New Moon + Uranus = 'Screw It, Why Not?'


Crack it open. Shake it off. Take that leap, and don't look back.

A New Moon conjunct Uranus, like the one today (Mon Feb 27), is the most impeccable moment for committing to abrupt, total departures from… the past, normalcy, what's expected of you, how it's always been done, and/or the fears that hold you down. Nothing's impossible. Nothing's sacred. And nothing's a good enough excuse for why you still haven't done it holds water. You just haven't done it. Yet.

The Sun, the Moon and Uranus come together in Pisces, y'all, so you don't need a calmly worded, rationally reasoned or altogether practical reason to vault off into left field. And you don't need a map either. Pisces is plenty rich in spiritual intuition, and 'To support the boundlessness of my soul's universal compassion' is explanation enough for any and all unconventional antics you so desire to devilishly do.

But it's simpler just to say: 'Because I want to.'

To explain in terms beyond this, or to bother trying, is to waste breath on language that falls short in describing the true exhilaration of such freedom. (Mercury's heading retrograde this week, after all… but that's another story, morning glory.) How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? You don't, silly. You drop it like it's hot, and let it come back to you, boomerang-like.

On the New Moon, we set the course for our upcoming adventure—the more defined the course, the better we can follow from one landmark to the next and know we're headed the direction we've chosen. Of course, there are always detours, distractions and deletions. Give the whole shebang a couple good weeks of effort, and by Full Moon time, we can glare at where we've strayed… and gently, or not-so-gently, redirect.

'What's that, you say? The next Full Moon on Mar 14 is a lunar eclipse in Virgo?'

Well, no wonder I'm already vibrating with the anticipation of a new tomorrow's wriggly developments. Eclipses, for the uninitiated astro-novices, are super-charged Full and New Moons… when the Sun and Moon align with the lunar nodes, points of orbital intersection ripe with a special karmic charge. 'Eclipse time'—or the couple weeks adjacent to eclipses—is always an extra-zippy period of narrative progression in the stories of our lives, when one chapter flips to the next. Climaxes, conclusions, epitomes and epiphanies (and often lots of drama!) are all the name of the game.

Today's New Moon commences the next lunar cycle, which feeds into a Full Moon lunar eclipse… and ends up at the Mar 29 New Moon solar eclipse in Aries. Officially, then, we've entered 'eclipse time'. Give it a month, and you may hardly believe what the universe (or whoever's running the damn place) drops at your door.

A Uranus-crazed New Moon and entry into eclipse mania—two great excuses to buck the trend, flip off conventional wisdom, and raise your hands in the air like you just don't care. (Only, care.) The Uranian jolt lasts a few days (Uranus doesn't conjoin the Sun exactly until Wed Mar 1), so you won't miss your prime instigative opportunity right away. The whole week has a wholly unholy feel to it. Praise the gods and goddesses of swift, spiffy change!

Mercury, incidentally, hits retrograde on Thu Mar 2… and stays there through Mar 25. That's why it may start to sound like they're speaking to you in tongues.