Mars Rx, Pt. II: The Return to Scorpio


Mars has now been retrograde for just about a month now, and it still has another month-and-a-half or so to go… but the Mars-retrograde vibe is about to change significantly for its latter portion.

Over the course of these next couple weeks, we'll experience a perceptible transition between 'Mars rx, part I' and 'Mars rx, part II', as a result of a few big astrological shifts.

Right around the same time Mercury ends its retrograde and returns to direct motion (May 22), both the Sun and Venus will be moving into Gemini (May 20 and 24, respectively).



Rewinding the Anger


After many months of circling around a sore-spot of unsettled anger, stuck on the irresolvable fine-points where I felt I'd been wronged, I'm finally moving on.

Thanks, Mars retrograde, for returning me to the scene of the crime… though I doubt you would've brought me there, had I not so eagerly sought some movement in my emotions.

Sitting on unresolved hurt, as if proud to be the last one standing staunchly atop the grudge, is not my style. Not if I can help it. Such stagnant pools of unprocessed sludge turn poisonous over time.



Yes, Mercury, Too


Amidst all the hoopla about Mars recently flipping to retrograde motion for 2 months, we mustn't neglect to discuss that Mercury will also be retrograde during the next few weeks (Apr 28-May 22).

Mercury's latest retrograde is less remarkable news, seeing as it endures this apparent backwards-tango routine three times a year. Mars, on the other hand, is only retrograde once every two years or so.

Still, to have both these fast-moving bodies simultaneously relegated to the temporary limbo of retracing their recent zodiac steps doubly emphasizes the 'pause, reconsider, regroup' themes associated with personal-planet retrogrades.



Not Letting Mars Retrograde Get the Best of Us


You've heard me talking about it for months. Now it's happening, one of the biggest pieces of astro-news this year. As of Sunday (Apr 17), Mars will be retrograde for ten weeks, not returning to direct motion until Jun 29.

If Mars is the planet of our physical initiative, courageous spirit, assertive advances, and forceful fights, then a retrograde Mars threatens to bring reversals, detours, and/or delays in where we're directing our will, how effectively it moves us forward, which battles we're waging, and what tactics we use.

Though this general summary correctly describes a range of expressions we can expect during these next 2 months, I freely confess I find Mars retrogrades trickier to interpretively pin down than almost any other astrological event.



Reexamining the Outer-Planet Backdrop


As we approach Mars's imminent retrograde—beginning on April 17, just a couple of weeks from now—I felt it might be useful for us to review the broader astrological backdrop against which it's occurring.

Mars is considered a 'personal planet' because of its relatively fast pace (when it's not appearing to decelerate in advance of retrograding, that is) in comparison to the other planets from Jupiter outward, which are farther from the Sun and thus orbit it more slowly.

When a personal planet like Mars (or Mercury or Venus) is retrograde, it's such big news because this faster-moving body essentially becomes 'stuck' in a certain sector of the zodiac-wheel.



On Compromise


On account of the lunar eclipse full moon on Wednesday (Mar 23) in Libra, I'm thinking a lot about compromise.

In this day-and-age I've been observing on the news and via social media, we've convinced ourselves that a willingness to compromise is somehow a sign of weakness…

… as if inflexibly insisting upon our unerring righteousness is the morally appropriate position to take (because, of course, we already know we're right due to our lived experience), even if it means overpowering other people in the process, voiding the validity of their lived experience (because it so brazenly contradicts the conclusions we've drawn from our own)…