Dare I Blame Time?


How's your year going? Mine's a trip so far.

For starters, the quality of time feels strangely distended. Every day seems so long, and so full of activity. I hardly believe it's been less than two weeks since the start of '06. Yet, popular rumor has it that just about everything is speeding up. I don't know… something's happening with time, I guess. (Wait, isn't it my job to figure it out?)

All this, I suppose, is my circuitous path to an apology for not updating the site as often as I'd like. Bottom line: I've been busy. But the good news is: I've been busy conjuring up all kinds of good magic for you, my devoted zodiacal superfriends. More big plans in store for astrobarry, on this site and beyond. And as always, I count on your support to energetically help make it happen.

The other piece of my life requiring your patience and understanding: I've been called back to jury duty, starting next week. And if I get picked, that'll likely mean a continuation of sporadic efforts at writing. The truth is, I've always wanted to serve on a jury, but haven't yet had the honor. So I'm hoping to be selected. I guess it all depends on what the lawyers think when I tell them what I do for a living. I wonder: Is having an astrologer on your jury considered a boon or a bust?

Speaking of astrology, the main news is the same old news—which means, of course, the same damn grand cross. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, at right angles to each other. No need to repeat what's already been said… these four have been applying pressure from all sides since November, simultaneously stimulating change and stymieing its immediate actualization. (It's been roughest on Taureans, Leos and Aquarians.) We're all now realizing what has to happen in order for us to flourish, yet aren't quite able to muster the full gusto to yank ourselves out of the mud.

Have I told you lately how savagely I've suffered the grand-cross malaise? Everywhere I turn, psychological crap showing up in my face… and nowhere to run. And have I told you lately how deeply I've grown from the grand-cross tutelage? Once the past is taken care of and put to bed, there no reason in the world to keep me from diving headfirst into the future, risks and all. Not to mention, my chakras have been spinning like there's no tomorrow. I feel them whirl even as I type. Now, if only I could get a good motivating forward shove from the planets…

Relief is in sight, I swear, as Saturn continues to retrograde out of range and Mars makes his final moves through Taurus. As I've already told you, the charmed time when we can expect the tension to disappear is mid-February… though it gradually lets up starting early in the month, once Venus goes direct and Mars hits new ground (both on Feb 3). But it's Mars's entry into Gemini (a new sign! at last!) on Feb 17 we should all look forward to. Whether you like Gemini energy or not, at least it's something different than we've recently felt.

Before any of that, however, is one more blast of grand-cross compression—to make sure you get the picture, and cannot possibly claim to have missed the clues. Its mightiest grind comes over this next week, as Mars makes its last squares to Saturn and Neptune.

And if that wasn't enough, the Full Moon on Saturday (Jan 14) in Cancer heightens your psychic astuteness. If you're still able to ignore the flashing neon signs, then you deserve a doctorate in denial.

Me? I have no time for denial. My days are too full of civic responsibility and spiritual service. (Or was that food and TV?) Oh, well, off to the DMV to renew my driver's license… I'll have time to ponder time there.