Ahead: Gentle Expansive Opening for Greater Spiritual Peace


Do you see the outline of the magic window through all the personal garbage blocking the way? Probably not… though, trust me, it's really there.

The biggest astrological news this week, among other news, is Jupiter's movement into a positively flowing trine (120°) with Neptune, an aspect that brings together the two planets most associated with expansion and enlightenment, growth beyond what is already known and into the territory of hope, faith and conviction. When Jupiter trines Neptune, an enhanced sense of spiritual wonder accompanies all contact with the unknown. Every unexpected turn of events promises to reveal itself as an uncanny coincidence, to provide astonishing answers to questions scarcely yet articulated.

But neither Jupiter nor Neptune forces anybody to heed their transcendental calls. They are quiet, subtle guides. That's why I wonder how many of us feel their soft hands behind us right now, pushing lightly on our shoulders in a particular direction. Don't worry if the moment isn't quite ideal for you to shush up and follow the gentle Jupiter-Neptune nudge—next week's exact trine is only the first of three peaks for this aspect, and it will be in effect on and off through August 05. I just want you to remember it's there.

Jupiter's presence in Libra, trining Neptune in Aquarius, tells us: The key to growth during this time comes from mind-based, socially-oriented understanding of contrasting viewpoints as a way of bringing people together. This much we know. When Jupiter entered Libra back in September, it refocused attention on the good fortune to be found through compromise and concession—the combined wisdom from any pairing or partnership, we learn, is worth far more than the arithmetic sum of its parts. Neptune in Aquarius, meanwhile, keeps the spiritual onus on the collective, reinforcing the notion that what's good for the whole is what's good for the soul—a continual reminder of the Aquarian Age's imminent arrival and its corresponding tolerance for individualistic behaviors within a confederation of joined interests. Together, they pleadingly croon: People are people, so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully? People, after all, should let people be people.

Can you recall when Jupiter was in Leo, opposing Neptune and expanding individuals' ego expressions to larger-than-life proportions? Back then, from around Aug 02 through Jun 03, I described that Jupiter-Neptune opposition as 'prime-time to recommit ourselves to (1) the fullest expression of our true creative selves and (2) faith that this expression will carry us where we need to go.' At that time, it was all about unadulterated, uncompromising self. And those serious enough about creative self-expression put it all out there.

Now, with the Jupiter-in-Libra trine to Neptune, the universe responds in kind by supporting alliances between these selves, based on the actual quality of character they expressed. Yes, compromising adjustments now must be made, on an as-needed basis, to grease the social gears and keep the connections intact. However, those who have avoided proudly owning a satisfying sense of self, alas, face the pitfalls of this Jupiter-Neptune trine—going along with the crowd, not necessarily because they agree with where the crowd is headed, but because it's the easiest thing to do. Take note, though: Silent agreement or compliance by default both still leave you susceptible to complicity. Choosing not to choose is, in the end, still a choice.

In the meantime, though, a lot of talking, speaking, declaring, debating, prattling, clamoring and conversating fills the airwaves, on account of this Friday's Full Moon in the chatterbox sign of Gemini. Easy as it would be for the lesser patient among us to tune out the flapping of gums, it's not the wisest option. With Uranus making a potent t-square to the Full Moon's Sun-Moon opposition, I wouldn't want to wager which words will be worth their weight and which will wish they were so worthy. And wit alone doesn't warrant worthiness. There's a lot of ephemera to sort through, but sprinkled in among the candy wrappers and record reviews are some useful nuggets. It may only take a couple choice sound-bytes to inspire your next volume of philosophic affirmations or promotional marketing materials. But which are which, and who has time to find out?

Don't let the impatient instinct rise up and try to convince you to cut to the chase and wipe out the middlemen. That's Mercury, our processor of information and deliverer of data, who is eager to rush through the piles of papers and arrive at a conclusion when he motors through Sagittarius, as he is doing now. Mercury, co-ruled by Gemini, is not as contented while in the opposing sign of Sag as he'd like to imagine. He goes too quickly through the details, thinking he's achieved an adequately broad perspective on matters—simultaneously revealing his deep bias for this one way of thinking—when, in fact, he's inadvertently (we'll assume) omitted a few key points that he needs to make his case. Don't let him fool you: Speaking quickly, directly, loudly and confidently does not make what is being said any more or less true.

And considering Mercury is prepping to turn retrograde next Tuesday and retrace its past couple weeks' steps, I wouldn't trust him at his word either. Refresher course: When Mercury is retrograde (Nov 30-Dec 20, this time around), communication is muddled, transmissions interrupted, transportation disrupted, and comprehension convoluted. With Mercury retrograde in Sag, the likeliest culprit causing such snafus will be haste—itchy, antsy, impetuous, enthusiastic, recklessly hurrying haste.

Due to Mercury's retrograde at this point in the zodiac, it will conjoin with simmering Pluto three times over this month and a half. Think of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Sag as a fast-acting intellectual/verbal purgative. Spontaneous revelations shoot up from the nasty gurgling pit, into the head and out the mouth… more acidic bile than we would have expected, more half-digested meat we thought we'd already processed and passed it.

With V