Mercury/Saturn: Speak and Think Righteously


We must be able to stand proudly behind our words, or else they're no good.

Occasionally (or often, as the case may be), we're lured into speaking or thinking in strokes too theatrically grand or groundlessly ambitious for our modest selves to support… only to later find ourselves in hot water.

The days ahead turn our most conscientious efforts toward the goal of clean, solid analysis and communication, to avoid the worst pitfalls of self-aggrandizement.

Much of the astro-focus is centered on Mercury, the planetary messenger who both delivers our thought-forms and gives voice to them. In Leo, Mercury is bold and expressive, optimistic and very convincing. But he's also prone to exaggerations, and isn't too fond of interruptions or practical criticisms that spoil his narrative's dramatic flow.

Sometimes, with the worst of Mercury in Leo, the ideas brought forth are only wholly relevant in the speaker's mind—and smack of self-absorption to everyone else. Rather than inspiring anybody, such Leonine expressions merely separate the person with the inflated ego from the rest of the pack… and not in a good way.

Of course, when the creative Mercury-in-Leo mind is put to appropriate use—in presenting our honest selves to the world, in generously offering our love, or in helping to draw out others' inner light—it is a potent lifter of spirits. It reinstills vitality in our speaking tone, and adds hope to our imaginings.

This whole week is leading up to Mercury's conjunction with Saturn on Sunday (Aug 20), conferring a 'make-or-break' seriousness to the way we communicate.

Saturn has traditionally been called 'the Lord of Karma', to describe his role as custodian of our proverbial reaping of that which we sow. He honors those who have taken worldly duty seriously, while zapping those who are sloppy or lax into harsh confrontations with their limits. It's up to us which reward is ours.

All week, we bear the heightened possibility of receiving unfavorable reactions to what we say or suggest—that is, if we're underinformed or insincere, or if we try to make ourselves look good with nothing to back it up. The very impressive impression we're maneuvering to establish is liable to be soiled. In its place, we come off vain, insubstantial or needy. (Not at all flattering.)

On the other hand, with a bit of restraint and a firm self-knowledge, the Mercury-Saturn mix can be a valuable tool for making solid plans or requesting hard-earned acknowledgment. By blending authentic confidence with no-frills language, we can speak up for our rightful due.

Based on the results we get, we may discover our due isn't rightfully ours quite yet… but if we really want and deserve it, it'll simply take further diligence. Be humbly patient. Don't stray, not even a smidgeon, from the simple matter-at-hand.

And no padding your words.