Interview with the Gays


Leave it to a former boy-band pop star to trump my press.

Right now, you'll find a brand new interview with me posted at Queerty, a 'premiere blog published by and for the queer community'. In it, I address all those burning astro-questions of queer interest the gays are just falling over themselves to ask me.

Yes, this is the first 'official' published self-outing of astrobarry (not counting my MySpace profile)… and yes, I'm gay. Duh. It's not like I've been keeping it a secret. (Anyone who's ever heard my speaking voice knows I couldn't very well hide it.)

On the other hand, living in 21st-century San Francisco, my sexual orientation (damn I hate that term: 'orientation') is hardly big news. I'm at the blessed point in life where being gay is barely an issue, aside from determining at which watering-hole you're likely to find me (and who I'm checking out there).

I've got to assume that folks who've made it this far with me (1) won't be terribly surprised by this disclosure or (2) if they are surprised, probably could care less about the specifics of my carnal proclivities. This is, after all, an astrology site first. We're here to talk planets, not penises.

Yet, I'm also making an effort to put more of myself on… no, not naked pics or bodily discharges, nothin' like that. Part of my current journey is to trying to let down my carefully constructed image (I do have a Cap moon, people!), to share more details from my personal life as they illumine both astrological points and my struggles to lead a spiritually fulfilling existence. How I identify myself (in this contemporary obstacle course of identity politics) and who I spend my intimate moments with has, ultimately, lots to do with how I 'read' the world. Here's to continuing to push my comfort zone on this here website.

Damn that Lance Bass (formerly of *NSYNC, if anybody here missed the late '90s), though, for picking this week to come out and storm away with all the publicity. Yeah, yeah, it's great and all that another celeb has leapt free of the closet. (And what great astro-timing for him—with the Saturn-Neptune opposition yanking on his natal Leo Moon from both ends. Had he not acted with emotional integrity now, the karmic consequences would've really begun to pile up.) But where's my friggin' People cover?