Come get your year-ahead forecast...


Scorpio's One More Big 'Sting'


On Thursday (Oct 23), we welcome the latest solar eclipse… a super-powered New Moon (i.e., a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, adjacent to the Moon's nodes) which serves as a potent intention-setting occasion for flipping ourselves to the next chapter in our life's-story.

This solar eclipse occurs in the very first degree of Scorpio, once again highlighting the scorpion-sign which has been a primary headline-maker over these past many months.

Because the first degree of any zodiac-sign is considered to be a power-spot, a zone which bestows a concentrated dose of that sign's archetypal qualities upon any point that passes through, I interpret this particular eclipse as carrying an especially Scorpionic charge…



Notes on an Updating October


October is a month for updating ourselves to the revamped reality which recently downloaded into our matrix.

Being the dense humans that we are, we don't always advance our awarenesses as quickly or dramatically as the circumstances in which we find ourselves probably warrant. We may lag behind, clinging to memories or fantasies, resisting the new responsibilities or challenges, dreading our graceless inexperience, uncertain about embracing what now unequivocally is.

'Time to get present!' the big clock in the sky reads.



Fired Up by Jupiter and Uranus (and Mars, Too!)


Catch as catch can, I'm going to have to write this piece one snap at a time. Sit, type. Something else beckons. Get up, come back to it.

This fire accelerates itself, burning up attention-spans and plans, consuming the traces of everything else with the totality of this very moment. Nothing beyond this exists, so who could possibly prepare? This move will leads to the next, then another, then one more, and we'll figure it out as we go. Won't we? What choice do we have?

You may not like what I've chosen to do here, writing in a markedly quirky way, indulging my creative whims even if it's harder for you to read, cryptic in places even.



Moving Beyond Mars/Saturn


You haven't heard from me (apart from the horoscope machine) since the menacing approach of Mars and Saturn's conjunction, which was exactly back on Aug 25.

That's because I've been in its trenches, contending with the imperative duty to myself to outwardly assert the savage truths of my worldview, responsibly but unflinchingly…

… even as direct exposure to impolite, unpleasant, and desperate emotional reactions (my own and/or others') definitely tested my resolve, tempting me toward less responsible expressions of righteous indignation and fury which, if fully indulged, could've blown the roof off of everything.



Mars conjunct Saturn: Rightful-Action for the Win


Those long-in-development advances now manifesting themselves, the relief and the shock of finally moving-on-to-the-next-thing…

… all these palpable extremes of experience, often laced with egoic showboating and not a small amount of contentiousness, we've felt just in the past month-or-so since our year took its 'sharp turn'

… and now, over the next couple weeks, it's all coming to a decisive head. After his momentous entrance into Scorpio late last month, Mars currently approaches a potent conjunction to Saturn (exact on Aug 25).