Fighting for You: Leo Full Moon


If you've missed the latest astro-reports, let me refresh you: Stuff's finally moving.

As I described earlier, the seemingly unyielding Mars-in-Taurus 'slow burn' has begun to lift. Mars has passed its retrograde shadow and is drifting out of orb from its grand cross with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Quick review: Like butterflies pinned to flat stark panels for closer observation by professionals, we've recently been strong-armed into place… with no choice but to look at our own most stubborn patterns, unflinchingly, over a span of months, and get real about what they give us and what they prevent us from. Only those insistent on self-protective blindness could've missed the message, the vice was gripping so tightly.

Now, thankfully, it's loosening. We can flutter and flap our wings again. Maybe even fly somewhere… if not today, then very soon.

But like all such transitions (if you believe in such things as 'transitions'), the shift is more of a process than a discrete crossing-the-finish-line instant.

Sunday's (Feb 12) Full Moon in Leo is like one more celebratory hammering-in of a last nail in the coffin of Mars in Taurus, the grand cross, and all the happenings of the preceding few months. By next week, Mars will hop, skip and jump its way into Gemini… and our draggy energy will become a thing of the past. Hip, hip, hooray!

The Full Moon axis (Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius) makes a t-square to Mars, illuminating our decisive drive to take a stand for ourselves—at whatever cost to comfort or supposed practicality. The pure light of who we truly are will tolerate no obstructions to its freest shine.

What sort of 'lunatic' are we, to defend heart-based action over what our worry-laden minds tell us we 'should' or 'must' do, to stay safe and sound (and stuck)? Plenty of people might say, 'The totally-friggin'-nuts kind!' If we love ourselves enough, we won't have it any other way.

Undeniably, a Leo Full Moon squaring Mars is energizing… and also potentially aggressive. There's no getting around the fact that if we fight for ourselves, we may also find ourselves fighting against somebody else. This weekend is certainly not the safest time to flaunt your muscle or defiantly stroll through hostile turf, just to prove you can. While you needn't back away from conflict that naturally arises as you put yourself out there, you certainly won't benefit from deliberately hunting for it. And you can find strategies for asserting yourself without being hurtful.

Better yet, take the spiritual high road, and recognize external strife as a reflection of some internal conflict—between what exhilarates your soul and what preserves a sense of physical security. By duking it out with yourself, you can avoid the need to brawl with another person.

Victory rests in your choice to dwell in surroundings—geographic, social, romantic—that foster your genuine freedom of expression. Love, in such a setting, is effortless.