The Eclipse Isn't Done with You


Or is it?

Like all eclipses, last Mon Oct 3's solar eclipse in Libra will continue setting a tone for this chapter in our lives for the next several months. The spotlight is on finding consensus and concord… without sacrificing our truest desires for self-directed freedom in pretend peacemaking. And meanwhile, the upcoming lunar eclipse on Mon Oct 17 in Aries still has its own emotional awarenesses to grant, like it or not. (More on that later.) Eclipse month is far from over.

But all people are not created equal, and eclipses definitely do not spawn equal results for each of us. Some of us get it worse—or better, depending on how full or empty you glimpse that glass. Who among you gets the extra-strength dose?

The solar eclipse fell at 10 degrees Libra, activating any natal planets in our charts that fall within a close orb of that position. During the 1970s, both Uranus and Pluto transited this zodiacal zone, which means that certain among you, who were born with either Uranus or Pluto near 10 Libra, are in for a major development or two in the grand tale of how you're becoming you. And external events or situations are likelier than usual to push your envelope and/or force you in new directions over these coming six months, if they haven't done so already.

Birthdates with Uranus at 10 Libra: Oct-Nov 1970, and Apr-Aug 1971

With the eclipse triggering the planet of creative chaos, radical disruption, and the liberatory itch to do things your unique way, folks born during this time are in for a shock. But don't panic, my friends. Shock can be a very good thing. Emergency room doctors shock their dying patients so their hearts start beating again. It keeps them alive.

Where a vital part of you has been left to atrophy or expire, you need to be woken up—or you kiss the true-blue you goodbye. In fact, you probably want to be woken up… even if you don't know it. But the less you know about it (whatever 'it' ends up being), the more sneakily it'll sneak up on you. Be mindful that, on some level, you've called it to you.

Whenever Uranus is involved, you have the choice to (1) jump off the cliff or (2) let yourself be pushed off by someone or something else. One or the other is bound to happen, so there's no use resisting the riptide of dynamic evolution. Astrology helps you pick the first choice by letting you know that now's a better time than most to hold your breath and leap. Knowing allows you to act consciously. Resist this consciousness, as if you'd rather stay in the dark, and prepare to lose all control over what happens next.

With this information, you might as well hop off the platform and expect to soar on your faith in tomfoolery's higher wisdom. Free is as good as it gets. Whatever house in your chart holds Uranus and the eclipse, that's where nothing must be permitted to hold you back.

Birthdates with Pluto at 10 Libra: Oct 1975-Sep 1976

The eclipse hits you deep in the gut, where the most intricately knotty urges and instincts to dominate or devour, sting or succumb, pant and scream and kick and kiss, and kill or be killed, reside. It's likely you won't even comprehend the full profundity of your insides being turned inside-out… at least not until you're too far into it to suppose you can escape.

With Pluto being stimulated, you're forced to face the difficult reality of your psychological complexity, with its obvious roots in past pains and power struggles. And you can't pretend you're little Mister or Miss Sweetie-Pie when you're staring your anger, shame and various other nasties in the eyes.

Either you admit you have your hard-to-handle feelings and try to mine them to their core, to purge the past and emerge stronger for doing so… or you find yourself in very sticky circumstances, confronting the ugliness in externalized form. Secret sabotages, bitter battles, and a bunch of bad vibes—until, that is, you fess up and meet the monster in its madness. Own it, or it owns you.

The more completely you experience what lurks in your hidden shadowed corners, the more fully you come into your power. Any less, and you remain a victim to the fear of your own depths. The natal house placement of Pluto and the eclipse signifies the area of life where it's high time to transform garbage into greatness, pain into potency, and terror into triumph.