V-Day Forecast


Everybody wants to know about love, I'm told.

And thanks to the holiday-makers at Hallmark and beyond, February 14th (or Valentine's Day as it's known in many parts) is the day to fixate on it. Valentine fixations: For better, we celebrate the romantic love alongside those we share it with or revel in our flirtatious unattachedness… and for worse, we pity ourselves because perhaps our current life moment isn't exactly filled with said amour.

To help you make the most of your Valentiney extravaganza (or lack thereof), here's a brief outline of the astro-influences on tomorrow's (Tue) candy-n-flower fest.

1. True happiness awaits you, if you select it from the lineup.

First off, we're blessed with the delightful transit of Venus sextile Jupiter, offering a gently beneficial enhancement to whatever affinities and affections currently populate our life… and a mildly, magnetically magic to the new contacts we make.

A Venus-Jupiter sextile, be clear on this, will not proactively solve your relationship problems or abruptly drop the perfect mate at your doorway. Both Venus and Jupiter possess softer, more passive planetary energies—the type to set opportunistic atmospheres and heighten our enchanting charm factor, so we're boosted in our efforts to woo and wow. But we still must make the effort, take the risk, reach out toward that which we seek to make us happy. Otherwise, opportunity (no matter how blessed) will pass us by. Venus and Jupiter simply make it that much easier to get good results from our actions.

As a result of Venus's recent retrograde, this is the third time in just over three months that the goddess of beauty and love has sextiled good-luck Jupiter. And during this period, if Venus retrograde did her job well, we've gained a better understanding of what serves our true Self's desires. What was still a flashing neon question mark 2 weeks ago (when still-retrograde Venus last hit this aspect) should be much clearer now… along with a peaceful acceptance of whatever that clarity brought forth.

For some of us, that means choosing radiant aloneness over convenient coupledom… keeping our hearts open to the future mate that genuinely matches us, and/or prioritizing another pleasure besides intoxicating interpersonal intrigue. Love, we all know, must start at home.

2. The truth shall set you free… or spin you round (like a record).

The other major transit of the day is a mentally electrifying conjunction of Mercury and Uranus—the kind of pressure that often spurs us to speak without thinking too much first, and to spurt illuminating truths we didn't even know we had in us.

Another typical indication of Mercury-Uranus is unexpected stumblings into moments of instantaneous awareness, and suddenly your understanding is changed forever. Once you know, you cannot pretend not to know.

As a Valentine's Day backdrop, this conjunction provides a wonderful chance to decide to say what you've been holding back. Even if you've kept silent until now, trust me, the emotional relevance of your undisclosed scoop has seeped out into the psychic vibe between you. Might as well let it out.

It also, alas, holds the capacity to shock us out of ignorance and send us spinning. Uranus doesn't care about the impact of his earthquake-like epiphanies on our sensitive feelings—just that the pent-up strain is released, and evolution can continue. If you find yourself on the receiving end of such a jarring zap, watch that you don't react inauthentically in kind… speaking so quickly in reply that you blurt what you cannot rescind later.

3. Moods often change, so let 'em

Throughout the day, the Moon'll be traveling through orderly, conscientious Virgo—a sign that stereotypically goes against everything I just described about the Mercury-Uranus conjunction. Virgo likes to carefully consider before deciding or declaring, and watches its words like a hawk. Mercury and Uranus together, however, go for the fast harsh utterance.

Early on Valentine's Day (at least in the US), the Virgo Moon opposes Mercury and Uranus in Pisces, setting a stage for jolting realizations and chaos-inspiring confessions that can feel like all hope for relational harmony has gone out the window. And the Moon's opposition only intensifies the sense that the threat to peaceful accord comes from outside you, spoiling all your plans.

As the day progresses, though, the Moon moves away from the Mercury-Uranus opposition… and toward a cooperative mingling with Venus and Jupiter, the blessed and delightful configuration I began by mentioning.

The key, then, is to adamantly refuse to permit any shocks that show up to permanently dash your chances for fun and friskiness later in the day. Don't forget, you're allowed to change your mind—and your mood. By bedtime, the Moon is happy to play along nicely with whatever amorous adventures you may have up your sleeve… if you're still wearing sleeves.