Jupiter Revives the Uranus-Pluto Square


So, you thought the Uranus-Pluto revolution of the 2010s was over after those planets' final exact square during the first quarter of last year? Guess you're rethinking that premature conclusion now.

Ever since it entered Libra back in September, Jupiter has been progressing into a T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, with all three now positioned in cardinal signs. A T-square consists of two planets opposing one another, with each simultaneously squaring a third planet.

Jupiter in Libra is now moving into an opposition with Uranus in Aries, forming its first exact hit on Dec 26.



What This Election's About


I've been reluctant to publicly gather my thoughts about this upcoming presidential election in the US, for what seem like obvious reasons.

Not only am I as sick of hearing about Trump and Clinton and 'the lesser of two evils' as anyone, but I'm also perpetually cringing at the irrational cruelty being slung from every direction at those who disagree in any way with a particular faction's talking-points.

Though I have little faith I can articulate my observations about this contentious election without being somewhat misperceived and/or unfairly judged, I feel compelled to do so anyway.



The Beginning-of-the-End as a Beginning


My dog turned 10 last week.

When we got JoJo as a three-month-old pup, and was told he would be a very large dog (he's 90 pounds and super tall) and that very large dogs have shorter life-spans, I said to myself (and to all the closest who indulge me so): 'We'll be lucky if we get 10 out of him.' I've been counting down to 10 ever since.

Perhaps I'm not the only pet-owner who's been consistently obsessed with my furry-friend's inevitable demise? I don't find it so morbid a fixation as it may sound…



A Whole New Mars


It's only because Mars has been dilly-dallying around the same two damn zodiac-signs all year so far that its long-awaited move into a whole new sign is such gripping news.

Refresher course: Due to its retrograde a few months ago, Mars has spent essentially all of 2016 in either Scorpio or Sagittarius. Mars first entered Scorpio on January 3 and stayed there for two months. Then, Mars advanced into Sagittarius, remaining for nearly three months before retreating back into Scorpio for another two-plus months… and finally returned to Sagittarius for one additional two-month occupation.

To give you some perspective on all that, Mars typically travels through a sign in about six-to-seven weeks.



Jupiter in Libra: Opening to the 'Other Side'


Today (Sep 9), Jupiter leaves Virgo behind… and enters Libra, the sign of the scales, where it'll stay through October 2017.

This is the year's only sign-change among the slower-moving planets, and, as such, is a major headline during this 'big pivot of 2016' we're currently experiencing.

Jupiter shifts into a new zodiac-zone once a year, opening up that sign's qualities to an expansion of possibilities which previously hadn't been so accessible or imaginable.



2016's Big Pivot


These next few weeks bring us the most striking astrological turning-point of the entire year.

Following several months' worth of false starts, frustrated ambitions, and stalled progress—courtesy of an astroscape-dominating Mars retrograde, as well as the disheartening Saturn-Neptune square backdrop which accompanied it—we are finally heading into a phase when our forward strides can be more freely realized.

At last, Mars will be leaving its post-retrograde shadow on Monday (Aug 22), to tread its first fresh steps since retrograding back in mid-April.