed. Where we legitimately deserve the attention, we'll get it all right… with a securer feel of authority to it. But where we try to squeeze by on charismatic surfaces, the whole thing goes kaboom! in our lap for everyone to see—no saving face to be had.

Saturn's stay in Leo lasts for about two years (Jul 05-Sep 07), and we're currently near the halfway mark. However, this week is the only time during that period when Mars joins up for the show. And as such, these issues related to our self-expression (are we behaving too big for our britches? are we speaking up for ourselves?) come to a glaring head. Mars and Saturn together deliver the consequences to our actions—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This Mars-Saturn conjunction is not a horrible thing, so don't start fearing the reaper like a young child who wears a guilty look though she's done nothing wrong, merely because she dearly wants to please her demanding parents. A little moderation makes more sense than sheer paralysis. At its best, this planetary duo just wants us to appreciate what we have, rather than endlessly aping for more. Basic contentment with the current reality goes far to appease 'the lord of Karma' (Saturn) and his right-hand soldier-man (Mars).

It's only when we refuse to mitigate our self-celebratory cheers ('Look at me! Look at me!') with a decent measure of humility that Saturn's temper flares. And it's no wonder. The universe doesn't revolve around any of us… not you, not me, not Madonna nor J-Lo (Leos), not Bush nor Schwarzenegger (Leo risings), and not even the King of Siam (if Siam were still a country). Yet, sometimes we forget that. Well, Mars and Saturn are happy to set us straight on that point.

Watch how smoothly or choppily your stabs at self-expression go over the week ahead—this will demonstrate if you're receiving a cosmic thumbs-up or a karmic course correction. If the latter happens, take it like a grown-up. Whining won't get you any further. The obstacles are showing up to indicate you must work harder, longer and/or smarter before grabbing the gold… or else shift your vision to something better suited to your authentic self (as opposed to who your vanity wants the world to see). We've all got our limits, it's true.

The firmest judgment will bear down, obviously, on those with Leo prominent in their charts… Aquarians second-most, then the other fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio. For folks in the midst of Saturn return (those born in 1946-47 and 1976-77), this week or two is equivalent to being poked a couple extra times by that sharp stick, to make sure you're fully aware of your principal challenge at this phase in life. And the whole Pluto in Leo generation (especially those with 1942-46 birthdates)… you guys and gals better watch out for power struggles because, contrary to certain beliefs you may hold, you can't win every battle.