Beauty is Everywhere, God is Love


'I'm willing to give into it… because I feel you. You feel me?

'I'm spellbound by the entrancing experience of sharing psychic space: Me and you… me and the woman next to me on the train… me and all the loved ones who've gone before and will come after… me and the flowers, the raindrops, the oil slick on the wet road making rainbow swirls… together, vibing off each other.

'We're all one. You know that, don't you? This illusion of discreet entities inside our defiantly fleshly figures is pretty convincing, sure… but if we aren't all one, then how come I ache when you're sad?

'The bah-humbuggers tell me I'm crazy… that I see things the way I want to see them, and that I'm fooling myself. One guy's too-easily-dismissed madness, however, is the makings for another's timeless artistry. And what's wrong with painting the picture in just those shades of color that move me?

'I'm not the first one to come up with this slant of universal interconnectedness, you know. It's all over the place, in all kinds of sacred scrolls and dusty manuscripts and mass-market tomes on the display tables at Borders. Maybe there's a good reason why so many mystics from so many traditions end up at the same place—because this infinite nothingness envelopes everything. (Or is everythingness enveloping nothing?) You call it God, I call it Eternal Love. By any name, it still stirs my spirit.

'You do believe in love, I hope. I sure do. I yearn for that instant all-over buzz… the locking of eyes, the tingling of hairs on end, the emergence of tiny goose pimples that indicate my skin has sensed your energy field. I long to be swept away, cradled weightlessly in a bubble of pure exchange, and taken over completely by the bliss of togetherness. No interfering barrier in the way. Two merged into one, and nothing else as grand.

'Like I already told you, I feel you as if your body were a part of mine. You get cut, I bleed. That's why I'll do anything to make you happy. You heard me right—anything. (And you'll do anything for me, too, right?) The most important thing is that we've got each other. I will be there for you no matter what.

'My friends say I don't keep healthy boundaries, that I'm too inclined toward sacrificing my own needs to give other people what they want. I swear I'm not a martyr (though they call me one sometimes). I'm just a very giving person, that's all. We all have our problems. And as long as we stay joined, the two of us can help fix each other. I maintain undying faith that, one day, all the ugly stuff will work itself out… and finally, everything will be perfect. Would you pour me another glass of wine? (What is that, my fourth?)

'I am Venus in Pisces—the lady who appreciates beauty in all its forms, even those that hurt to hold. I believe in compassion for every person, place and thing, living and dead. I'm willing to overlook their worst parts, to draw out their highest potential. I'm a romantic at heart. What's wrong with that?'

Venus entered Pisces last Wednesday (Apr 5), and will remain in the zodiac's last sign through May 3. Let's embrace her highest potential—for compassion, imagination and spiritual connectedness—without taking it too far and escaping from reality into foolish figments of romantic self-sabotage.